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  1. Geronimo’s Free (Ted Sirota’s Rebel Souls)
  2. Nevertheless they still offer excellent VFM.
  3. A subwoofer is the most important component and I feel it's perfectly reasonable for a subwoofer to be of the same value or more than other components.
  4. This can be arranged and back to an earlier post - a client upgraded his ATC SCM7's (which we he bought from us in 2007) to SCM40A's. We talked about subs and his view was that SCM40A's would have ample LF and wouldn't need a subwoofer. Anyway and sure enough the SCM40A's were a massive upgrade over the SCM7's and with deep and powerful LF performance. Our client came to the store to pick up a Naim NDX 2 and he saw JL Audio's Fathom f112 v2 and Fathom f212 v2. To cut a long story short our clients system now incorporates a Fathom f212 v2. To say that he has been floored with the system now
  5. Based on my experience and as per my previous post you'd be happier with a subwoofer supporting the system.
  6. All genres of music benefit from a subwoofer. Btw, I successfully used SCM100A's with dual E-112's
  7. The goal is to try and go deeper and to also have better overall quality of performance.
  8. Nevertheless ATC products will still continue to offer excellent VFM.
  9. For eg. SCM40 passive new RRP will be £3990 (£3750), SCM40A £7400 (£6800).
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