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  1. Superb amp at a very keen price. (Well, I would say that since I own the same model.) Beat all comers in my system - especially the Devialet 250 My final amp - unless I win the lottery. GLWTS.
  2. Thanks. Replied via PM.
  3. I agree re the Audionote systems. Always very good sound in difficult rooms. I remember the London audio show about 3 years ago. A group of young adults were in the room and were enjoying the system. Then the Audionote demonstrator, noting his youthful audience, put on some heavy rock and their heads started banging away. Who knew Audionote could do heavy rock? My best system? A member on these forums designed and built some enormous open frame speakers. He demo'd them at Scalford 2017. I always thought my speakers went low, but these were in another class. Deep, transparent, fast with a wide soundstage. Just utterly mesmerising.
  4. I bought a Nova Fidelity X45 with a 2TB SSD last year after a week's home demo. I wanted to see how my Audio Synthesis DAX Decade + Sonos streamer (combo used for 10+ years) compared against more modern components. I did try a Devialet 250 for a couple of years, but reverted back to the AS/Sonos combo. The X45, in my opinion, produced the best sound in my system. The inbuilt streamer is also better than the Sonos. My ranking order : X45 > X45 + Sonos > Audio Synthesis + Sonos > Devialet + Sonos. The additional bonus is the reduction in box count and associated cables. One box replaced a DAC, streamer, NAS and CD player. I use Spotify Premium and the X45 is simply seen as another device to stream to. I also use the phone app for playing stored digital media and the app is very good. (So much better than Devialet's software). Also, I have connected my turntable to play records (though mostly for nostalgia). Additionally, this box handles pretty much any high res format, and also does CD ripping. It was hard to get my head around the fact that the X45 sounded so good, while having so much functionality. I have generally preferred dedicated components - one item does one function and does it well. I don't use half of the functions, but the overall take is that it delivers on it's prime function - sound quality - and I don't feel any need to upgrade or change.
  5. Bump. Price reduced to £285 including delivery to UK mainland.
  6. Power Inspired AG1500 in excellent condition - little use due to system change. Original box and all accessories. Collection from Watford or will courier. Price reduction - now £285 inclusive of delivery to UK mainland.
  7. Thank you for the software link and instructions. It's been extremely useful. I have been trying various ethernet options between my router and streamer. Namely: 1. Cat6 cable (original setup) 2. Cat8 cable - cheap 3. Cat8 cable - expensive 4. Fiber optic cable - to isolate noise(?) : To me, they all sounded different. No idea why. However, last week, just to check and baseline my experiments, I tried using wireless after ordering the proprietary wireless dongle for my streamer. Long story short, in my setup, this proved to be the best sounding option with the most transparent, balanced and engaging sound of all. A real shock, after using a wired connection for the past 10+ years. However, after using the PingPlotter to track the stats to the streamer in wireless mode, I could see the average was over 15ms. On closer inspection, this was due to a regular spike in the metrics, every 30 secs or so, where the latency rode up to beyond 300ms, similar to the spike on your wireless graph. What's going on? Is the streamer or router wifi connection continuously refreshing/reconnecting? I tried changing the wireless channel, but to no effect. It turns out to be a background process running on my Windows 10 PC. This article explains how to disable this process : (I also tried enabling/disabling the OneDrive settings explained later on in the article. In my setup, it made no difference.) The wireless stats have dropped down to an average 2.4ms, with no spikes beyond 59ms and no packet loss. So, my psychoneurosis around the connection to the streamer has been cured. No more looking at uber expensive ethernet cables, lan isolators, audio switches, router power supplies etc. Just listening to music.
  8. My power amps were Bel Canto Ref 1000s with modifications by Coherent Systems driven directly from the Dax Decade. I really wanted the Devialet to work. A beautiful, multi functional, one box solution. However, I found myself spending more and more time fiddling with the system (supports, cables, speaker positioning) trying to get the system to sound great. After a year, I had to admit that the AS Dax Decade + Bel Cantos Ref 1000s combination sounded better to me. I've had 2 AS Dax Decades over the last 14 years. Initially a single ended model with the Blackgate upgrades and then a balanced version, which had a slightly lower noise floor than the single ended version, so I changed to that model. After the Devialet experience, I never thought I would move on from the Dax Decade. But, the Novafidelity sounded better in a straight shoot out with the Sonos + Dax v Sonos + Novafidelity. Moving further on, the Novafidelity with inbuilt streamer sounded better than the Sonos + Novafildelity. However, being cautious, I asked for an extended home trial. After about a week of swapping back and forth, I placed an order for the Novafildelity.
  9. I just recently replaced my Sonos + Audio Synthesis Dax Decade streaming/dac/pre combo with a Novafidelity X45. I had the previous combo for about 10 years. The Audio Synthesis plus my power amps saw off a Devialet 250 (which I had bought and tried for a year). The X45 sounded better to me. The added bonus is the additional functionality it provides. Inbuilt streamer with Spotify, Tidal, Qubuz and Amazon (with Amazon HD in the pipeline). Onboard storage if required, I added a 2TB SSD. Single ended and balanced pre outs. CD player and ripper. MM phono stage. Roon enabled. 7" display screen (can be turned off) I replaced a streamer, dac/pre, cd player and external NAS box with the X45. I sold all those components, which enabled the X45 to come within budget.
  10. I just had my very long lengths of Kimber KCAG interconnects split into several pairs by Russ Andrews. Each pair has : brand new Kimber Ultraplate RCA connectors fitted brand new Kimber KCAG heatshrink applied been checked over by Russ Andrews There are two 1.0m pairs left. Price : 1.0m pair £375 or both pairs for £725 Price : 1.0m pair £350 or both pairs for £675 The price includes postage and insurance to the UK mainland. For more information please click here to visit the Russ Andrews web-page.
  11. Just a thought, but couldn't you connect both +ve spade connectors and both -ve spade connectors to the respective speaker terminals?
  12. Tangerine Dream - Union Chapel, London. Saw them last night. Unusual venue, with free seating. Excellent concert.
  13. The Indulgence Show is back in London with a wide range of exhibitors. You may still be able to get free tickets (normally £15) if you use this discount code at checkout : MMAGPIE