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  1. First line of my post says don't mean they all will. Possibly original pressing was that good that half speed master cannot better it. The first album half speed mastered is far better, a mate of mine said do too without me saying anything to pre warn him.
  2. I have Jennifer warnes the well on 45rpm, 3 discs. Sounds great, doesn't mean they all will. I would try to find them in half speed mastered vinyl, preferably used but near mint - mint. To me vinyl grading is bollocks. Good should be perfect, if it's scratched and noisy it's not good it's bad. I have the dire straits first album on half speed mastered, it's incredible.
  3. Be the same with any parcel, it's not a nerve agent but needs treating with respect. My wife is on cancer treatment so we have to be very careful, but we still need to try and live through this and it's not going to over any time soon.
  4. Put the parcel aside, wash your hands then leave it for 72 hours, then unpack it and wipe it over, wash your hands and leave it some more if it makes you feel more comfortable. How are you managing buying food.
  5. No, you were not a million miles away, just I was looking at the photo with a record playing not the one of the two showing the arm pod with the strobe disc on.
  6. I was looking at another photo with a record playing, that is a strobe disc I leave on with an old record to collect dust.
  7. I bet it does. Since getting the Bakoon my speakers are revealing instrument tones I've not heard anywhere and dynamics are unbelievable. Did you buy your amp from War audio. I got mine from a guy in Sydney.
  8. I have no idea what you're talking about. There is no protractor in the photo.
  9. So plenty to drive those speakers. Mine is only 10w but single driver 99db speakers. .
  10. Being a fellow Bakoon user I would have no doubts about the resolution. What is the output power of your amp,
  11. And what record would that be oh wise one
  12. Been having a sesh this afternoon so took a couple of pics
  13. It doesn't have an arm board, the arm is fixed to a column or pod that is bolted to the aluminium sub plinth.
  14. Thanks Geoff, plinth is walnut and sub plinth is 25mm aluminium. Arm is mounted on an aluminium pod bolted to the sub plinth. Main plinth has spikes located into indents in the sub plinth. Arm is a 12" Stax with a Shure Ultra 500 in a Martin Bastin body.