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  1. Have you found something interesting about RCF Mythos 3 Active 'speakers? I want to know because I am about to buy me these speakers. Sincerely. Leifen48.

  2. Shame about the SBT, although it 'may' still allow me to connect to and use my HDD as used previously via the iPeng app - not sure of the pathway / can't remember. I'll need to use my VDAC 2 which was ok. Cheers pg and mike, I'll post back as the unit arrives next week. John
  3. My SBT stopped working last week, I already have a Chromecast media for the TV and it was easy to set up works flawlessly. No fking about with PI's and such like loading programs hoping it will last the week. I appreciate some enjoy the challenge and are willing to do this and good luck to you but I've come to the conclusion that I don't like playing with S/W outside of work. I've now ordered a Cromecast Audio, maybe a daft question but does anyone know if the output from the C/C Audio can be fed direct into the SBT or do I have to dig out my DAC and use that? Source is Official Spotify premium via an iPad. Cheers, John
  4. Wow, if I had the cash I'd certainly give them a trial, immaculately made great looking dedicated amp - what's not to like! Love to put them up against the top end Stax unit.
  5. Last time somebody mentioned listening to their system was when they had a new Bose sound wave in their kitchen. I sadly only know civilians .
  6. Joco


    Best use bananas 🍌
  7. Thanks for a well written, cogent post. Watch out for the but if.. replies
  8. Joco

    Chord v Tellerium

    I strongly suspect that your new speakers are either more revealing or have an enhanced treble response from your previous ones which I thought had an ever so slightly warm sound. This would account for you being uncomfortable with certain poorly recorded CD's whilst the majority are ok. I'd be interested in your findings using different cables, if they tame the bad CD's what is the effect on the good one's? Make sure you bring a mixture and the best of luck. John
  9. From the manual, works ok with my one although I did have to check the V90 as stated in the PAD Connections All connections must be made before the mains adaptor is plugged in, Additional USB information On the host computer, a new mixer will be available, which is the default mixer whenever the DAC is plugged in. Use this mixer to select the source or adjust levels if required. CD, MP3, WAV files played on any software should now play through the DAC. This device has been designed to work with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8, Linux and Apple OS The computer drivers for the USB input of the V90-DAC should install automatically. To check correct installation follow these steps: and before any amplifier connected is switched on. Always switch off the equipment attached to the V90-DAC before connecting/disconnecting power, changing leads or inputs. Digital coaxial inputs Using good quality digital RCA (SPDIF) leads (not supplied), connect the digital coaxial output from a digital audio source (e.g. CD player) to the V90-DAC COAXIAL socket. Digital optical inputs Using good quality optical (TOSLINK) leads (not supplied), connect the digital optical output from a digital audio source (e.g. CD player) to the V90-DAC OPTICAL 2 socket (or 1 if COAXIAL input is not already used). PC users Check the computer has picked up the device and is currently using it by clicking: (most Windows versions) Note the COAXIAL and OPTICAL 1 inputs are a shared input. The unit will only respond to the first of these inputs to present a valid digital stream if both are used. USB input - Start - Settings - Control panel - Sounds and Multimedia - Audio A quality USB A-B cable is required to connect the unit to a computer. Plug the B (square) end into the socket in the back of the V90-DAC and the A (rectangle) end into a free USB socket on your computer. Set the input select switch to “USB”. Check “V90-DAC 24/96” appears under PREFERRED AUDIO DEVICE tab. Once the unit is plugged in and powered, the computer should detect the new hardware and install a generic driver automatically (No setup or driver disk required). The V90-DAC is then ready to play V90-DAC, CD or any other form of music file recognised by the computer. - System preferences - Hardware - Sound Outputs Make sure following the amplifier is turned off. Connect the V90-DAC Check that “V90-DAC 24/96” is selected under the OUTPUT tab. If the computer’s warning sounds/chimes are to played through the left and right outputs to the line level inputs of the amplifier system. DAC, make sure it is selected under the SOUND EFFECTS tab too. Power Plug the DC connector lead from the power supply unit into the V90- This device is a high speed serial data processor, and by its nature, requires a very high volume of USB bandwidth. It will benefit greatly from being the only device connected on its USB ‘port’. Sharing the same port with other devices may cause unwanted artefacts such as dropouts or temporary loss of signal. This especially includes the use of the DAC on a USB hub/splitter alongside other USB components. DAC’s power inlet socket, and plug the adaptor itself into a convenient wall mains outlet. The blue LED will light to confirm the unit is ready for use, and the green LED should also be lit indicating presence of digital signal. Use Turn the volume on amplifier to normal listening levels, set the input selector switch to desired input, sit back and enjoy the music! Mac users Check the computer has picked up the device and is currently using it by clicking: (MAC OS X)
  10. Spot on Graham, it doesn't have the finesse of pricier cartridges but it makes you want to put another LP on and that is what it's all about eh?. It's rare that I look for others opinion for purchases but occasionally an owners review can hit the target! I may have a go sometime, thanks.
  11. Listening to latest 180gm Queen greatest hits double LP, Freddie sounds fab, the percussion section is well up to speed.. apart from a bit of 'air' it's as good as I've heard it. I wonder how much it would cost to have it all, if possible. Given a choice I'd take the live percussive sound. Others may differ but I'm a convert to quality MM's, especially with the possibility of changing s the stylus assembly at a relatively low cost. John
  12. Just a short update, I didn't notice any 'hardening' of the sound but can confirm the positives. Maybe it deserves a valve phono like mine but it's a brilliant all rounder. Strengths being bass, vocals and the ever elusive boogie factor, rather naim like in fact. Heartily recommended as a low cost panacea to CD :-) John
  13. Hi Graham, A very timely update, I was going to replace an Ortofon Kontrapunkt with a new 'Blue' for £850 but questioned the need as I could only use it for about 5 hours a week...Using your experience I bought the 150Sa. Frankly I'm blown away by this cartridge, especially with its midrange and upper bass. It really does boogie! There is definitely a reduction of 'air' and space - at 15 hours use. It may improve or not in these aspects but putting it in perspective, I'm not listing to CD's or Spotify as regular sources now. Thanks, John
  14. Hi Huzy, the same cable was offered for sale s/h 9 months ago for about £100, I'd suggest around £80 as it's selling for £130 new @ futureshop. GLWTS, John
  15. Actually, on here there's 7 tenses - you left out the ' Chumpy' one