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  1. It was my pleasure. What is well produced music? Is it a disk that sounds great on your rig and horrid on others? Is that not many times the case? Have many people got systems that in some small way dictate the owners music collection? What should the recording sound like? Should it sound like the live version,should it sound like it did in the studio? Which studio was it? Which gig was it? Can you tell? Many things none of us would know which to me makes what your saying pointless. Sorry had to rush this, going out I have a life
  2. The biggest pile of pointless shit I have ever read in any one place.
  3. What do you think to it? Why have kit and ask what others think? Demo the very best speakers you can afford, pick them, sit back and enjoy. After a few months go listen to more expensive kit then on the way home just buy some more music. To my ears the cdp2 909 combo has it all.
  4. I feel I have no need to and I've had my current set up a while now. No financial constraints please, only the happy to subscribe to this posting.
  5. You have a good combo at the moment. Why not take your time and purchase a 99 and 909 2nd hand when funds permit? I have a cdp2/909 and all I think about spending my money on is the music
  6. Have you ever tried the ESL 2905's? I heard them Saturday at my dealers on the 909 and didn't want to go home. I would be very interested in your thoughts.
  7. Plug I would love to hear the ref 8's on the end of your system and have no doubt that would be a great night in. I stand by my view of the studio range in relation to the rest of the brandbuthave no doubtyour kit sounds great in it's present config. For what it's worth I did recognise the direction your comments were coming from in relation to Dynaudio and that's a lot more than the original postercould do.
  8. I use the focus 110's with quad cdp 2909 combo and if safe means I can spend8 hours playing music and having more than a few beers then safe be it. My present system costs the same as my last cd player (think of a 3k naim). Should a system (or any part of it) be judged on its ability to make some recordings sound good or should we judge on time enjoyed with all our music? I like proac a lot but they do seem more based on a class A / valve front end. The studio range of the brand I think are the poor relations with a decent finish aimed at theuk market and if you got a proac rep drunk he would tell you the same. If the original poster intends to use 110's with an audiolab 8000s then he will answer his own question.
  9. meninblack wrote: :sick:Sugden remotes are not the brand's best feature. Having issues? To be fair, the remote works perfectly. It's just a nasty piece of cheap plastic crap! I prefer to lean over and fondle its cool alloy knob... Surely you mean it's hot cool alloy knob
  10. meninblack wrote: :sick:Sugden remotes are not the brand's best feature. I imagine them better than the naim 62 even on a bad day. Great insight tho
  11. 82 and that £1400 rega cd plyer. With proac he could go that rega cd player and the sugden 21se. If he has 135'she must have an hicap too so his trade in/ 2nd hand sale would be good. He could even get speaker cable that bends anda remote if he went sugden
  12. simont

    whats quad like

    Yes Iknow the percentage that gets to the NHS is small but my point wasif I've paid into society for 24 years surely Im worth some 2k of treatment. Lets be real the comments made by the poster were only done in a throw away fashion hence my responce. I would think as this is a hifi forum any reference to moneywould be on the basis of disposable income and and not life or death. Going back to the subjectposted on, on an outlayV hours enjoyed ratio (I have no doubt we are very much the same in that respect) my comments are correct. I feel if we do look into the futuretoo much (can't remember seeing owt on the news I liked) we would never make a purchase. Have a good weekend.
  13. simont

    whats quad like

    I would ask why after paying national insurance for 24 years I have to pay owt. Thats a touch more than 2k.