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  1. Now that is a LOT of speaker for silly money? GLWTS
  2. Machine is in very good condition for its age. Just been checked/serviced,from a technician,and it is ready to go It’s totally original,no mods,and perfectly working mechanically and electrically. The heads are literally new,very low usage,so are the pinch rollers The Vmeters for some reason are discoloured,but perfectly working. I’m the second owner NO PayPal,only cash on collection or bank transfer if shipped More pics by email €1800 Located in Italy
  3. I will probably regret selling this Model 2 which is part of the system i have here in Italy it is a GREAT sounding amp,and extremelly well built Power amp in very good to excellent conditions,as you can see from the pics,and perfectly working. Unfortunately the original box,manual and accessories were lost during a house move Collection and cash payment preferred near Rome,but shipping could be an option,once agreed the cost. NO PayPal i’m afraid More pics available by email €2300
  4. Hi, i’m afraid is long gone to a charity shop Sorry
  5. Yes,i like them very much. JBL 43xx are out of your budget and Altec 19 are not easy to find.
  6. If i was you,i would do my best to get those
  7. What transport and chip dacs does it use?
  8. In what ways? I’m asking only because i left the UK and i am not following directly anymore. What a shame by the way
  9. No difference than before the Brexit to ship to and from America
  10. I wish i was still in the UK GREAT speakers!!
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