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  1. Me too. All the cliches are there- single mum cop, passed over for promotion, Norwegian cop with mysterious back story, reduced colour palette- I think my wife and I agreed that we’ d watched too many Scandi crime dramas for our own good. It’s not bad, but it’s not good enough 😕
  2. I’m afraid I didn’t do a before and after properly, but I felt the same as Bencat- a drop in background noise and a bit more “ life “ to the sound. As I said to Andrew, I wonder if it recalibrates your ears - my mild tinnitus had become lower pitched! The interesting things that the sweep showed up were what sounded like a couple of notches somewhere in the spectrum- not a drop where the sub crosses to the mains, but more like a frequency glitch, which interrupted the flow up the sweep very slightly? The other thing was that the guy who sold me my Kef eggs was wrong when he said he’d cured a loose driver in one of them- goes of like a broken football rattle using this! I’ll add to this when I’ve done a proper before and after........
  3. Graham, there are soooooo many shows on All 4 under the “Walter Presents” section and I’ve watched so many of them that they get a bit blurred together! I can’t remember if I finished Thicker Than Water, but I remember the opening premise. Also, the pool of Scandi actors is quite small compared to the UK, which makes it more confusing. I was on the subway in Copenhagen a couple of years ago and felt that the guy next to me looked very familiar. When I got off, I realised he was an actor from “Borgen”. The Mikkelsens are well known for using public transport in Denmark, too. A current show, which is sombre but well scripted with a great cast, is “Ride The Storm” on all 4, about a vicar and his family in Copenhagen. I know, doesn’t sound gripping,but it is!
  4. Yep, you can’t be turning your head away! You know when you’ve been watching Scandi dramas for too long, when you start correcting the subtitles.....
  5. This ^ . I’m becoming a UK version of Gasolin- making the most of cheap! Having revived my 290, it quickly reminded me of the selector pot issue, which was worse than I remembered 🤨
  6. Myles, are you talking about the US remake of the killing, because the original was Danish, not a spin off,as far as I know? Stingray, what’s your problem with subtitles?
  7. oh, I've seen through your little game......................................................................
  8. Bloody long thread, most of which I don't understand and no one answered my question!
  9. Really great doc. Saw on tv
  10. Did you not think it was overlong, Myles? The final episode was quite genuinely touching, but there were an awful lot of plot holes. Why do female cops always end up going to see the crims on their own? Enjoyable though. Been a fan of Scandi crime since the first Steig Larssen was published in english, then moved on to the tv stuff. French crime dramas are very good, particularly Spiral, although it's become a bit rambling now
  11. At that price, I'd expect them to knit themselves into a jumper!
  12. I was recommended John Lawton- cop story/series set during the 2nd world war- by a stranger at an Amnesty book sale and what a cracking read they are. Still got some JLC books to read from my late father in law's house
  13. Pompeii, by Robert Harris is well worth reading
  14. I didn't realise that he played quite a few instruments and was a fully fledged arranger, nor how many people he worked with. Bowie comes off well, Marc Bolan was a bit of a cock- read that elsewhere too. I've read Fatherland and the Man- yes, the tv show dragged here and there. I read around a book a week, so often can't remember the plots for very long, so I remember enjoying Fatherland, but none of the plot or detail! Also got the Paul Morley Bowie book, but not read yet. - there were many boxes of books on walls during the first lock down. Retrieve from box, bring home, put in a pile for a few days, wash hands and wait.........
  15. I feel so much better now
  16. .... but for gods sake , straighten your knobs.........................
  17. One man's acoustic platform is another man's mid century classic
  18. Jon, stop torturing us with pictures of your lovely sideboard.....!
  19. mr neds

    Amp for B&W

    Unfortunately, no one but you knows the second hand market in Denmark! I feel for you, because, rather like I used to, you paddle around the budget end of things hoping for a drastic change- it's not gonna happen, my friend
  20. mr neds

    Amp for B&W

    We're all looking for gold bars for the price of bricks, but come on............
  21. No, I didn't say hiss. The A19 just sounds " cleaner". Having said that, against perceived wisdom, the Audiolab certainly sounded better after a few hours warmup.....
  22. Bit out of my price range, Chemmy !
  23. I just find it too hard to listen to those fantastically british, poetic lyrics and know that they were written and sung by what is now a rightwing bodybuilder
  24. Wouldn't touch the Santana book with a barge. Never been to this part of the forum either! Reading Tony Visconti's autobiography. Very entertaining (didn't know he was married to Mary Hopkin) but I might skip the part about Morrisey, as he is now a wanker of the highest order. I can't play the Smiths without seeing his Nazi beefy face