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  1. There is a review of the Amp in the latest issue of Hifi Critic. They really liked it.
  2. Opinions vary on burn in of components etc but I think we underestimate how our own listening experience 'burns in' too. Before exploring what a Chord Qutest can do for you I would just listen for a month experiencing the same tracks on different occasions. You should then have a feel for how things sound and perhaps how they might be improved. Then start auditioning.
  3. Yes, Tandy, solidly made, inexpensive
  4. Hi Lawrence, thanks for the reply. I'd like them if Andy doesn't PM me if available with how you want paying Cheers
  5. Hi Lawrence, can you tell me the lengths of the cables supplied. i would need the 10' one mentioned in the What Hifi Review. Cheers Mark
  6. Hi Everyone, I want to get some decent headphones for late night listening The existing cheap headphones i have have an impedence of 47 Ohms @ 1 kHz The sensitivity is quite high at 104 dB / mW resulting in me only needing a volume of around 20 for them to be plenty loud enough with my PS Audio Preamp With these new headphones i would very much like to run my volume control around the 50/60 mark as i do for speaker listening Do i need to get some headphones with a higher impedence ? or is it the sensitivity that matters ? Can anyone recommend so suitable closed back headphones at upto around £500 Cheers Mark
  7. Hi Nathan,

    The valves arrived today. i'm having a listen now. I'll let you know what i think after the weekend

    Regards Mark

  8. Been there and done just that. Expectation bias is a powerfull thing. The extended home demo is the best weapon to combat this.
  9. i heard a interesting comment from a recording studio engineer who said that the main reason they don't use posh cables is that they would have a tendancy to get nicked !
  10. On the subject of analogue mastering there is an interesting recent Darko Audio podcast where he interviews a mastering engineer. He said almost all recently recorded music is recorded digitally. When creating an analogue master he takes this puts it through a DAC then masters in the analogue domain using an analogue desk / effects. This is then sent through a ADC to a finished digital file since almost all current cutting lathes take digital input files.
  11. As someone who uses DSP to help with some room issues and uses active ATC's i would advise patience. You do not even know if you have a problem with the sound as you have never heard the 40's in your room. if like me you do ( I have a 25 dB peak at 45 Hz ) then this will wreak such havoc with the sound that wanting to do something about it will dwarf all the frankly tiny sound differences between many of the components you are considering. Just make sure you have a way of listening to the speakers when they arrive and then live with the system for a week or two before starting to audition stuff. You seem anxious to arrive at you end game before knowing where you are starting from. I'll say it again as it is a very low risk purchase consider a RME ADI 2. It's a good DAC, it has balanced outputs for easy connection to your ATC's. It has a decent volume control and it has DSP to correct for room issues if you need it. Buy one and then audition against it. Sell it 6 months later losing £200 approx. Consider this £200 the cost of an extended demo. It wasn't my end game but I helped me ask the right questions of the very knowledgeable folk on the forum who can then give you guidance. It saved me time and money in arriving at the sound I want.
  12. I think that would be second best to having the various options in your room with your speakers and other kit.
  13. i have been on roughly the same path as you on building a setup to suit Active ATC's. Over the past year i have listened to 3 different active preamps, a passive one, and 4 different DAC's some with volume controls. What i learnt from this process is that many of the differences are of the sort of order that you will need to listen to the component in your system at home for an reasonable amount of time. Thus i think you need to make sure you have something that enables you to listen to music from Day 1, that establishes a baseline from which you can experiment. As @savvypaul says the RME meets this need admirably. The Benchmark Dac/Pre @DomT mentions may sound better to you but you will will never know unless there is a baseline to compare it with
  14. @BananaPlug I must have missed it in the posts but do you actually have an amplifier that you can access the preamp section of at the moment. ? If you don't then you need a DAC with a built in volume control or a preamp as well to go with the Active ATC's If you need a preamp then that will need balanced connections unless you get special adaptor cables made
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