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  1. Very nice - 1000VA too according to t'internet. Just the ticket for the diy constructor. Would buy if I didn't already have a variac. You could try offering it on PFM diy section but I doubt it will gather dust.
  2. Has to be a Miele. Consider a < £300 machine. How much did it cost to make? Where were corners cut? Broken down washing machines are almost as much as PITA as a broken down car. Buying a bottom of the range Miele means fewer frills but the same excellent engineering and materials. Listen to it running - what's that - you can't hear it?
  3. I think Arthur's got a winner here. I have just found this Youtube video which is very informative. It also shows how the Vector drive is applied to a Linn. If I didn't already own a vectored PT1 I would be very interested.
  4. I've accurately lubricated parts on my RTR deck with a syringe. They come with a squared off 'needle'.
  5. Has nobody on here owned or listened to one of these?
  6. Could anyone relate their experience of SQ with the original Border Patrol preamplifier (control unit) - the one without a power switch on the front of the case. What valves did it use and what changes were made on later models. It's not easy finding info on t'internet for the early BP products.
  7. Unfortunately it appears Serge has moved on to pastures new and no longer or very infrequently visits here. I doubt a PM would be answered. Can anyone suggest tools for R2R calibration and alignment? Does anyone have any gear they no longer use?
  8. Having found a new way to spend money on hifi - by way of reel to reel ownership - I now need some test gear. Anyone got one of these - perhaps with the partnering unit ATU1?
  9. Before I buy new, I'd like to see if anyone has a pair of Mogami 3103/3104 made up or a length of unused cable. I have some scope for asymmetric cable lengths. Will need some 8M or preferably more in total. Will consider alternative types of Mogami.
  10. Thanks but I have found some stands now. Will close the advert.
  11. Unfortunately they are too short. I need stands that are 26-28 inches 66-71cm
  12. Thanks. Will consider those. I would particularly like the Something Solid stands if I can get a pair though it's a long shot.
  13. Stands must be tall - 26-28 inches 66-71cm. Prefer Something Solid Also looking for DNM cable 5M
  14. Hi Michael, 

    I would love to sell you the stands separately, but I think I stand a better chance of selling the speakers quicker with their original stands. I may, however, consider your offer if somebody comes forward offering to purchase the speakers without stands.

    anyway, thank you for your offer