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  1. I like Olson for the industrial build quality (and I got both of mine for now't). I would quite happily use a cheap B&Q/Tesco/Ikea one though.
  2. Well, you bunch of cunts!!!! Can a guy not have a genuine Victor Meldrew moment without being insulted?
  3. I'm using the subject of cables to make a point about threads descending into pointless point scoring and back biting (as this one is in danger of). It's called the Two Channel debate, not the Pub Car Park. Obviously, the subject matter has jolted a nerve or two. I've said my piece, and that is that.
  4. Fair point. Maybe saying cable non-believer is provocation in itself, although none intended. I'm more bothered by the insults and mud slinging aspect of it all. There are lots of well made points which often get missed because the argument descends into childish point scoring. Not realy debate is it?
  5. As a cable non-believer (I'll get that out of the way) I often wonder why people get so upity about the subject. So called cable debates, more often than not descend in to mud slinging and insults. I can understand it where safety is concerned, and someone is clearly being a numpty. But to get arsey about someone elses cable preferences is mad. Yes, express your opinion as to why you believe what you do, but leave it at that. Sorry about the cliche, but Hifi is a personal journey. You need to make up your own mind. Simply taking someone elses word for it won't do it. You have to arrive at your own destination. You also have to have an open mind, and accept that your opinion is just that, an opinion. There are some folk on here that were once firm believers in the magic of cables and have an epiphany moment, and there are others so entrenched in cable magic that they will take their beliefs to the grave. I don't rightly care what you believe. I don't mind giving my opinion, but mud slinging isn't going to achieve anything.
  6. I have a Kenwood KT-2080 which I occasionally listen to R2/3/4/5(AM) & Local BBC on. Unfortunately, I don't live in a particularly strong signal area for either AM or FM so the sound quality is often rubbish (no stereo on FM or shit loads of AM noise). I am going to have to invest in a couple of decent outdoor aerials, one for AM, one for FM (although I am probably pissing in the wind with the AM signal). Unfortunate really, as the last place I lived the signal was brilliant. I mainly listen on a cheap (non-stereo) DAB in the kitchen or on the car system.
  7. I use one of these in my second system. I just use standard 13A rated IEC leads (the moulded connector type) with the mains plugs cut off. There is no foo reason for this. It's just a neater solution.
  8. zebra100

    First CD

    Tangerine Dream - Zeit.
  9. Just a little knowledge of basic electrical engineering/electronics can save you hundreds of pounds, as you can dispel many foo claims relatively easily.
  10. It is suprising how much information a loss adjuster can turn up (cable diameter/number of cables/number of sockets/plug types/insulation material/twisted or plaited wires, etc). Even when faced with a twisted, tangle of metal and charred plastic. If they even suspect dodgy wiring, you can bet your bottom dollar that they would employ the services of a highly qualified subject matter expert at the cost of a couple of thousand pounds to avoid paying out a multi thousand pound policy.
  11. Anything which isn't CE compliant is folly for the reasons already stated. Even home made cables using CE specified plugs and sockets could open you up to scrutiny from the insurers should a catastrophic failure occur. Loss adjusters will leave no stone unturned, and dodgy wiring installations are top of their hit list in a fire damaged house.
  12. zebra100

    Wire for Pre-amp

    A small section of strip board will tidy things up no end. It will fit perfectly over the pins of the Alps, and the resistors can be mounted on the board. You just need to remember to cut the tracks under the resistors (as I discovered). A suitably sized (sharp) metal drill bit will cut the track nice and cleanly.
  13. zebra100

    Wire for Pre-amp

    I've always found the Maplins 0.6W metal film resistors more than good enough as shunt resistors. And at £0.66 for 2 you can't grumble. I'd be very surprised if anyone could tell the difference between standard metal film and a fancy pants resistor in a blind test.
  14. zebra100

    Black ravoli

    I think you need to align them to the Crab Nebula at 00:00 GMT, and then add or subtract a few degrees eaither way to compensate for the time of year. I'm sure I saw a table somewhere.....
  15. zebra100

    Wire for Pre-amp

    I had a passive attenuator in my Gainclone system for a while. It now houses a DIY headphone amp using the attenuator as the volume control. I used a 50k, dual log Alps Blue in the shunt mode (using 47k metal film resistors). 22Awg silver plated copper multi-strand PTFE coated wire, Maplins gold plated phono sockets and a 2-way dual gang toggle switch as a source selector. The shunt mod made a huge difference in my setup. A small section of strip board will fit over the pins on the Alps making it easier to solder in the resistors and attach the wires.