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  1. If the new owner doesn't get on with these wanting something nice for me sons 21st birthday so would be happy to buy them
  2. Been a big fan of the alt country Americanan schene for 30 years some amazing artists and music to discover . As others have surgested sign up to spotify or tidal for a few months the world is your oyster
  3. Try some country music then if that sounds good everything else will :-)
  4. Sold ... mods please archive
  5. Listing on behalf of a friend who has owned this and the matching cd 94 ( just sold ) for the last 15 years Very rare dac carnt say I've seen many crop up over the years . The dac is in very good condition for its age . Not mint but would be difficult to find a better example Sounds very good heard and enjoyed this many times . bass in particular is as good as I've heard from any digital front end regardless of price . Functions perfectly . Has balanced inputs so can be used as a single input pre ( rca input only ) Wanting to try something different so looking to swap for another dac . Value wise he's put a value of 450 on this Picks to follow
  6. A used pair of leema xen . Stunning little mini monitors
  7. Sounds like a good guy doing a good turn . Dates have always been wrong for me but i do intend to get to one when the opportunity is right
  8. I suspect and the owner fully aware there's near enough a 400 pound repair job hiding under the lid .. nice amps . though lack headroom and bass unless you have sensative speakers
  9. Cambridge Stream magic 6 in the classifieds ticks all your boxes and well below budget
  10. Amazing speakers owned these longer than any other piece of kit .. nothing more to add :-)
  11. Do you have spotify premium on free trial or you just using the std spotify platform ? If it's the std version give the free premium a try it's way better than the free version
  12. Yep premium allows you to build virtually infinite personal playlists store single tracks or library full albums . Pre selected gendre and suggested music based on your choices is also available . Aswell as your normal search listen and store functions . You can also share you playlist aswell as listen to others who have similar musicical tastes