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  1. Bump great way to get into streaming / ripping extremely simple to use and set up fast and silent, hardly used.
  2. Doesn’t look like it! But the radio paradise MQA stream sounds good! 🪖
  3. Available Thursday, set of 4 soundcare superspikes M8 thread (I think measured a few times!) £35 delivered
  4. Sold pending safe arrival of my speakers etc etc....!
  5. Postage for all three boxes on Parcelforce 48 hour no insurance ~£35
  6. Just for clarity this is a 2.1 system, 2xsats and the sub, thanks.
  7. Hi, sorry not researched that yet. The two sats wouldn’t be too bad as fairly light, the sub on the other hand is 17kg unpackaged and might be expensive.
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