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  1. I think these are the older generation MA20's, I have had them for about 12 years & they were second hand when I bought them. They are still immaculate other than when the speaker covers come off the oak wood slightly lighter. They have to be where they are, not quite in corners of the room.
  2. I have a pair of these for my Primare i30 amp & CD31 player. The speakers are very nice but I think sometimes the system lacks base. I am no audio phile & my 66 year old ears are no longer that sharp. I am interested in suggestions for some new speakers that would up the base a little but not kill the tone that I can hear very clearly with my old ears. Please !! I am not a rich man (retired) so something with a sensible price, I dont mind second hand either as long as they have been looked after.
  3. Sorry did not quite understand how that happened, not posted on here for a long time.
  4. I have contacted them & they tell me that I will have to post/send them to their repair shop in York. Mmmm not happy with that, the amp weighs a ton so going to cost a fair bit & given the weight I am not sure it would get there in one piece. By magic the CD has started working again after I disconnected it from the system checked the fuse in plug & unit & cleaned it up before putting it back into the cabinet, maybe the plug had got knocked & was not making contact buts certainly ok now. I can use the system but have to use the remote to alter the volume on the amp or it will just keep rising louder & louder, can live with that at the moment but long term I will have to try & get it back to Karma for proper repair.
  5. I have a Primare CD31 CD player that was working ok but now will not power up. I also have a Primare I30 Amplifier that the volume control just seems to go up no matter which way I turn it, volume can be controlled with the remote ok. I live in Bedford & will need someone to repair them preferably thats not to far away, I really really don't want to trust them to the mail services etc because of damage/chucking about in transit. Does anyone know of any dealers locally that could carry out repairs for me. Thanks for any help.
  6. The centre speaker on the above system is buzzing/muffling the sound so assume its broke, anyone know where I might get a replacement complete or speaker/tweeter to go in it to replace the faulty item.
  7. My ipod & personal dvd player is not hi-fi either but would like a nice sound from them both if possible. The noise cancellation bit is not that important to me but what is important is a decent sound. I have tried several in ear types with prices up to about £30 & just thought I would like something with a bit more quality sound etc.
  8. Looking at maybe getting a set of these for when I go on my travels using my ipod & personal dvd player, anyone tried them & are they great sounding or could I get a set of cheaper standard phones that sound just as good for much less money. Any recommendations would be useful but bearin mind they have to be reasonably compact. Don't want in ear type as already have some.
  9. robbyrtp wrote: Yes mate it is a tad slow, the first CD31 was faulty & the tray would not open at all , nice gear though much clearer & exciting than my Arcam equipment but to be fair it was eight years old.
  10. Agree CA640P for the amp & will get one when back from my holiday. Been looking at the Rega Planar 3 as this seems to have been quite popular & around the money I want to spend. Just have to find a nice used one for a good price.
  11. Now have my Primare i30 amp & DC31 cd player installed & very pleased I am too, I now want to get a turntable so I can play my old records (singles & LP's). Need some advice on what to get as i don't know whats good or bad. Also think I need a phono amp as the Primare doesn't support turntable input. Not spending much on this as it will not get a lot of use, I am going to sell my Arcam equipment ( Delta 290 amp & Delta P290 power amp & Alpha 5+ cd player ) on my return from holiday in two weeks time & use the cash I get to buy the turntable so any help in what to buy much appreciated. If anyone has a turntable/ampto sell let me know.
  12. Anyone who's been following my short history on this site knows I am a bit green when it comes to modern hi-fi. I had some Arcam equipment for about 8 years, two amps Integrated & power, one doing the bass bit & the other doing the treble stuff, & a cd player I have just bought a Primare i30 Amp & CD 31 CD playerbut have sent the CD player back as not working but should get a replacement this week, while waiting for the replacement I have been using the old Arcam CD player & I love the soundthe i30makes much more than the Arcam amps I had & when the CD 31 returns I'm sure I will be even more pleased with the sound. I have another question to ask to find out if its worth buying another amp (Primare A30 power amp) to do the same as I had before with the Arcam equipment one amp doing the bass & the other doing the treble, I have read that the A30 is 120W per channel wereas the i30 is only 100W so will this put things out of balance when connected together or will it not be noticable.
  13. Strider wrote: Well thanks Strider very kind of you, pm on its way.
  14. After aquiring my new equipment I (maybe) will sell my Arcam amps & CD player as they are now surplus & was wondering what they may be worth, the amplifiers are the Arcam Delta 290 Amplifier & Arcam Delta290P Power Amplifier& the CD player the Alpha 5 plus, all working ok & in excellent condition, I have no idea what they are worth if anything so any input much appreciated.
  15. Have not bought any XLR leads at the moment & will wait until the CD31 has been replaced (next week) & then I will do some experimenting. Using the system Primare amp & my old Arcam CD player & I must say I am impressed with the sound coming from it, hopefully will be improved further when the new replacement CD turns up & I get that fitted. Many thanks everyone for their input.