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  1. Primare d30.2 cd player.. Good condition..(1 or 2 minor marks.. nothing significant) Original packaging..£295.
  2. Superb ZINGALI OVERTURE 1 STANDMOUNT SPEAKERS WITH Incorporated Stands... Unmarked Mint Condition With Original Packaging.. Exceptional Build & Sound Quality ... Outstandingly Wife Friendly...£1150..
  3. LFD MK IV INTEGRATED AMP... Excellent little used unmarked condition..£1500.. email.. for photos also Zingali Overture 1 Speakers with integrated matching stands.. Mint Condition with original boxes £1200..Very Wife Friendly!!
  4. redsox

    Wanted - power cable

    Just in case you are not properly sorted I have an original YBA power cable!! Regards Ron..
  5. Hi Jack.. They are terminated.. £60 OK.. Send your details to my email... PayPal as suggested OK.. Will send first class recorded delivery.. Regards Ron..
  6. Should read Reson of course!! Ron
  7. Hi Jack.. Have a pair of DNM Reston 5.5 metres.. £55 +shipping from Lincoln.. Regards Ron.
  8. redsox


    Hi.. Spendor S5 or 5e floorstanders..close to the wall is floorstanders around at any price under £2000... This comment was passed top me via the designer !! Regards Ron.