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  1. This has been used as my spare. Looks and sounds very good. Cantilever true and stylus sharp and clean. Asking £100 incl. postage to UK address. More pics available if you Pm me.
  2. Boxed with straight and true cantilever. No idea of hours or stylus wear. Ideal for a re -tip. This is the 45 year Anniversary cart. It does play but sold as is. £80 Just to add, Expert Stylus Co. have quoted £225 to re-tip if needed. Still a lot less than the cost of a new cartridge.
  3. Sorry, pictures are too big to load from my tablet. location is N/E uk.
  4. Serial No. 84241. Olive 180. Serviced by Witch Hat and also fitted with NCC200 boards. Ex. Cond. prefer pick up and audition. £575. Pictures on request.
  5. Swap for stylus gauge. Like those on Amazon with test weight on the stylus pad. Think they are about the same value.
  6. In very nice condition, no dings or scratches, Serviced and fitted with Avondale NCC 200 boards by Witch Hat in 2013/14. Superb sounding amp for collection or meet up around 50 miles. Logo bright and clear. Inspection, audition welcome. location N/E uk. £600 firm, given the outlay.
  7. Really nice cond. Serviced by Witch Hat in 2013 and the had NCC200 Avondale boards fitted in 2014, again by Witch Hat. Serial no. 84142. £600 firm, location N/E uk.-
  8. Hi. Can't get the site to accept a photo, seems they are too large location NE.UK.
  9. Very nice cond. and serviced by Witch Hat in 2013. Avondale NCC 200 boards fitted in 2014. Paperwork available. Asking £650, given the outlay. Pick up , inspection, audition welcome.