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  1. Hi John. The P77 looks like it might become problematic re stylus. The Ortofon OM 20 seems to be another recommended high compliançe cart? I didn't realise that the Pickering was even older than both of them, but the spare stylii are very appealing, so yes, I'd like to give it a try. Cheers Neds
  2. I’ve got an sd900e that I might move on, but it’s flippin heavy, so collection would be a must. It does occasionally do the vibration thing with some discs, which is a known issue, but then I only play at low volume, so more noticeable . Beautifully put together and I love the way that the display window drops down for the tray to come out !
  3. Spent the day looking into high compliance cartridges and there’s not a lot of choice in the modern world! I’ll look into P77 s- surely extremely venerable by now? - but the Pickering offer is most kind. I’ll get back to you tomorrow cheers John
  4. I’ve been looking at info about the 3009 series and it seems that mine is a specific weight, meaning not all carts are suitable- I need high compliance? Currently using an AT 110, which sounds very good, but was going to buy an AT VM95EN. Any ideas out there? Must have replaceable stylus, no vintage models where stylus isn’t readily available and budget is around £100. It’s on a TD 125 mk. 2, by the way
  5. I’m afraid I gave in a few years ago and binned all of my hi fi mags, including the Hi Fi World diy supplements. They’d been stored in my cellar and were smelling less and less pleasant. Great reference for looking up reviews of used gear, as there aren’t many original mag reviews on the web. Simon, I’d love the yearbook with the Thorens TD 125 mk. 2 in it- 1972 I think- as I’ve just revived mine from bottom of wardrobe exile!
  6. Thanks for that, Dave, good to hear from an ex owner! It's the mids I'd like to open up a bit. Trouble is, when you're buying used, it's a bit of a stab in the dark. I've read many times that the Elex r would be a step in the right direction. I could buy the a38 in the classifieds, but fear it might be more of the same sound, plus I don't need the extra power. I listen to the A19 at around 24-26 at line level
  7. I’ve got some Q Acoustics Concept 20s in black if you’re interested? Where are you based?
  8. I’m a musician, but my wife isn’t. She will ignore the kitchen stereo and listen to radio 4 on her phone speaker, which to me sounds like a quacking duck, even if it is an iPhone 😕
  9. Jon, I’ll send a hinge pic tomorrow 👍
  10. Ok, Lord Smartypants, I’m lazy, but I’m self isolating and I want sympathy from The Tent....................
  11. You’re right Lurchie- of course they’re metric! Didn’t think it through......I dug out some Allen bolts from work and they’re the same size. Wrong heads though. M 3- 4, not marked. Might have trouble getting countersink heads
  12. Hi all. Resurrecting this from a ten year rest at the bottom of my wardrobe! It has a set of three interlinked hinges on the lid, which I assume is the original lid, held on by four countersunk -head bolts, of which two are missing. I’d had the foresight to put them in my hi fi bits and bolts box, but not all of them!. As they’re a specific length and thread size, I don’t think I’ll find a substitute. Any out there? cheers Neds
  13. I was a classifieds lurker, until someone said that what they hated most was people who were joining just to take advantage of the often generously cheap prices that members sold at. At that point, I realised that they were talking about me- so I started to pitch in with questions, then progressed to a bit of (limited) advice, then suddenly, I’d been a member for over 10 years....🤪
  14. Sorry, I didn’t mention that I don’t use the hearing aid. Apart from the audio quality issue - it’s a Siemens NHS one- it uses what I think are called air batteries, which start to run down as soon as the protective film is peeled off to put them in, so even if you turn the aid off, which involves swinging open the battery holder, they run down pretty rapidly, so it’s in a drawer doing nothing. Found out yesterday that we have to go into self isolation, so that gives me a week or so to play with the other gear I’ve got 😁
  15. Are you saying that, Lawrence, from the top of your ginormous mountain of speakers............?🤣