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  1. Cheers mate , yes it was the home theatre bypass that sold it to me in the first place. proper 2 Chanel pre amp that I could integrate into my 5 ch cinema system works great with my Bryson amps too
  2. Update... just checked and the new remote for some reason does not work with this pre-3, so I will include the original remote which has seen better days but works perfectly , so could be used to program and all in one remote . I’ll post a pic Been a while since I’ve posted on here, anyway I’ve a cracking PRe3 for sale. I actualy purchased this amp on this forum and it’s worked flawlessly. near mint condition, with original box and packaging and new BC remote. only selling as I’ve bought second hand PRE3 VBS and a new power supply from tony at coherent. i did ask him if it was still possible to VBS my unit, but the answer was not any more. he did however say a new board could be fitted which improve the performance. asking £450.00 delivered, collection fine also.
  3. gazor

    Newbie Intro's

    allways fancied a well tempered myself, love the simplicity of the design
  4. spinning john martyn on vinyl - heaven and earth and sounding superb, dont know why i like it as is not my usuall cup of tea, but sounds so good put it down to a break from the norm!
  5. moved the TT to back of the room now, so no where near speakers now. new dedicated mains supply in now too, made a huge differance
  6. this is the latest - - - Updated - - - sorry wrong one
  7. ob1i replaced now - - - Updated - - - here ya go
  8. thought i would post this as im really pleased with the outcome. in a nutshell i needed a new rack / unit as my new speakers didnt match my oak unit, and the dimentions of my new speakers are much wider than my ob1. so i took my drawing and measuements of the unit i wanted making to a local kitchen/ bedroom manufactuer, picked a veniered finish and hey presto! the centre speaker is oak so the top just sits on the sides and covers the centre speaker. it was imposible to find a unit to suit or get the dimentions i needed, so went down this route
  9. ive recently bought these and both are great. monoprice over ear at £17.75. work well with iphone/ipad, and really good with headphone amp. jays vjays at £29.04, super light and comfortable. i sold my hd600 as i didnt get use out of them, hence buying the above. monoprice for home, vjays on the go. you tube has plenty of reviews
  10. have you considered wilson duette, external crossover can be changed from open space of but up against the wall,
  11. yeh I'm using ob1i and do love em had em a few yrs now. I will however trade up to pb1 , ib2 or mb2 if a pair pops up on the second hand market in oak!
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