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  1. That’s a very crafty solution, in both senses of the word!
  2. They seem to be endlessly available on eBay, Jack. Mine was £20, including two drawers, which I keep my random bits in....
  3. mr neds

    New Music

    Sorry, can’t remember album names....
  4. mr neds

    New Music

    St. Vincent, Sufjan Stevens, Sophia Kennedy, off the top of my head.....
  5. At first, I thought Marie Kondo was a tidying nazi, but I can see her reasoning now. However, until she comes round to sort me out, my house will remain full of crap that I’m too lazy to get rid of.....
  6. Don’t panic lads- iPlayer has been invented now!!
  7. I seem to remember that when my seller pulled the plug, I got a message from eBay too, telling me the sale had been cancelled?
  8. No, point taken Tony, but eBay should bar people who take stuff off or cancel the sale because they don't like the outcome. It seems to be fairly rare, but increasing ?
  9. I posted a similar thing here a couple of years ago, where the seller cancelled the sale after I’d won. When I emailed him to ask why, he said blatantly that the price was too low! I don’t see why this is allowed. To me, once the first bid has been entered, it should be legally binding. I know others on here list items in several places, but it’s not something I agree with if one of those places is an auction site, because then it’s dishonest. Surely that’s the point of auctions- some things go high, some things go low?
  10. I don’t think I can take any more underhand, dodgy politics and deals. It’s been going on all our lives, but seems to have reached new heights. I’d love to read this, but it would tip me over the edge.....
  11. The Klipschs don’t seem to show up used very often and when they do, they seem to be not far off retail price. The 600s were raved about by many, but the sound would seem to be an acquired taste. Would love to hear some though!
  12. What’s with the black cat litter trays- are they an add on?
  13. I used to think they looked ok, probably because I’d never be able to afford them, but now I just think they’re ugly as hell. The mixture of wood and the black and yellow football- too much going on there........
  14. True. Wish I’d bought some mid century stuff 25 years ago. As we saved up, the prices went up faster
  15. I’ve got a 900e in champagne gold going spare. It does sometimes suffer from the common transport vibration issue now and then, although the previous owner played music so loud that he presumably didn’t notice! I bought it from this very forum around ten years ago, then was offered a Marantz CD17 KI, (which is also now to go!) so the Tosh went into the loft. Had it out a year ago and it plays fine. The drawer mech truly is a work of art...
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