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  1. You would think that the difference between 40 mk2 and 50 would be huge but actually I think it is not that big. In some areas 40 is even better. Overall 50 still has better resolution and a bit more weight and dynamics so ended up going with that. I could live quite happily with 40 also and it's a bargain IMO for what you get.
  2. Not actives but I've just compared passive SCM40 mk2 with new tweeter to SCM50 with Seas I believe and I think SCM50 sounds better in upper frequencies. Not sure though if it's the same tweeter that is to be used in 50 and larger ATCs or not. Also I know it's not only the tweeter that makes the difference but this is how I felt comparing the two speakers at home.
  3. No, the 7s are the ones that actually can rock. Of course they need a good solid state amp to be able to rock and you need to place them far away from walls on a good open frame stand. I personally don't like too much about 3s. The new 5s can rock too. 40.1 is great with Black Sabbath etc but not so good with anything really fast. Overall I love the sound of Harbeth speakers but faster and tighter sound for rock can be had from other manufactures more easily. Still I love the midrange of Harbeth. That is truely magical in my opinion.
  4. dzeikei

    Audio Note Arms

    Has anyone had any experience using Lyra catrs with AN arms? Especially the Delos.
  5. dzeikei

    Simon Yorke S9

    Have you guys even heard the S9 with proper setup in a proper room?
  6. dzeikei

    Simon Yorke S9

    Wish you could combine the strengths of these two decks for a one superdeck but I don't think it's possible . The Yorke really has soulful sound. I listen to hard rock and metal too and that's the only reason I'm still considering options other than the Yorke. Raven One could be in the budget but impossible to have a listen over here. Still I've heard S9/Delos with Naim amps and it surely was rockin' too so I think it's is about the rest of your kit too, not just the deck.
  7. dzeikei

    Simon Yorke S9

    I think there's something really different in the way Simon Yorke turntables sound. It's quite different from any other I've heard and I've heard a lot of good ones. The S9 may not have the best dynamics, deepest bass, strongest prat or anything like that but it keeps you spinning disc after disc and that's a really a good thing in my opinion. I also like the looks of S9 so no problem there either. Would be good to have a listen to Bardo or Raven One before making any decisions but it seems quite impossible at the moment. Of course the DPS would be one option too but a bit more expensive at the moment.
  8. dzeikei

    Simon Yorke S9

    S9 is quite different from S7. S7 is too laid back and not fun at all to my ears.
  9. dzeikei

    Simon Yorke S9

    I'm thinking of buying a new turntable and Simon Yorke S9 is one of the strongest options at the moment. Has anyone over here heard it, liked it or compared it to some other good decks? I now have a Rega P9 and I love it when playing rock or anything fast and thinking if the Yorke will have the same fun factor that Rega has in my setup. I've heard the Yorke here in my setup, but I really think it needs a fast cartridge to shine. In many areas it was indeed better than the Rega but the ability to rock is the thing I still wonder and that is where Rega is very strong. The qualities I'm looking for are good prat, ability to play tone realistically, low noice floor and the deck should be easy to use without too much hassle setting it up all the time. S9 is almost as easy to use as a P9 and it does sound good too. Other options may be Kuzma Stabi Ref. or Bauer DPS3. Not interested in Linn, SME, Avid, Michell, VPI, Technics, Lenco, Garrard or such so no point suggesting anything like that . Feel free to give your comments on Simon Yorke decks if you have heard one, especially the S9 which for my ears is very different from S7 or S10, you could say it's better IMO anyway. Any thoughts welcome.
  10. Exposure, Rega, NVA and also Harbeth in near future most likely.
  11. I would take a look at the ASR amps. Should sound excellent with your B&Ws. Can be found from here: Not sure about the UK prices but you could check if they are within your budget.
  12. Agreed that it's a matter of design . IMO Harbs can sound boring with boring front end but I guess it's the same with every speaker. That's why I prefer them paired with a groovy front end with good attack. Someone with different musical tastes might prefer the sound that for me is boring. Personally I like the presentation on Harbs a lot, that's why I've owned two pairs in the past and most likely will own a pair in the future too. The new R2 range of Spendors are really far from pipe asd slippers IMO but again it's all about system matching. Still there's something in the Harbeth sound that makes me come back to these speakers, something I've not found yet with any other speaker. They are not perfect but I like them. Great speakers for listening music and that's what it should be all about.
  13. I've heard/own almost all Harbeth range of speakers and found out that personally I like 'em driven by Exposure or Naim. I did not say they are the only ones that will work but for my tastes these are the best I've heard. Harbeth speakers sound good with almost any proper front end but personally I prefer solid state ones. EAR is making valve amps that are able to rock and I'm sure Croft might be good too but impossible to say for sure as I haven't heard any of their amps. The Harbs will rock if the front end is able to rock, as simple as that it is.
  14. It depends on your musical tastes. If you are going to rock with your Harbeths too you may need a grippy solid state like Exposure or Naim as they balance greatly the laid back presentation of the Harbeth and produce the needed attack and energy to the music. Both are excellent matches with Harbeth. For Jazz and classical tubes may be a better option. Not saying tubes can't rock but there aren't too many really good ones at that department.
  15. Living Voice Auditorium II or the new R2 version of the Spendor you already own.