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  1. Well's the 4x box amplifier getting on now sound wise....? mac
  2. Hi Ron; Just wondering how you auditioned so many speakers.......did you use the likes of Kronos Hi-Fi ? Regards - Peter
  3. If you can source the likes of a Canary Audio CA-608 integrated valve amplifier (40 watts), that would suit the ESL's for sure. I heard one in my audio system a few years back and it was sublime. mac
  4. wOw -- audio heaven formats there..! Is that a Technics RS1500 R2R I see...? mac
  5. Cheers mate - very nice..!
  6. Rick; I'm busting to see any photos of your new 4x box delivery please....! Cheers - mac
  7. Colin, your TT looks utterly amazing - total Respect Sir! wOOw How did you choose the separate speed controller etc...? Which tonearm are you using..? Cheers - Peter
  8. Love to hear your initial thoughts Rick..? And yes, photos would be great....drool mode..! mac
  9. Suzuki Suzuki by APM Photography, on Flickr mac
  10. Is part of this pure 'Class A' Rick? What's the rated power output please? Cheers - Peter
  11. 'Kronos Hi-Fi' has a second hand pair of Triangle Antal Anniversary floorstanders for £1500, bang on your money, they come with original boxes etc... Give David Campbell a shout at Kronos for a chat. Lovely quality speakers. Regards - Peter
  12. Fabulous rosewood Audioplan Kontrast's; Hi-Fi by APM Photography, on Flickr mac
  13. Looks like as Technics R2R ........(?)
  14. I used to own one of these fabulous AS DAX's, such a quality audio piece, build quality is simply Superb, and sound also. David Heaton is a genius building this awesome DAC. Best of luck with the sale, it shouldn't hang about long I'm sure. Regards - Peter
  15. Seen a pair of Quad II Forty's (40watts) via eBay last week for around £1300 ish, they would fit your bill I'm sure..! Regards - Pete