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  1. Virtually all my bad decisions revolve around large speakers! I've always lusted after some nice BIG speakers and have bought several big-uns in my time (obviously never learning my lesson). First ones were Meridian 7000's in Ferrari red...seemed reasonably sized in the lovely house I visited and they didn't look too big. When I got them back to my much smaller house they just filled the room and sounded a lot worse than in the big room. Did the same thing with some Horning Agathon Ultimates....saw them in a big house, got them home and they just dominated the room. They did sound superb though with a top-of-the-range Border Patrol power amplifier, even in my smaller front room. I think I could have lived with the Horning's, but then decided they were just too big in a room that measures 17' x 15' I do still miss them! Saying that, the new owner was delighted with them in his much bigger conservatory. Obviously bigger isn't alway better with speakers...shame it doesn't apply to everything
  2. I think that would have been my first check - Are my interconnects and speaker cables correctly inserted? Its quite easy to get stuff connected up back to front if you're leaning over a stack of equipment where the light is usually poor. Should be a simple fix.
  3. I think I've got the idea now. The cables have two wires at the amp end which go into a small "box" close to the amp and emerge as one big fat cable (I assume its got 4 wires inside as its about twice as thick as the two wires that go into the amp. The speaker cables seem to have a box of tricks just prior to the speaker plugs and then 4 wires emerge labelled for high and low output, so I assume they're also splitting the output just prior to going into the speakers own crossovers. Probably total overkill Pink Triangle only made about 250 pairs of the Ventricals...voiced similar to Quad ESL's but with a bit of bass (even though they only have a 3.5" or 4" bass driver with a Helm-Holtz bass loading. If you want to see what they look like they're on eBay at the moment, but think I might be pulling the advert as they sound so good bi-wired in my awkward room at the moment. I will try them single wired again, but they are sounding pretty special at the moment running with Spectral pre/power. I sold a pair of Horning Agathon Ultimates to a chap locally. After listening to the Horning's he bought them straight away, he then asked what I was replacing them with...I just said "The Pinks for now". When he came to collect the Agathons I played some stuff through the Pinks...he was pretty amazed at the bass and imaging (the Horning Agathons have 2 x 12" bass drivers). The better cables/bi-wires have made them sound even better. I know wire is wire, but there does seem to be better detail.
  4. I'll certainly give it a try. There really was a massive improvement in clarity and drive using the MIT. I know cables aren't meant to make any difference, but I don't subscribe to that theory, having listened to many many different cables. I try to convince myself cables make no difference...but they do for me (Cardas Golden Ref gives more bass, Kondo's just get out of the way) and the MIT seem so clear, but I don't want to get into a mud fight about cables! The MIT shotgun cables are designed as dedicated bi-wire cables, so cant do the comparison quite as easily as just running one length of cable. I'll have a play though. I think the links are fairly decent silver plated with teflon jacket...I'll give everything a clean with de-oxit. I might have to dig out my Celestion SL700's to see if the bi-amp thing works on them too - they are ultra revealing speakers and have always had more clarity than the Pinks.
  5. Ahh that makes sense, but the sound difference is such a jump...I'm amazed. I thought Diapson (the ones that look like Krytens head) did some direct drive speakers some time ago which gave me the idea that the crossovers were bypassed...but your explanation does make more sense. Always a wealth of knowledge on here. I'll have to have a bit more of a mess about with the cables and links!
  6. I've had my Pink Triangle Ventrical speakers for about 25 years now (bought second hand) outlasting many other much fancier/expensive speakers - usually due to the bigger speakers taking up too much precious room, not that the Pink's don't sound good. I've always used them with single runs of speaker wire (nothing rubbish) and thought they were very musical and enjoyable, which is probably why I keep coming back to them. I recently thought I'd move them on in an attempt to rationalise some of the hoard of hi-fi I've accumulated. I rooted out a pair of MIT MH750 shotgun speaker cables that had been in need of new banana plugs and got them done professionally. I then decided to try the newly terminated cables with the Pink Triangles - I'd never bi-wired them before. The speakers suddenly have a new/better focus and clarity than I ever remember them having. I'm wondering if the crossovers are completely bypassed when bi-wiring the speakers? It's also made me think the crossovers, which must be in use when single wired, need to be recapped. Or could it just be the massive cables and built in crossover networks controlling the speakers better...improving the clarity. I've recently had some old equipment upgraded (Quad 303 and Revox B225 cd player) and have been amazed at the difference recapping makes. It seems to have improved the clarity and grip on the music in both cases, I'm thinking it might be worth getting the crossovers checked over? Anyone have any knowledge of how the crossovers work when bi-wiring? Also any suggestions regards the benefits of recapping crossovers. I'm now thinking I might keep the Pinks a bit longer, as they are so musical!!! Thanks in advance.
  7. I'd try somewhere that does re-upholstery - they have all different grades of foam and I bet they would cut it for you too. Dunelm have bare foam seat cushions you might be able to adapt/cut. Only difficulty might be the colours but I reckon you could use some dylon to turn it black if thats an issue. I still miss my Proac tablet signatures in lovely ebony.
  8. I'm a bit confused where you are...first out says you're in Plymouth, third post says you don't live in Plymouth. I assume you very much down South, but confirmation of where you are might help. As an aside, a mate of mine had a Guzzi 850 Le Mans mk1 and an original Cali 1000 back in the 80's....they both sounded amazing and I really wanted the Le Mans 1 as it was so nice with straight through exhausts, K&N filters and clip-on handlebars! Your Cali looks very similar to the original one, but imagine its a mile away from the first model. Seems very cheap to me for such a nice tourer! GLWTS
  9. What a stunning motor!!! And 46.3mpg according to the onboard computer....if you was a bit closer I'd probably come and have a look. I'm getting a bit tired/bored of my old Volvo s60 d5 SE (2002) with 156k miles on the clock...I've had it about 13years now and its only ever let me down once in over 100k miles. Good luck with the sale.
  10. According to the advert on HiFi For sale they're up at £16000
  11. Best sounding system I've heard was Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage (approx £7k) driven by Border Patrol P20 and Control 1 (approx £9K at time) and an Audio Analogue Maestro CDP (about £1500). This was at SuperFi+ in Warrington...I's taken my amp, CDP and speakers in because I was experiencing an annoying hum. The guys narrowed it down to an earth loop between amp and CDP. Whilst there they demo'd my speakers and CDP with the Border Patrol kit.....its a sound I've been chasing ever since. Stupidly I've had all the individual components, but never at the same time!!! I think the BP and SF have a definite synergy and sounded so real and musical with female voices. Crazy hobby (unfortunately no photos of the kit)!
  12. I've just had a look at the model and it says this is a an auto start/stop turntable. It might need the auto-stop function needs adjustment...just a thought.
  13. I suspect its the anti skate weight thats causing the problem from the description, as I doubt the thing would play to the end of a record without the counterweight, as it would have so much weight on the stylus, I doubt it would track at all and bottom out the suspension. If it is the counterweight you remove, you'll ruin anything you play like that. I'm not familiar with the model of turntable or the way the anti skate weight works on that turntable. Is it a spring type anti skate or a hanging weight type? As above a photo would help
  14. Have a look at the Bacchi espresso machine 9 bar. I've got one and it makes a nice couple of espresso's, plus it looks quite cool. Its a stove-top device and makes a decent brew. I don't know how to put in a link, but if you search Bacchi I'm sure you'll find it (about £350)
  15. Location would be useful, people local to you who might be interested would probably want to view this prior to purchase