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  1. Everything I’ve been sent by Royal Mail with a tracking number has turned out to be the posted/ delivered version, with nothing in between, which isn’t really “tracking”....
  2. They should bloody well sound nice! They were expensive enough new. When you said mini monitors, I thought you meant something a bit more downmarket, knowing your propensity for a cheapo bargain.....
  3. Well, that's me told then.........
  4. My wife doesn’t mind my speakers/ stands, or my vinyl, loves my TD 125, but, for some reason hates shelves of cd’s.......
  5. Something that has been mentioned before on here, about the footprint of stands, is that they’re generally not a box, so you can see through the uprights, which feels less imposing and less shut in?
  6. A lot of praise for BluOS on here, but it looks like there’s always improvements to be made. I’ve had it for a few months now and still forget where things are......
  7. Errrrr....I think it’s because I had auto fill turned off! When I first set up BluOS, I mistook auto fill for the feature inSpotify, where it carries on playing other supposedly similar tracks after the album finishes, which at first led me to think that recent albums had got much longer and peculiarly varied from track to track......
  8. Hi all. I find it annoying that if I want to play an album from somewhere after the start, bluos will only play the track I’ve chosen- I then have to play each one individually. Surely I don’t have to start a playlist to do this?
  9. mr neds


    ....you I just plain don't like..........😉
  10. mr neds


    I was always led to believe that the issue was more public liability than electrical recycling rules, I.e. that if you blew yourself up attempting to repair said goods, the Council would have to stump up?
  11. mr neds


    Our dump has very high skips that are accessed by steps at the side. The amount of stuff I’ve seen- once there was a mountain of guitar amps- but couldn’t reach is criminal. Even if I could reach, you’re not allowed to take anything and there are cameras to make sure that you don’t! Welcome to green Britain............
  12. Having thought I would never release a record, I got the chance to record an e.p. back in 1980. Not only that, it was mastered by George Peckham, alias Porky Prime Cuts ( if you know your record run outs!). It was only 500 copies, but guess what- all off centre 🤬 darthvadersdad- you must be incredibly lucky. It’s quite a common fault, sometimes only on one side, which shouldn’t be possible! A re- centring service- we can dream.......
  13. As Bazza would have said “ I don’t wanna see no panties- or warps” 😉
  14. Was round at my brother in laws , who is a fairly recent vinyl convert (or returner if you like- he’s in his 50s) and he was playing an ambient style new album, with a lot of wobbly synth swooshes. Or at least I thought they were meant to be wobbly, until I looked at his deck and saw that the album was pressed off centre, which is another bugbear, with no solution other than return 🙁
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