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  1. Fair comment, I don't use the mobile app and didn't realise the issue !
  2. Well spotted,, Bourney, that Personal Info field does come in handy !
  3. Eight Soundcare Superspikes in 2 packs of four spikes. These are the M8 fitting size. I bought them new them about 5 years; they were immediately fitted to my speakers (see ad for ProAc Studio 140) and haven't been moved until taken off a few days ago. In manufacturers packing complete with supplied spanner and set of unused self adhesive pads for the bases. Selling all together, I will not be splitting into 2 separate packs. Current retail price is £65.99 per pack of four, asking £60 for all eight incl RM Next Day delivery postage PS The packaging in the photo is labelled “M6 spikes”; I am actually using the packaging for the replacement spikes I have just purchased for my replacement speakers but the contents are definitely M8 fitting !
  4. fter ten years of pleasure from these speakers, I have decided to have a change and these must now go. I'm the second owner of these and they are about thirteen years old in total. As you can see from the photographs there is some sun fading to the left-hand speaker The right -hand speaker has a small dent (10mm)about three quarters of the way up it's left-hand side as you look at it and some minor damage to the top rear edge. They are in full working order and I am happy to demonstrate them. The Studio 140s are quite sensitive; I have been running them very successfully on 7 wpc 300b valve amplification and never found volume to be wanting. The following information is from the ProAc catalogue :- Dimensions Height on plinth with spiked feet 1040mm Depth 280mm Width 190mm Weight 20 kg each with spikes and plinths Tweeter ProAc 25mm coated silk dome with special coating and inner damping Bass Driver (Two) 165mm ProAc unit with coated cone, raised spider assembly for greater linearity and large shielded magnet assembly Grille Acoustically transparent crimplene Recommended Amplifiers 15-250 watts Frequency Response 25 Hz - 30 Khz Nominal impedance – 8 ohms Sensitivity Nominal Impedance 91db linear for 1watt at 1 metre 4 Ohms Whilst I have the original boxes (see photo below), this sale is very strictly collection only. Looking for £375.00 o.v.n.o.
  5. I'd agree with the advice about trying with your existing speakers first. I run a pair of ProAc Studio 140 Mk 1 floorstanders (rated at 90db sensitivity) with a 7 wpc Audion 300B power amp and don't even get halfway around the clock before it's too loud for me. No trace of any nasties in the sound even with full-on orchestral or metal. k
  6. Would I be right in assuming that this is "collection only" ? k
  7. Just wondering whereabouts in Bucks you are ? I'm just over the Beds border near Leighton Buzzard and have a Croft 25R/7 pre/power combination. Also. Deco Audio in Aylesbury stock Croft and Peter Empson there might be able to lend you something to trial ? He's a good guy to deal with. k
  8. Thanks, chaps. I've had a look at the HiFi Pig reviews and they have proved useful, as well as the comments in this thread. Decision time ! k
  9. I've been watching this thread with interest as I'd like to try some different speakers in my second system. The positive comments about the TDB-2 and TDB-6 speakers are floating my boat; does anyone have any experience with the TDB-4 speaker ? The driver configuration for the TDB-4 is a little out of the ordinary (and out of my experience !) and I was wondering how this sounds in relation to the more conventional TDB-6. The room in question is about 4m x 2.5m and the system is presently Gyrodek/AN Arm/Ortofon + Marantz CD6006 into Croft 25R pre/RIAA/7 power into Heco Celan 300 speakers. Music tastes are quite eclectic but mostly playing classical/jazz/prog. k
  10. khapahk

    Jazz on the BBC?

    There is some jazz on BBC Radio 3. "Jazz Record Requests" is what it is says it is on the tin. "J to Z" is magazine style of programme including interviews, some concert recordings and recent releases and tends to cover more contemporary jazz, and is hosted by jazz musicians and writers, i.e. people in the industry. Jazz Now usually concentrates on more lengthy concert performances from comtemporary performers. I wouldn't let the term "comtemporary" put you off - jazz is a broad church of course ! k
  11. Alive and kicking still, Ricardo ! k
  12. A classic "Carry On" line indeed. In the same league as k
  13. khapahk

    Jazz Newbie

    Good recommendation. Some names to watch out for include EST, Tord Gustavsen, Daniel Heskedal, Marius Neset, Eyolf Dale, Nils Pedder Milvaer to name but a few ! Some contemporary home-grown talent includes Dinosaur, Get The Blessing, Tori Freestone, Polar Bear, Sons of Kemet, Neil Cowley Trio. ACT and ECM are definitely good European labels, also try UK labels like Edition who have a great roster of bands including some of the ones I've mentioned above. k
  14. Would be, if it wasn't for my grandson's birthday party.....! Hifi demo at Deco Audio or a party with 20+ 5 year olds ? Duty calls on this occasion, I'm afraid. The Deco Audio demo days are always well worth a visit. k
  15. Just arrived in this morning's post and enjoyed this afternoon :-
  16. Definitely, time to visit and ask a few awkward questions face to face ! k
  17. Glad you 've got it sorted out. Ah, Black Circle, our paths may well cross in there. I'm a short portly bearded bloke (classic Wammer, really) with a white stick (dodgy eyesight) !! k
  18. I would have thought that if the fuse was to blame (i.e. blown) then there would be no power at all and it wouldn't even start let alone go "burrrrrrrrrmmmmmppphhhhh" ! I don't know this particular model (I've a GyroDec) - is it possible to temporarily bypass the switch and test the motor only ? Maybe not a good idea but was just thinking about ow to isolate each possible cause for testing purposes. k PS I see you're a Leighton Buzzard-ite as well....!
  19. Definitely - in the drummer's seat for Brand X. Stunning band at their peak (the Moroccan Roll album), particularly loved the bass playing of Percy Jones. k