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  1. I seem to remember that it was their first bespoke player?
  2. You say clutter, I say interesting ephemera. No country piles in Lewisham 😉
  3. Looks a bit hotel for me. Hard floor and a central mirror? Can’t imagine that sounding too good 😕
  4. Not only a great singer, but a top human being too ✌️
  5. No Martin, I’m using iPad/ android phone. Supposedly, the android Tidal app does a “partial” unpacking, whereas the iOS version doesn’t? Haven’t done an a/ b listening test on this yet, mind. Yes, I get that Bob won’t be the most neutral source of info! Anyway, back to the tunes..........👍
  6. the pages I got the info from are Bob Stuart’s own site, “ Bob talks “ Maybe I’m not understanding it properly? It has been known
  7. Regular red book sounds better than Spotify, as far as I can tell. According to MQA designers, masters should still sound better, even without MQA unfolding? It’s a great offer at the moment, but I don’t know if I’d pay double what Spotify costs for redbook, although I’ve read that Tidal 320k sounds better than Spotify. So many choices, so...........much time, at the moment ! Thanks for info
  8. Any takers on my MQA question?
  9. Tape a nice picture of a posh hairdo onto the mirror before you start.......
  10. Thanks for all advice on this. Now have Tidal running, listening to Roger and Brian Eno’s new album. I’m listening to the master quality version, but I’ve read that the masters are in MQA, which my dac - caiman seg- might not decode? Any advice on this, anyone? Also cancelled my Spotify Premium, which will save £40
  11. So we’re facing a major crisis and someone is building a four car garage?
  12. Sorry, is this a four car garage, or am I missing something?
  13. Had a slight sibilance from cd with my new Dyns. After following a recent dac thread, I realised that I had Chord interconnects plugged into my unused old CD player. Knowing them to be the most expensive ones I own, I ran them from my Beresford to my amp- voila! Sibilance is gone! These were cables that a friend of mine made on a visit to the factory- it’s something Chord used to get visiting retailers to try. Don’t know which ones they are. They’re very stiff and I think they’re silver plated copper? Probably around 20 years old now
  14. On Monday,I tried to pull the tube off of a garden vac, as it was blocked. It was very stubborn, so I held the base with my feet and pulled. It shot up and hit me in the face. So I’m with you on that score.........still got my front teeth though
  15. On the upside- glad to see that Joe Walsh has still got it in spades. On the downside- shoppers in local Lidl not really taking this seriously. Waaaaay too close to each other and still no toilet paper. No lack of booze though