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  1. Hi Nathan,

    The valves arrived today. i'm having a listen now. I'll let you know what i think after the weekend

    Regards Mark

  2. Been there and done just that. Expectation bias is a powerfull thing. The extended home demo is the best weapon to combat this.
  3. i heard a interesting comment from a recording studio engineer who said that the main reason they don't use posh cables is that they would have a tendancy to get nicked !
  4. On the subject of analogue mastering there is an interesting recent Darko Audio podcast where he interviews a mastering engineer. He said almost all recently recorded music is recorded digitally. When creating an analogue master he takes this puts it through a DAC then masters in the analogue domain using an analogue desk / effects. This is then sent through a ADC to a finished digital file since almost all current cutting lathes take digital input files.
  5. As someone who uses DSP to help with some room issues and uses active ATC's i would advise patience. You do not even know if you have a problem with the sound as you have never heard the 40's in your room. if like me you do ( I have a 25 dB peak at 45 Hz ) then this will wreak such havoc with the sound that wanting to do something about it will dwarf all the frankly tiny sound differences between many of the components you are considering. Just make sure you have a way of listening to the speakers when they arrive and then live with the system for a week or two before starting
  6. I think that would be second best to having the various options in your room with your speakers and other kit.
  7. i have been on roughly the same path as you on building a setup to suit Active ATC's. Over the past year i have listened to 3 different active preamps, a passive one, and 4 different DAC's some with volume controls. What i learnt from this process is that many of the differences are of the sort of order that you will need to listen to the component in your system at home for an reasonable amount of time. Thus i think you need to make sure you have something that enables you to listen to music from Day 1, that establishes a baseline from which you can experiment. As @savvypaul says the RME me
  8. @BananaPlug I must have missed it in the posts but do you actually have an amplifier that you can access the preamp section of at the moment. ? If you don't then you need a DAC with a built in volume control or a preamp as well to go with the Active ATC's If you need a preamp then that will need balanced connections unless you get special adaptor cables made
  9. I had Active 40s on extended loan, excellent speakers that work well close to walls, Hopefully you already know how they will sound at your home. If you could only get to listen to them at the dealers then you may find an RME ADI -2 DAC would be a good starting point. It was for me, balanced connections, good built in volume control and DSP to tweak the bass response if your room needs it. I found feeding a Node 2 streamer into the RME improved on the Nodes internal DAC. I eventually added an analogue preamp to the mix which has improved the sound still further. Perhaps the best thing about th
  10. Sold my Audio Research CD8 recently. A very good player but given the lack of spare mechs for these I would be nervous about buying one S/H. I also found that I could get an equally satisfying sound from a CD transport and a modern DAC.
  11. @ANADROL-50 Yes the podiums improved a problem of bass exciting the suspended wooden floor in my room. I have cellars beneath the floor so this acted like a giant guitar sound box, which then played along with the music. With the podiums bass seems cleaner and the midrange easier to follow. I would expect the improvement to be smaller if you have the speakers on a solid concrete foor. Plenty of reviews online.
  12. Just though i would post this in case anyone else has the same problem with a suspended floor After lots of careful measuring i bought a pair of Size 2 Townshend Seismic podiums, I removed the 6 screws securing the original ATC plinths and used them as a template to drill mounting holes in a piece of 6mm thick MDF sized just a few mm smaller than the speakers width and depth. I painted this mini plinth black around the edge I attached the 6mm thick mdf to the bottom of my SCM50ASLT's which allows them to fit very well on the size 2 podiums looking like they were designed for t
  13. @jonboy_rs congratulations, having demoed the Active 40's then the 50s i went with the Active 50 Towers. Excellent speakers with i felt a superior midband to the 40's and the extra bass means that the 50s are a little kinder to poor recordings. A sweet sounding preamp only improves things in my experience.
  14. Following the thread with interest, I have a standard issue combined modem / router / 4 way switch box as supplied by my ISP. Into this I plug 4 cat 5e ethernet cables each about 15m long. One of these goes to my streamer in the hifi setup. When you buy the cisco switch would you just use a short jumper cable from the modem / router / 4 way switch to the cisco switch and plug all four of my ethernet cables into the cisco switch ?
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