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  1. Unfortunately all these types of products have one major issue, Built In Obsolescence.
  2. Which Sonus Faber model are they for?
  3. complin

    playlist Jazzland

    Snarky Puppy - We Like It Here Jazz Funk - Great solo from Cory Henry
  4. I'm not aware it was ever designed specifically for the ESL. One needs to be aware that the output transistors on these are unobtanium, so if they fail its only any use as a door stop
  5. Well no not really as you are judging them by modern standards. You have to remember they were designed 70 years ago. The most common amplifiers were vales with an output of 10 to 15 watts, transistors were in their infancy. They are no more fragile as any other speaker provided they are used within the manufactures recommended limits. There would not be so many still in regular use worldwide if they were that fragile. Even today many people still overdrive lots of other makes usually damaging the tweeters or failed woofers due to overdrive or clipping a solid state amplifier. At the time they were designed they were produced to handle about 30 watts which is double what the norm was at the time. It was only many years later with the development of silicon technology did we start to get amplifiers which exceeded that figure. Even Quads 50 watt 303 amplifier exceeded the recommended input for the 57 but protection was added to cater for any potential issues. The FRED 63 for the US market was called the ESL 63 PRO. It has a much more rigid frame and was fitted with grab handles for the sides. Again it was was widely used in both the professional and domestic markets.
  6. I'm assuming you are based in the US? If thats correct then there are lots good refurbishers based over there Two which come to mind are Sheldon Stokes and Wayne Piquet have and excellent track record in refurbs http://www.quadsunlimited.us https://www.quadesl.com Regarding stands Sheldon has a very good design for 57 stands which I prefer to the Ruperts. There are also plans available to build or get built foc. https://www.quadesl.com/origRefs/eslstand.pdf If you are looking for a dealer who has a lot of experience with 57's then it might be worth contacting Robyatt Audio http://www.robyattaudio.com/index.htm
  7. Yes many of us prefer the 306 sonically to the 303 if going down the Quad route, and available at a similar price.
  8. What ever gives you that idea! Widely regarded as one of the most important speakers of all time, revolutionary in its day and widely used as monitors by many recording and broadcasting organisations including the BBC
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