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  1. I’d really love to audition a set of A.I. Second Audio’s in my system some day… mac
  2. If these are maybe still available I would love them. Cheers; Peter
  3. Would love to hear from Jamo R909 users, are they hard to position/place in a normal room? I quite fancy a pair in the future. Any photo's would be greatly appreciated in situ - cheers....! Thanks mac
  4. X-Pro1 -- TTArtisan 17/1.4
  5. Regards the Jethro Tull live gig in Perth Concert Hall (Monday 27th Sept), I received an email only the night before saying......the concert was cancelled....!
  6. Check out these great radio stations with NO advertising; GrooveFM -- Linn Jazz -- Linn Radio -- Linn Classical GrooveFM is my all time favourite....!!!!
  7. I've tickets to go see; Jethro Tull (The Prog Years) - Monday 27th September 2021 - Perth Concert Hall, Scotland.
  8. My older brother in the mid 1970's got me into Hi-Fi, from memory he owned these items; Spendor BC1's - Philips GA312 TT - Technics old school receiver (huge - built like a tank), listening then to live broadcasts via Radio 4 was like the actual people where in the room with your eyes closed - just blooming amazing....!!! I was totally gobsmacked. mac
  9. Sorry, not that vintage, but elderly MkII Audioplan Kontrast - a brilliant A&R Cambridge Alpha integrated amp (£35 I paid), Sony MDS-JE330 mini-disc recorder/player. Old/vintage audio is the way forward for sure...! mac
  10. I've recently started carrying out Volunteer work for the 'Maggie's Cancer Centre', Larbert, Forth Valley Hospital as a meet-and-greet role, finding it very rewarding. mac
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