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  1. As above, perhaps a little specific but let's try. Needs to be a white mains cable, ideally over 50cm and under 1m I'm length, decent but not in exotic category! Worth a try, so what have you fine gents got ?
  2. Thanks all...just now having some connection challenges and not getting concise answers need to connect via co ax cable (as cabled behind the wall) and not sure how this would connect to the Gato 150 - if at all this would work. Will be in touch soon
  3. Evening I am using my Focals 1028s & Gato amp for sound duties using digital out from TV. Quite fancy adding a sub to see what films sound like - along lines of a Rel HT1001 or T5 Dont want to spend a load, but anything you see/have please drop me a note Thanks all
  4. Hey Cootie Yes, it me n hope is well. We appear to have similar taste - but then again I am sure those that heard the Gato/Focal 1028 would realize it pretty decent. Great to hear from you too.
  5. Haha. That was me 👍 Well I have paired the Gato 150 with the Focal 1028 ( second time I have owned a pair). Use a modified bluesound 2i as source and modified Jolida Dac To these ears, it's exceptional. I have always loved Focal 1028s but need careful matching. Having driven them before with gamut D200 power amp, thought the Gato 150 seemed a good choice - esp with 30 day risk free trial. So, fast forward 30 days and delighted with amp. Build quality is great, sounds great. Delighted with purchase.
  6. Well I purchased one on hifinuts recommendation...had a listen. It was pretty good But then popped it over to Robert (twice) and results are simply startling. It's an amazing Dac period. But when you add in the price, it's just a hifi bargain
  7. Wanted, 2 mains cables, 1m approx length foo foo free but good quality - thinking mcru, pk14,mark grant, kimber's or similar. Pm if have any thinking of selling. Tks
  8. Well I took the plunge & upgraded the 2i yesterday. Used the Fidelity Audio board (great service from Brent) and an Allo Shanti from a great forum member - so all in under £250 So - first off the installation is simple - even for Dumbo's like me & took 5-10 mins (mostly wondering why I had 2 screws over but you do!) The initial 2 /3 hours listen last night - just showed more clarity - everything cleaner sounding so a good, worth while tweak in my book Anyone thinking of doing it should,. Simple, fairly inexpensive & positive gains (Thanks to those who pointed m
  9. Ok, so managed to get myself a power supply, but due to shipping challenges, struggling to get the PCB from Poland due to shipping challenges Would I be correct in assuming the Fidelity Audio is pretty much the same, just £125 for the board v £80 from Poland ?
  10. Ok, this is a long shot - but anyone got one of these they didn't get round to installing for sale ? https://pd-cf.com/product/bluesound-node-2-2i-upgrade-low-noise-psu-interface/ Drop me a pm if you do - many thanks
  11. As above, if you have one please pm me :-) Many thanks all
  12. Original Naim Mu So purchased from John Lewis, this is the original version Comes complete with box etc, overall great condition - but does have a few very small marks on the top RHS Can post for £35 or collect in Marlow - subject to Covid rules etc £550
  13. Oh these are soooo nice....gonna speak to a buddy of mine re these as building a small system....are these hard to drive ?
  14. For sale, and as part of a whole system sale, my my admired and loved DDDac built by a good friend of mine. Over 50 hours to complete the build. 2 input, USB and SPDIF, plus RCA and XLR outputs How does £850 delivered sound
  15. Seen a pre I fancy, so a long over due bump
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