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  1. I'm selling 2 pairs of these well regarded cables. They served me well for many years but are both now surplus since i moved to active speakers Both pairs show signs of use but there is no damage to the cables. One pair has a bit of fading / rubbing to the wording on the light grey heatshrink and are slightly cheaper as a result. ( if you want to see more pictures check out the adverts on Ebay ) £299 posted / £275 posted Cheers Mark
  2. along similar lines to Warszawa's suggestion i would recommend Node 2 ( or 2i ) digital out feeding a RME ADI 2 DAC / preamp. i owned the RME for a while and was very impressed with the with them feeding the 40A's . I found that this sounded better than feeding the node 2 into a passive preamp then into the 40A's. i won't speculate as to what the reason for this might be as i can't find my tin hat at the moment
  3. A pair of 6m long speaker cables, gold plated bannna plugs on one end , gold plated spades on the other ( but easily reterminated ) Made by Mark Grant cables from Van Damme 6mm2 LCOFC Hifi Loudspeaker Cable bought new by me in April 2020 so i could try a different room layout. Now no longer needed In absolutely mint condition these would cost £128 + postage from Mark Grant so a usefull saving here i will send them using royal mail insured for the value or you can collect from Leeds £90 ono + £10.50 postage
  4. sorry for the false start, pressed the wrong button before finishing the listing, photo's and price added.
  5. A pair of Seismic Speaker Isolation Podiums, Size 4. They are fitted with load cell D so are suitable for speakers weighing from 42 - 82 kg bought by me new from Townshend Audio about six months ago. They are in excellent condition They have done a great job of preventing bass from exciting the floorboards in my Victorian house. This leads to a clearer bass but also prevents the bass boom from clouding the midrange so there are benefits here too I am only selling them as i have changed to some different speakers with a smaller footprint and need to buy the next size down I have the original boxes ( each podium has it's own box ). They are heavy as you can imagine ( 18 kg boxed each ). This makes the postage expensive at £ 56.80 each ! ( insured for their value ) £ 1600 ono the pair + £ 113.60 postage you are welcome to collect them from me in Leeds to save the postage
  6. Music First Audio Classic V2 Passive Pre Amp in Black with chrome controls Made by Jonathan Billington on 23/1/2017. Serial number 7202 This has 3 sets of single ended RCA inputs and a set of balanced XLR inputs It has 2 sets of single ended RCA outputs and a set of balanced XLR outputs In excellent used condition with just a few tiny scratches on the rear panel it will be sent fully insured by Royal mail special delivery hence the cost £ 1800 OVNO + £29.60 postage Alternatively you can collect it from Leeds. You can have a demo too Cheers Mark N.B Also for sale on Ebay
  7. RME ADI 2 DAC Pre-Amp Bought new by me on 28th June 2020 from a UK shop ( Absolute musical solutions ). I have the receipt but have not registered the 5 year warranty so you should be able to do this in your name It is in mint condition I bought it to experiment with the EQ facility the DAC offers but i have decided to go a different route. As a DAC it sound very good and i was particularly impressed with it operating as a pre-amp into my active speakers It will be sent Royal Mail Special delivery fully insured hence the postage cost is £27.60. You are welcome to collect from Leeds
  8. Krell Evolution 222 Pre Amp Bought new by me in 2013 i used it for 2 years then stored it for 4 years whilst i renovated an old house and then has been used for the last year So although 7 years old it has only had 3 years use during that time In lovely condition with no scratches. These are built to last it comes complete with the original manual, power cord and metal cased remote control. ( there are a few scratches on the remote ) I have the original box It will be sent fully insured. Postage will be £125 I am happy to demonstrate it if you want to pick it up ( i'm in Leeds ). Cheers Mark N.B - Also for sale on Ebay
  9. Until superseded by the CD9 this was Audio Researchs' top of the line CD player I love the valve output stage largely taken from the contemporary preamp. Bought new by me in 2009 i used it for 5 years then stored it for 4 years whilst i renovated an old house and then has been used for the last year So although 10 years old it has only had 6 years use during that time In lovely condition with no scratches. These players are built to last it comes complete with the original manual, power cord, BNC adaptor, remote control I have the original boxes ( It is double boxed for protection ) . Nevertheless it is collect only from Leeds. I am happy to demonstrate it when you pick it up Cheers Mark ( NB Also for sale on Ebay )
  10. @Phobic works a treat, i was struggling as i use BubbleUPnP on an android device and it is slightly different to the desktop
  11. i wouldn't mind having a listen to this I have a Qobuz account how do i actually search for this playlist in Qobuz. I tried a search for "Playlist 3892408" and for "What Hifi System Test" with no luck Am i missing a trick ?
  12. I'm using parametric EQ built into my RME DAC, @MartinC has explained more eloquently than I did why I feel there is a limit to what the EQ can do. There is considerable agreement that applying EQ above 200 Hz is more difficult. My own experience is that EQ can be very effective at targeting the main room modes ( 44 Hz in my case) but that it is less effective at higher frequencies. I have moved the speakers back as far as I could without affecting the midrange then used EQ to tame the 44 Hz room mode and the few above it @Headcoat passive EQ ( room treatment ) can help but having tried some it would take a very large amount of specialist room treatment to take 12 dB out of a 44 Hz mode. This would be expensive and you may have WAF issues.