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  1. thanks for your help gents, photos now added
  2. Thanks, just need to find out how to resize them so they are under the 2MB limit
  3. NOW SOLD I'm selling my black PS Audio Directstream DAC with the optional Bridge II fitted. The DAC is in perfect working condition and has no marks or blemishes on the casework. It has had the firmware updated to the latest version. For more information and reviews please visit the PS Audio Website https://www.psaudio.com/ I'm in BH22 near Bournemouth and I'm asking £3250 + P&P or collection/ meet up can be arranged.
  4. I have a senior in black that I'm thinking of selling, any interest to you? Mike
  5. You must admit he does look like he's had a very heavy night and doesn't want to be disturbed !!
  6. Hi Julian Can't help with your visit to Tunbridge Wells but if you're ever in the Bournemouth area feel free to give me a shout. Mike
  7. Can you explain your thoughts please Thanks Mike
  8. I did tell you that they are big glad you are getting used to them. Mike
  9. Woofers facing in or out? opens up a whole new ball game, trust me it makes a difference. Glad you're enjoying them
  10. Speakers now sold, Should be with Lawrence later this week. Thanks to all who responded either on the forum or by PM
  11. Thanks Snoopdog it was a pleasure doing business all those years ago, I've kept them a long time and they have served me well but I thought I needed a change. Mike
  12. Please remember that these are Krypton 1 speakers made in 2004, I purchased them in 2009, I know what I paid then and I think the price reflects the price I paid and the enjoyment I've had from them over the last 11 years Provisionally sold depending on pick up at the weekend.
  13. Thanks to all those that have sent me a PM, I have given the first person who contacted me some time to try and arrange transport. I hope to have an answer off him some time tomorrow. As soon as I know I will let you know. Thanks Mike
  14. Not a typo, Krypton 3 might be £12,000, I purchased these from a member of this forum back in 2009. I have one member from the wam who is also on PFM asking about them + one other on PFM and possibly the Bandit above. I will deal with people in strict time/date order as I think that is the fairest way. Mike
  15. For sale are my Amphion Krypton 1 speakers, Features include 1" aluminium domed tweeter, 2 X 8" SEAS Excel midrange units and 12" Nomex bass driver in sealed enclosure. Sensitivity is 88db/W/m with a 6 ohm nominal impedance. Recommended power rating is 50 - 500 watts. Frequency range 22 - 20000 Hz -6db. Dimensions 1350 X 240 X 475 mm. 85kg shipping weight. These are large and heavy speakers and I do not have any suitable packaging therefore its either come and pick them up or arrange transport. I was thinking £500, that's an awful lot of speaker for not much money I'm in BH22 just outside Bournemouth .
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