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  1. Siltech New York MXT Professional speaker cable 6 m pair These are wonderful speaker cables that made my Sugden and Proacs sing. Purchased in 2008 from Audio Republic in Leeds at the same time as buying a Sugden A21a Series 2 and Proac D15s. In no way did I want to spend more than £1000 on speaker cables.. I wanted to spend that money on ‘proper’ kit in the form of the A21SE but the A21a2+Siltech cable just sounded better than the A21SE+my cables at the time. Connectors are the Siltech S-Conn system - you just screw in the connectors you want. The cables currently have banana plugs installed but come supplied with 4 screw-in spades and, for one reason, additional 4 banana plugs. Great condition and still sounding wonderful. Important note - my best effort to measure the cables from banana tip to banana tip yielded a measurement of 599 cm. They’re quite thick and heavy so it’s possible that if I had tried harder, I might have got to 600 cm but just so you all know.. £350 including RM Special Delivery Thanks
  2. I have a Schiit Eitr that I no longer need. Will be going in the classifieds soon. Silly name but works very well. PM me if interested.
  3. Thanks Nick, as I suspected. If that cheap cartridge gets your recommendation as a tester, that's a great idea. Slight complication in that I've found that the system sounds better without the weight of the turntable sitting on top. Completely serendipitous discovery while I was messing with cabling at the back. Thought I was imagining it but then carried out an test involving my wife adding and removing a 10 kg dumb-bell on top the rack. She wasn't really committed to the experiment so only got a few reps in but I'm convinced enough that there's something to look into. The entire rack is sitting on four sorbothane feet and I guess load-wise things are working without the turntable. Lots to keep me busy..
  4. This is probably a stupid question but I imagine that the problems that may be resulting from me having to site my hifi in a corner are most likely to be manifest with vinyl replay? I'm currently trying to decide how much to invest in a cartridge for my turntable and understanding the potential constraints of the corner location will inform this decision. Many thanks
  5. Keith, does Floyd Toole’s book contain information that rebuts Bencat’s very clear description of the psychological problems associated with listening under short-term test conditions? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Cognitive bias is a phenomenon. Narrow-mindedness is another one. I'm a scientist and both of these are problems in research. Happily we have the resources to eradicate the former, as far as is humanly possible, but for any given field the latter remains, hampering progress and sucking the fun out of it.. In the case of domestic audio, there is rarely the opportunity for properly controlled tests but my impression is that people do their best to enjoy their hobby without wasting money on non-existent differences. If they are Wammers and are unaware that there is such a thing as cognitive bias I would be astonished
  7. I'm also using a 3 m run of the Oyaide cable MotherSky has linked to. In a blind listening test administered by my 10 year old son, for 50p, I preferred the Oyaide over a much cheaper 3 m cable (the 3 m version of this I didn't think I would hear a difference but there you go. If anyone wants the cheap cable that lost out to the Oyaide, let me know and I will post it to you.
  8. I don't currently have a cartridge so there has been no twisting or stretching yet. For domestic reasons my system was moth-balled for ~8 years and at that point I decided to sell my cartridge. I'm currently trying to decide what to do on the vinyl front. I'm imagining it's the vinyl replay that would be most susceptible to the corner location. I have to say that the whole system seems to sound better than it did 8 years ago. It could be that the corner placement is less of a problem because it's part of a much larger kitchen-diner area. I guess it's more likely that either the electrics in this new-build are clearer or something, or perhaps even more likely, some 10 years into raising children, I am cherishing every precious moment I have listening to my system all the more!
  9. Thanks for the comments everyone. It seems like I may have more of an issue with the confined corner placement than I realised. Things are still sounding good though so it could be worse. I will experiment, one move at a time.
  10. Please do! If I were doing it again I might add a bit of bracing by glueing small right-angled triangles of bamboo to some of the joints. These could be cut from the drawer fronts and sides that you don't use. As it is there's a little bit of movement if you give it a nudge. Having said that, maybe that's why it sounds good - I remember taking my A21 amp to Sugden's to get a phono stage added and asked Patrick Miller if they wouldn't mind vacuuming out the dust while they were in there. He said, "why would you do that?.. that's probably why it's sounding so good". That little comment helped me a lot over the years.. Good luck if you do go for it.
  11. You’re ahead of me there, good idea! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks. For that top chopping board I glued some plastic stoppers underneath it to prevent it being knocked off. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks, yes, not a great position but it’s that or nothing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks Richard. Yes, I was attracted by the fact it was made of bamboo. Ok, I'll take it slowly and will check out the Nobsound spring supports. Thanks again.