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  1. mr neds

    TV cover

    If you’ve only turned it on twice, why do you need it at all ?
  2. I’ve got a pair of Concept 20’s looking for a new home...........
  3. Yes, you’re right. I’m having a dim day....Currently trying to improve the sound from my Denon av amp, as my daughters say it sounds “weird” 🤪
  4. I think the update is only for the 2i, not mine. Still debating whether I can discern a real difference between the two streams.............
  5. Yes, I think I got an RP update, as through their app, I can now see the two sets of streams. So if I choose from there, the Bluos app will play at the chosen quality. I switched between the two streams briefly and it seems to me that the MQA stream gives a better sense of space and is possibly slightly euphonic. Cheers!
  6. Stingers, old pal, I might be a bit thick on this one, so bear with! Going to the sound quality options on the RP app, there are 5, going from super low (32), to FLAC (ultra). Using the Bluos app, the only choice is for the Node output. How do I access these choices you mention? Do I have to go via a web browser?
  7. 8 streams? As far as I can see, there are four streams, all having the same choice of quality options. I use the highest quality and everything comes up with an MQA logo. So as I understand it, I can listen to fully unfolded MQA via the analogue outputs, but obviously FLAC only via the digital out- which still sounds better!
  8. Im probably confused Andrew- Chemmie said there was an update to Node software and that there would be CD quality and MQA on all four streams. I took it to mean that there wasn't CD quality before! After the update, it certainly sounded better to me- maybe it does a first level MQA unpack before the optical out? Or maybe its all in my head.............
  9. Sorry, I caused confusion. I’m not interested in MQA, I just mentioned it, as it’s part of the update. The new cd quality sounds great, but I just wondered if there were any glitches. I bought the Node 100 a few weeks ago and the optical output “gate” broke off straight away, so the cable doesn’t click in, but feels firm, so it could be an issue. Interestingly, I tried the phono outs and they sound a bit warm and bloated- not unlistenable, just not as crisp as the optical through my dac
  10. Hi all. Updated my Node 100 to latest software, to hear RP at new cd / mqa quality, which is very good. However, I get momentary pops and drops, plus occasionally dead silence, which requires switching back and forth between inputs on my Beresford SEG to get it back. Is it RP or the dac?
  11. Nice to see everyone putting on their play nicely face now the author has appeared......😉
  12. Tugs, I thought that the high level option avoided any latency issues?
  13. Is it coming with a speakon cable, to connect to your amp speaker terminals ? Accepted wisdom is that the high level input is always best. Also, then you can use the low level input for your movies
  14. If you go easy on the level control, you should be fine. Listen to some faves for a while, then turn it off mid song...........
  15. My sub- Ruark Vita 50- is the MJ Pro 50 in different clothes. I use the high level input for music and the low level for movies. The crossover is not the right setting for Kef eggs ( one crossover setting, two inputs), which is whyill get a BK Gemini eventually, but for £80 on eBay a few years back, it does a fine job. I think it’s an MJ mk.one, so the newer MJ will no doubt be improved
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