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  1. Hi Dom. My cds arrived today too. Many thanks to you and your sister! 🍻
  2. I’ve got Emit 20’s, powered by an Arcam A19, which works very well. Mind you, the Arcam does nearly double into 4 ohms- don’t know about Cyrus amps in that respect
  3. Hi Dom. This was, in fact, inspired by our transaction! I’d assumed, as I hadn’t heard from you, that I’d managed to choose the right payment method so as not to put you out of pocket. These conditions change so often that it’s hard to keep up. Like when I’ve accidentally added something to my eBay basket due to small screen clumsiness, it’s not immediately obvious how to remove it- but I think it used to be?
  4. crimpers .i thought small pliers would work?
  5. What a lovely start to the day, Wiz! I don’t know about size- how do I measure it?
  6. Is it easy to get hold of the mentioned bootlace ferrules for crimping? IKEA were very keen on them, when their stuff had replaceable plugs, also in the wiring of their lamps and light fittings, which presumably would get hot- actually, much less so now, with led bulbs running considerably cooler
  7. Thanks, lads. Not doubting Dom, just didn't want him to incur a charge. I sent it as Personal, so should be ok.
  8. Hi all. Bought some cds from Dom,who, like many sellers on the Wam,asked to be paid by PP friends and family. The only options seem to be basically business or personal payment now. Is this right, or am I missing something?
  9. Ok, organised now! I’d like Blemish, Approaching Silence, Alchemy An Index Of Possibilities, Verve remixed and verve unmixed please, if still available? Please let me know how/who to pay and the total. Cheers 🍻
  10. I think the door on the left is the problem 😉
  11. No, because they don’t get grants now, they get “loans”
  12. Sorry- just put on new glasses- it’s Blemish. I’ll have that please. I’ll choose a few more to go with it when I’ve got a minute. Cheers!
  13. Hi Dom. Hope all going well with the move? I can’t read the title of the Sylvia’s album above Manofon- too blurry?
  14. No mate, I’d have to play the dsd files from the analogue outs, I think. It was (is?) a £700 player, so should be pretty good. I found a review that said releasing a player that only played dsd burned to disc was a bit of a foot shot and that people wouldn’t bother 🤔
  15. Hi all. Just bought a Teac PD 501 hr CD player as a transport. I’ll try it with it’s own dac to see what it’s like, before it goes through my Beresford. It’s USP when released was that it plays dsd files from recordable dvd. Is it worth the hassle and if so, where can I get them?