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  1. Thanks Spider Great instructions
  2. Great to hear its working @Spider Any tips on fitting it or was it straightforward?
  3. Yes its the right part,opened my own Opus 21 and checked part number etc. New old stock I'd say manufacture date 2005
  4. They are indeed a fine sounding player made better by putting it on a decent isolaion platform using a decent power lead and as mentioned on this thread using the 5 pin din output and a quality lead. I use a Kondo power lead and a DNM interconnect and the machine is placed on a Townshend isolation platform and sounds great
  5. Not sure but I would imagine any competent tech or diyer would be up to the job.Now if it needs firmware uploading thats another story
  6. Haven't Haven't posted on here for some time but having an ageing Opus 21 I recently took a punt on a replacement driver from an ebay seller in China. My Opus wasn't giving any driver trouble but I just wanted to future proof the machine (hope that makes sense) Anyway the driver arrived in about a week well packed and still sealed in what looks like original packaging with a manufacture date of April 2005 stamped on it. I haven't fitted the unit so can't vouch for its quality but seeing as its harder and harder to source these drivers thought I would just add the ebay link for any Opus users that may be interested
  7. I've got ECC88's from this guy in the US , Mullard, Amperex and Siemens and all worked very well in my Lamm Pre Amp at a push Amperex sounded best.
  8. Thanks to you all for your contributions. I'm going to replace the Tele AT7's with similar Nos ones, a new quad of Genalex KT88's on the dodgy amp and a set of new Psvane Ecc 83's on each amp and see how it goes.
  9. I use two McIntosh MC 275's and use Genalex GL KT88's in both. One of the amps runs fine and the KT 88's never give trouble but once the valves in the other amp are a few months old they begin to flashover and blow fuses so its a case of change out the valves and it runs away again for a few more months. The system is in use about 20hrs per week and the 275's are switched off when not in use. I usually get the valves from Jim McShane in the U.S. and to be fair to him he has exchanged some of the valves but as he only gives a 90 day warranty on power valves the warranty period is usually expired before any trouble occurs. So has anybody any ideas what may be wrong here or have had similar problems with Gold Lions. Is it the amp and if so what could be wrong with it I love the sound of the Gold Lions but am getting a bit sick of having to buy a quad of valves every three or four months. T.I.A.
  10. MacIntosh MC275 Mk IV one of a pair used in monobloc mode. KT 88's are Genelex Gold Lion, 12AX7's are Mullards and the 12AT7's are Nos Telefunkens Lamm LL2 Preamp Full system overview
  11. Could have sworn he had Karmacoma on when I went in, must be mixing it up with some other room
  12. Hoops I thought your kit sounded great you were playing Massive Attack when I called and I had to sit down and listen to whatever track was playing in its entirety I was so taken in with it.
  13. Yes a great day out and as per Pete above rain and motorway closures were a bummer. However there is great credit due to the Wam members who organize and run this event, any of these things don't happen by themselves! and it shows great love and dedication for what is basically all our hobby. Well done again to all involved it just shows what a bit of People Power can achieve.
  14. I'm excited because I can't print off my boarding pass f------g printer is out of ink, flight is at 6.40 tomorrow morning so this is a great start.