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  1. Price reduced to £310. I'm going to the Post Office tomorrow to post some valves. Happy to take these along as well
  2. For sale a pair of Raytheon 5755 tubes and 12AX7 adaptors that are a well known upgrade for Jolida FX DACs. These were bought on eBay recently (link below). I originally bought some from a seller in the USA but when it looked like that first pair were lost in the mail, I bought these. The ones from the US then arrived so these are surplus to requirements. Text from the original advert: For sale are 5/80 made pairs of Raytheon 5755 a substitute different pinout for 12AX7. These Raytheon’s NOS USA stock are matched for gain and GM on the Amplitrex AT1000 at < 1% between triodes. I've only plugged them into my Jolida to make sure they are working. They do and sound great, but should improve further with more use (I understand that 50 hours is the target). Link to original advert: Note - the adaptors sent are different to the ones in the advert. Not sure why, but the ones I was sent are nice a solid! Cost me just under £50. Selling for £35 delivered.
  3. Schiit Eitr USB to SPDIF converter for sale. In excellent condition and working perfectly, now surplus to requirements. Allows you to turn any computer into a high quality digital source operating up to 24/192. Very straightforward, use a USB A to USB B cable to connect you computer or other source to the Eitr and then a coaxial cable to connect the Eitr to the coax in of your DAC. The unit also has generation 5 USB. I'm not entirely sure what that means but I do know that I've been using it with a 2012 MacBook Air that has USB 3 ports and everything works very well. More details here: £120 plus postage
  4. Hi Robin, Spotify is down: Seems to be affecting mobile apps. My desktop Spotify is fine.
  5. Aha - so Mirek doesn't live in Zurich as per the map shown in his profile! Initially I saw the map and thought, that's a relief, I can stop thinking about this DAC.. seems not!
  6. Thanks Uzzy. The problem is that I can't log in because I have not received an activation email. I tried registering again in case there was an address issue. I'm mostly set up now but I've lost my force gauge . Have ordered a replacement!
  7. I'm seeking assistance. I am about to mount a cartridge to my Rega RB250 arm (on a PT LPT TT) and was looking for a good printable cartridge protractor. From searching the Wam I came across a thread recommending Seb's Arc Protractors from this page: Should be straightforward enough but to get to the download section you have to be a member of the forum and despite registering I can't seem to get in. I need an activation email that is not coming and it's been several days. Anyway, if someone has a pdf of one of Seb's Rega arc protractors or indeed any other printable protractor that they recommend, I would be very grateful. Many thanks, Stef