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  1. Thought the new stylus surround had to be trimmed/ cut to fit the old body?
  2. I totally sympathise Adam- I quite fancied virtually punching him myself! However, he’s a guy who is interested in vintage hi fi, but isn’t an audiophool as such. I’ve said to him countless times, as he mostly plays vinyl and has a good income, just spend the money and enjoy. I think he’s accepted that it’s a keeper and worth servicing, certainly better than his td 160 !. Switzerland is full of high end vintage hi fi suppliers, but also full of used classics up for grabs at beer money prices 🤬
  3. mr neds

    Not hifi but..

    “holographic nano layer” ??????????
  4. Wow, I’m sure that’s totes hilaire! Not helpful though.........
  5. Thanks Andrew, but I don't think he wants another cartridge, just a stylus. I saw that Jico did them, but didn't they just close down,?
  6. My mate moved to Switzerland around ten years ago and initially moaned about the lack of second hand bargain opportunities. However, this has gradually improved to silly levels. The amount of used hifi he’s bought for buttons is crazy. However, the Thorens was found boxed on what they call “big rubbish day” , when large items of chuck -out are collected. This was the first post covid collection- lockdown is very much eased there now- he’s had his haircut, for Christ sake! Anyway, as per the title, with a Shure V15 type 3 and a sadly shagged VN35 MR stylus. After you’ve all cursed him and loaded the envy guns, where can he get a decent stylus? I found one for £140, but he choked at That! Is there a decent version of the basic Shure stylus that isn’t pants!
  7. Looked for one for my brother in laws tv. Plentiful and cheap on Amazon 😀
  8. I’m expecting a vast array of opinions on this one. I don’t want to buy another Bias just to get a new stylus, so was thinking of maybe a Goldring E3, one of the new AT vm95 variants or maybe an Ortofon? Anyway, less than £100 please. Come on everybody!
  9. ....and his bastard son, Captain Beefheart
  10. Fair enough! 👍
  11. PVA will work wonders on many things, but it does deteriorate over time, so I was told by a furniture maker?
  12. I’ll vote for David Sylvian too. Robert Smiths voice has changed over the years to become that cat with someone standing on its tail we all know and some of us indeed love🙀😽😸