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  1. Just picked up a second hand CD today. I'm giving it a spin on my Audiolab CDT transport currently and very fine it sounds However when i get a chance i will rip it to My Melco N100 hard disk server streaming rips from the Melco over ethernet into my DAC is consistently better with less digital glare / edge YMMV
  2. good point and having googled prices they don't seem too bad, i can compare against the Melco as a source
  3. I'd better not take the top off my Melco then !
  4. yes i read it with interest a few weeks ago. I'm not as computer literate as you are but i could follow the gist. I guess your finished "high end music pc" will incorporate a streaming function and a Hard disk storage function ( like my Melco ) but perhaps superior sound for less money
  5. Am i right in thinking the "source" for these comparisions was a streaming service such as Qobuz / Tidal fed via Roon ? Have you any CD Rips on a NAS ? If so do the rips on the NAS sound better / worse than the same mastering played from the streaming service ?
  6. I'd love to see a review that compared playing a CD rip from the Melco directly into a DAC vs the same CD Rip played on the Melco into the Aries G2.1 and then into the DAC The Qobuz experience would undoubtably be better on the Aries due to the superior App but i am not bothered as i am chasing better overall sound quality here and don't care where it comes from. I use Qobuz to discover new music. I i like it enough i will often buy it on CD and rip it to the Melco to get the benefit of the better sound quality
  7. @Scarlet Pimpernel Yes, and to good effect in the past. I used both Finite Elemente Cerapucs and Sorbathane hemispheres under various CD players. I haven't tried either under the Audiolab. I will have a try.
  8. Thanks for this.... It is starting to make a bit more sense. I have never had a NAS but i guess, at it's most basic the Melco is just a NAS made to look nice enough to sit on a hifi rack
  9. @Bokke I will try and flesh this out to help me understand what i meant to try and ask I have ripped my CD's onto a Melco N100 hard disk server. The Melco also allows me to stream from Qobuz If i were sell the Melco and buy a Aries 2.1 and fit a internal Hard disk, i again would have two similar options Stream from Qobuz or Play the CD rips that i have transferred onto the Hard disk inside the Aries 2.1 However the reviews of the Aries G2/G2.1 often say that the best sound quality results were obtained when the Aries 2.1 was served it's CD rips from a Melco ( or similar ) Hard disk server This means i think Streaming from Qobuz using the G2.1 is inferior to "playing" a CD rip from a Hard disc server such as the Melco ( This has also been my experience and is perhaps not surprising as the "CD Rip" is sitting on a Hard disk in a different country and then comes over the internet, via my Modem, Router, Switch all powered by switch mode power supplies and numerous ethernet cables before reaching the Melco ) What i hoped would be that playing a CD rip from a hard disk inside the G2.1 was better than getting it from an external source. None of the reviews of the G2/2.1 answer this question
  10. The O.P may want to check out a recent thread titled In a digital system how important it an analogue preamp? ( sic ) Started by DomT, it touches on many of the same subjects
  11. Read a few more reviews of the Aries G2.1 at lunchtime, a couple seemed to suggest that the best sound quality was achieved by using a hard disk server such as an innuos or Melco as the source of the files played via the Aries G2.1. I naively assumed that installing a Hard disk inside the Aries would be better. Does anybody have any relevant experience ?
  12. fantastic, thanks for going to the trouble of showing me this. One review did mention the manual was inadequate and didn't mention all the functions.
  13. Just read all the available reviews of the Aries 2.1 and the user manual. No mention of EQ anywhere, am i missing something ?
  14. The only problem for me with any solution that replaces the Weiss is the lack of EQ. Without EQ the bass boom significantly degrades the sound and not just at low frequencies but right up to the vocal range. I tried the EQ in Roon but it was not as powerfull as that in the Weiss.
  15. The Aries G2.1 is certainly one that catches the eye. This option adds to it's attraction in the longer term. as does this, I believe you can fit a hard disk and thus it could potentially replace the Melco My initial take is that the Aries is a exceptional streamer with the ability to add a hard disk whereas the Melco is optimized for it's hard disk reproduction and has a servicable streamer built in. @Blzebub The Whest is not something i'm familiar with.....i will investigate food for thought indeed. I'll research the Phoenix Net
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