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  1. Not crazy in the least. Ya gotta know and thank you for the reply. The problem is that my preamp is only a line stage and so I will put my phono pre back into the line once I get another set of IC's and that should do it so sayeth the importer. Happy to report back when this in done and I've listened for awhile.
  2. So, I borrowed a friend's Shelter which IS 4mv and still I can get only very low volume sound with the One to Ten even with the volume control ALL the way up. Suggestions, please, please.
  3. Greetings. www.diffractionbegone.com is my address for more information. Several quotes from reviews can be seen on the "pics and pay" page including one from TAS technical editor Robert E Green's Golden Ear award. I custom fit and offer with a 30 day buy back guarantee if not satisfactory for any reason. Diffraction effects from speaker cabinets distort what the microphone(s) captured and is in your recordings. You will experience more transparency into the recorded event, clarity of tone, and instrumental imaging and dimensionality when they are removed. Thank you.
  4. Greetings. I just received a One to Ten and it won't step up my cart sufficiently and that's putting it mildly. I have a first generation Koetsu Black and don't know what the output is. If you do, I would very much appreciate knowing what it is. I'm wondering if it isn't 2mv instead of 4mv like the more recent ones. Thanks.
  5. Are we talking about the red album cover one of Television? If so, I'm with you, NC. One of a few seminal examples of the downtown New York scene in the 80's at it's finest. Great album that sounds very good, too.
  6. I have a Brushfire Fairytales remaster from some Japanese entity and its rich, imo.
  7. Le bump for the preservation of sound waveforms and the information they carry. Golden Ear Award from Robt E. Green of TAS '08. Link above. Thanks
  8. Mahler's First with Horenstein conducting the London Sym on Unicorn Records (1969) engineered by Bob Auger. Ethereally beautiful.
  9. A review, if may be permitted to post it, by Filterlab and The Art of Sound forum: Diffraction elimination -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like most audiophile chaps, I'm definitely up for a tweak which is preferably all of the following things: 1. Effective 2. Easy to install (i.e. doesn't require a degree in electronic engineering!) 3. Cheap. So as if by chance the perfect tweak offer dropped into my lap seemingly out of nowhere! After extensive listening and loving of my Revel M22s and having tried them on different surfaces and with different cables etc etc I was very VERY pleased with their performance, surely nothing could make them even better? Well yes actually, and for a darn sight less than they cost to buy. In fact an amazing tweak was had for just 1.4% of the price of the speakers. YES! For £28 including taxes and shipping, my esteemed acquaintance Jim from diffractionbegone created a pair of baffle covers to perfectly fit my speakers. So the science is not really up my street, but what I can hear are the effects of a scientific principal working in my favour, and boy can I hear a difference with these things! Have a look and see how they fit, and I'll tell you how they effect (read as 'improve') the sound. (Sorry, couldn't bring the pictures forward but an example can be seen in my avatar) Now you may balk a little at the looks, but in the flesh they look superb and if I'm honest the looks have really grown on me. However, it's not about the looks I hear you say. So the sound... Well my friends, the difference these things have made is nothing short of staggering. I was expecting it to effect the treble, but in actual fact it's quite the opposite. The first thing that really struck me was the midrange clarity - think 'crack of the snare', 'clap of the hand' and 'strum of the guitar' and you're on exactly the right lines. The focus in this audible region has to heard to be believed, but that's not all - oh no! The other amazing element is in the bass lines, particularly bass guitar, which takes on a start/stop nature that is as tight as the deft handwork as any talented guitarist. Again I'm going to use the superlative 'focus', clarity in this region is so improved, amazingly in fact. So is that it? Nope, there's two other areas which are even more impressive, namely imaging and vocals. Imaging on my Revels was always a little bit of a sticking point after owning some Martin Logan electrostats, but these baffle covers have augmented the imaging to near-electrostat levels, and that's saying something. I guess this is why vocals sound sooo good, they just stand so clear from the mix with such audibility and yet never become overblown. If you have thirty quid that you fancy putting towards a positive tweak in your system, you'll NEVER go wrong with these.
  10. Me mum liked Gilbert and Sullivan. It's one of the first things I remember. She also liked September Song sung by Walter Huston, an American film director and father of John, also a film director. Her best friend down the street loved opera. I remember her clutching her breast during the impassioned moments in arias. We spent a lot of time at her house. She had a big stereo console. I have her collection today. She had children of her own but she willed it to me.
  11. Diffraction and its effects . . is something I've made a study of and custom make an affordable after market product for its removal. For those of you who don't know, diffraction is the reflection of waveforms shorter in length than the width of your speaker cabinets or those produced by your tweeters. This is not something owners of Gallo speakers, for example, or any baffleless speaker to include planars, need be concerned with. It is for the owners of box speakers with right or near right angles. Diffraction in action: http://www.silcom.com/~aludwig/images/diffdem.gif Those green and red circles in the illustration by Al Ludwig are not a part of any recording that you own and are additive in your frequency and time domains. They are redundant and late arriving, out of time and phase. Some speaker manufacturers, not very many, compensate for a rise in the frequency domain caused by diffracted waveforms summing in by reducing the tweeters output just above of the crossover, but the time and phase anomaly persists to the detriment of the clarity and dimensionality inherent in good recordings. I use organic wool and individually fit to the dimensions of most any speaker baffle and offer with a 30 day trial period. You should give it a try. You just might find that it is the best value audio investment you've ever made. Some user and reviewer comments can be seen on the back page at my website: www.diffractionbegone.com. Thank you and see you in the forums. __________________
  12. Music for Percussion- Tristan Fry Percussion Ensemble (GALE Maximum Fidelity Recordings).
  13. Habib Koite & Bamada- AFRIKI (Cumbancha). Lovely stuff. Should be able to catch some samples online.
  14. Her album Carbon Glacier on the Nonesuch label is brilliantly made!
  15. Brian Auger and Julie Driscoll- Season of the Witch.