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  1. That looks great. Love the blue chassis!
  2. I only really like the first few Mother's of Invention albums- never got into the scatalogical lyrics and guitar twiddling...........
  3. The Move were deemed to be one of the best live bands in Britain in the 60’s, an opinion voiced by many of their contemporaries. There’s a live album from the Marquee available on streaming and it certainly makes them sound tidy. Great tunes too!
  4. Interesting. I allowed 70s prog back into my life a few years back. Some I still liked, some I didn’t. Having heard a lot about Porcupine Tree, I gave them a try and, like you, found them underwhelming 🙁
  5. The first Frank Zappa and the Mothers album came out before Sgt Pepper and makes a very interesting listen in comparison- less orchestral psychedelia, but a wealth of ideas nonetheless
  6. If you haven't noticed Prince's all round brilliance before, where have you been?? True, his albums degenerated into somewhat tedious jazz funk jams in later years, but when he was at the top of his game..................
  7. and then they all fell off the end of the world.................
  8. Oh, here we go, let's knock the early Beatles- when they were often at their most visceral and exciting. Simplistic? Not a crime, according to Berry Gordy, who had some success with the idea 😉
  9. I’m 60 and I agree with Warszawa. Every movement had the same comment from those older than it was aimed at 😉
  10. Well, this one's heading for a dead end.............
  11. Never even a dual colour rca socket before! I would think that a scart to component would be findable on eBay, but agree that a replacement player would be easier. Went into my BHF charity shop yesterday and they had at least one blu Ray player for £20. Old, but with a display, which a lot of cheap players don’t have nowadays 😉
  12. There always seems to be a confusion between so called “pop” music and Chart music. I don’t listen to chart music by choice, but what I do hear is fairly generic. However, my version of what constitutes “pop” is a very broad church!
  13. For badly scratched discs, I still recommend a Skip Doctor machine, if they're still available, preferably the powered one
  14. I've got a CD17 KI Signature Mk1, which I keep meaning to sell. Where are you based?
  15. Christ, terrible brain fog, I meant Speakon, not Neutrik
  16. Surely it's Neutrik, not XLR? Couldn't see a mention of XLR in that link
  17. Isn't ebay usually knee deep in these? I want some, although I've got no need or use for them!
  18. Nice to see that your avatar has gone from wise to violent....
  19. Uz, those ebay jobs are surely the Richer Sounds variety? I recognise that horrible plastic rosewood.......
  20. There’s a review in this months Hi Fi Choice, part of an entry level amp group test. It comes out very well 😉
  21. Still getting "pops"on the MQA stream. I think it lessens the longer it's on? Annoying,bad I do think it's the better sounding stream 😞
  22. mr neds

    TV cover

    If you’ve only turned it on twice, why do you need it at all ?
  23. I’ve got a pair of Concept 20’s looking for a new home...........
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