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  1. Hey bud


    have sent you a message regarding the amps that you have for sale




  2. Can I just have the delivery please!
  3. Started off as an EMC 1 and was upgraded to the 1 UP version by the one previous owner. The player was purchased from Heatherdale Audio. In very good condition, with no marks or scratches. Comes with the puck and remote. I do not have the original box, so collection is essential. Please P.M. for any info/queries. For sale at £1200. Pics to be uploaded shortly.
  4. Is it possible to purchase chopping boards with ceiling screws?
  5. Delfox

    Nice JBL 1400's

    Do they sound like if you were facing a couple of angry Hippopotamuses?
  6. The answer lies in the bowels of insanity...
  7. Hi, I am from Coulsdon and looking to hitch a lift on the 2nd. Contribution to petrol cost of ocurse. If there is someone with some space please do let me know. Thanks, Delmer
  8. Couple of things: Check out the location photo in google maps (post code in contact details within the bay ad) - interesting, so if meeting in person, could be useful to take a brigade with you! Postage price is quoted as £22.46 Standard delivery - for a speaker with a weight of around 80Kg.
  9. Hi, Is anyone going from the somewhere near Croydon with some space for one? I am in Coulsdon but can hook up from somewhere not too far. Please let me know. Thanks, Delmer
  10. I had an experience where when the bloody TV was moved in between the speakers for viewing in “glorious stereo”, it produced a very audible suckout of sound in the central audio image when listening to music (TV off). The loss in enjoyment was almost bordering on distressing! I could not work it out but put it down to perhaps my own LV’s being extraordinarily sensitive the presence of other objects in its environment. The TV was summarily despatched to its former position into a corner of the living room.........and the sound was back to normal.
  11. Currently running a Canary 601 Mk 2 valve pre into a Red Wine Audio Signature 30 power amp. Sounds very good indeed. Black silence, great detail/texture, space around instruments and performers, and warm as well. The RWA Sig 30 has also got some great web reviews. Certainly a recommended T- amp.
  12. Hi, is anyone travelling from London or the South passing close to London with a spare seat? I am from around the Croydon area and can travel a reasonable distance to hook up. Thanks, Delmer
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