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  1. A brief and jaunty seasonal greeting to friends over here.
  2. Just three top-of-the-class band mates hanging out together.
  3. Bach in other colours.
  4. Instinct suggests that bargepole length may be too close. The lack of a link to claimed ebay account suggests trading on name confusion, imo. I'm in Edinburgh, and know of nothing of them here.
  5. ^ From what I understand of Ref3A's ethos, they'd make a (lighter than paper) full range driver, if it gave a better result than a 2 way. Serge has a point about the trebles. Just saying.
  6. Bump from a fellow Ref3A owner; this brand has sonic virtues found in few other box speakers. Should make someone very happy.
  7. Aha! So that sound wasn't one hand clapping. It was waving.
  8. Trevor Cox, Prof of Acoustics, on The Life Scientific. (R4, 30 mins)
  9. Hi Matt, welcome to the WW. Steve's been around long enough to say it like it is. Buy with confidence.
  10. SSM has tried a variety, starting about here.
  11. Hi Rafael, thank you for your review. Welcome to the Wigwam. To help me get my bearings, could you say the size of your listening area and whether you have any room acoustic treatment?
  12. Mandolin piano. [video=youtube;XNgC46wq-Xs]