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  1. Couple of shots of the cartridge using some lenses my daughter bought me for last Christmas.....
  2. That is sad news as used a few from him and always good service
  3. The construction and attention to detail. The bearings are at another level, the cable also better, though not by too much. The finish on these is a big step up compared to the 600 - if I hadn't got the SME V then this would have been a keeper.
  4. Still available - same settings as Rega arms so a very easy replacement.
  5. What a mess. Good on ya for having a go. Milliput or something similar can be used for filling the holes. Keep us updated on your journey
  6. Thanks (again) Graham. It is a cracking arm and punches well above it's price point.
  7. Hi all - I have for sale my Audio Note Arm One V2 tonearm. It is a cracking arm and punches well above its price point. Only selling as sat not being used as upgraded to the SME V. Sad to see it go but also sad it is not being used. Looking for £500 including P&P I have the original box so if shipped will be nice and secure. The arm is in good overall condition, the only blemishes are a nick on the top of the pivot (was like this when I purchased it) and marks on the arm when it goes into the arm rest. The nick. The arm tube mark. The head shell is unmarked. Pictures of the arm with and without the weight and lower screw. A few pictures of the arm on my Orbe.
  8. For me, the reason why I trod this path was to enjoy the music. I love my Michell turntables (owned a few) but when I play a great album.............. This shows off all the good bits of music reproduction with the Orbe in the centre (with Pete's tweaks) and the rest of my setup. Can't see me changing much in the kit front!
  9. Oh, and this is for Denise Johnson who passed away this week who I met last year and was truly awesome
  10. Now't wrong with the AC setup (I would still say better than the DC, but I would ) Just listening to a few tunes tonight and I am loving what is coming out of the speakers:
  11. Having used the new platter for a week, I must say that I am enjoying the deck even more so well done Pete for his incremental tweaks as I now have a turntable that is even better than when I bought it and it was already good then
  12. Forgot to put my thoughts up on this upgrade (yes, upgrade) Played many albums/12 inches and have to say it has improved the SQ no end. The first album I played was an old fav of mine and probably played the most out of all of my collection (Dead Can Dance - In to the Labyrinth). First thing I noticed was how detailed it appeared to be with the high hats especially sounding a lot clearer than they did previously. Each instrument seemed so clear and easy to place and I noticed that the percussion on this album seemed to stand out in a way it didn't before. After this I played some soul from Barbara Mason - 'A Piece of my Life' The production stuck out for me as everything seemed so crisp and clean, here voice sounding like she was just in front of me and trying to seduce me (oh err). There are 2 negatives 1. I knew my turntable speed wasn't bang on but got used to it, the new platter is slightly smaller in diameter which moved the speed closer to what is should be (it was out by about .3 RPM) so I could pick up the slight change but I could always alter the speed, but being the AC PSU/Motor it requires some major surgery (hence why I haven't bothered to change it yet....) 2. The recess for the nut appears to be slightly lower than the original platter - this means the nut is now lower than the platter so when you tighten the clamp it no longer pushes the record down as much. Easy to fix with a washer so will dig around in my stash to sort this out. But, the SQ has improved - will continue to play a few more records tomorrow and make a final assessment
  13. Weighed the platters and the acrylic is heavier by 300 grammes So far so good - will give full feedback tomorrow.