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  1. For me, it’s something to read when I’ve exhausted every single other thing on the internet. I’ll stop once it’s time to light the bbq. 🙃
  2. Does any music exist that needs that sort of range, or a system capable of playing it above the noise floor of your room?
  3. Obviously nothing to do with this fascinating cable thread, but this reminded me of my days at uni. We had a guy from Iran on the course, and one day he spent some time telling me he had been to the supermarket and was really shocked, he had always thought better of people from the UK. I was puzzled by his reaction and got him to explain. Turns out, in Iran, tinned meat usually has a picture on the front of what animal it’s from. Once I’d stopped laughing, I explained that a tin of cat food doesn’t actually have cat in.
  4. I haven’t read past the first few replies, so no idea if the conversation has moved on. After years of doing what I suspect most people do when checking out a new piece of kit, just have a listen and see what I think, I’m now a firm believer in the validity of unsighted listening - at least for everything that isn’t a speaker. I wouldn’t be doing unsighted listening to see which I prefer, I’d be doing it to see if it actually sounds any different at all. I started on this train of thought after volunteering to identify a cable change by sound alone, to prove that the cable did change the sound. I was astonished by the result. I then tried this test with a few dacs and amps. I’d love to go back and compare things I’ve changed in the past, just to see if they could pass this basic test. I’m now of the opinion that there are too many factors involved in what we “hear”, to be confident that the only thing I hear is the sound. I see unsighted or “blind” listening, as the only way of removing or minimising these other factors. If I can’t hear a difference between two items, when I don’t know which of them I’m listening to, then I know there’s no point going any further. If I can hear a difference, then “blindfold” off and see if, over a period of time, it’s a sound I prefer, because I don’t think unsighted listening is a realistic proposition when evaluating something over a period of days.
  5. Looking at threads from head-fi, back when that dac came out, it seems you might be right (if you count Taiwan as China). Quite amusing to see some of the shenanigans, with multiple users banned for posting from the same IP address, and threats of legal action flying about.
  6. I had Event Opals, really liked them. Still think they’d wipe the floor with most comparable (size/price) hifi speakers, assuming you’re not after rose tinted. The built-in EQ was great for taming a room mode. Sold them to someone on here when we had a baby. They had a curved bottom which was hard to secure to a stand, and the thought of a toddler somehow toppling one of them over brought me out in a cold sweat. Bought some Avi ADM 9.1rs to replace them, which were decent enough, sounded a lot like ATC stand-mounts (I used to own SCM19s), bit better in my opinion. Full system though, so much better value. Lack of bass though, so bought the matching sub. Limited success with integration, in my room. Was very lucky to trade them for some Avi ADM40s, which I still have and love.
  7. Simplicity. And it’s made me lose interest in hifi as a hobby, which is good, I never wanted to make a hobby out of the kit, I just wanted good sound.
  8. I do. If the same file is on all 3 options they should sound the same. If they don’t it’s because your dac is crap or you’re not an unbiased listener.
  9. If you have room for a sub, I’d be tempted by the precursors to the dm12s which can be had for peanuts secondhand. Think they benefit from a sub. Not heard the dm12 but have read they go deeper, think they also have tone controls? I have the floor standing version, adm40, which I love and would heartily recommend but suspect are rarer than rocking horse shit on the used market.
  10. I wasn’t trolling. Well, maybe a little, but it’s not hurting anyone. I’ve been through several different cable brands at various price points. Started with QED, went on to Atlas, then Chord, then VdH. Heard slight differences. In response to my other half saying she couldn’t hear a difference, I thought I’d show I wasn’t wasting my money by identifying them blind - hmmmmmm, okkaaaaay. So I either go deaf when I can’t see/don’t know what I’m listening to, or something else was at play. I think it’s interesting, medical trials have shown placebos can work even when someone knows they are receiving a placebo, in my case it would seem that the differences I heard were the equivalent of a placebo. Whenever I read of people describing cable differences, I can’t help but wonder whether they’d still be happy to pay if they knew it was placebo or whether they wouldn’t care as long as they could hear it. So yes, maybe a bit of trolling, but also not.
  11. Cables = placebo. Medical trials have shown that placebos can work. Confusing. 😁
  12. I owned 19s for a couple of years, had them with the SIA 2-150, got rid after a side by side comparison with my mates Avi ADM's. The current Avi DM10 might be worth checking out as they offer a similarish sort of sound to ATC but better in every area, imo.
  13. Well, I expected fire works and instead got a chess match. Rory really needs to get his nose sorted out, he quit against Lawler because of it and it was clearly bothering him at the end.
  14. Hendricks did try he just didn't get past first base with it Thompson trains a lot with Weidman and has, according to Weidman, got very good at takedown defence. I think Thompsons striking, movement, speed, command of distance, is on another level to MacDonald - the biggest problem any fighter facing Thompson has is finding a sparring partner who fights like him, he doesn't fight at the usual distance for a striker, he fights where you think he can't hit you and you can't hit him, he's also too far away to takedown. The only way I think MacDonald can win is via submission, but I'm not sure he can shoot in quick enough to close the distance and get him down. A lot will depend on how well he can defend as he moves in. As you say though, Rory is a very well rounded fighter and doesn't have any obvious weakness and will be a tougher challenge, but mma is starting to become about distance and wonderboy is the best at that. It's entirely possible I'm talking out my arse though
  15. I love MacDonald but I think Thompson is gonna smash him, Hendrix is an unbelievable wrestler and he couldn't get Thompson on the ground so I don't see Rory managing it, and if Rory stands and trades...