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  1. Is there anything you dislike about the sound? If not, leave well alone :-)
  2. Box reduction has started (digital and video only) on the way out CEC (modded by van Meedevoort) 51 Cambridge DVD Samsung Bluray looking to get a Bluray player (Cambridge Oppo) to spin all discs and manage files from a 2TB USB drive Might also finally decide to get rid of the 12" Ittok and the Sony TTS3000 it is mounted on (or get my Grado Sonata fitted to it)
  3. uncl_nigel

    Arcam Dac 33

    I use a Chord DAC 64 mkII and it is indeed very good but I have heard better ... at around 10,000 Euros! - - - Updated - - - Nothing over forward about the DAC 64 mkII.
  4. I have both CD and vinyl sources because I have music on both formats that I don't have on the other - often because it is not available in both formats. I fail to see the point of going into vinyl if you have no LPs already though. (This reasoning has lead to me ripping 1000+ CDs to HD before even thinking about getting a streaming set-up which will be forced on me by music I want not being available on CD or LP... first case happened yesterday)
  5. Just taken early retirement. Mother used to have Radio 3 (except it wasn't called that in those days) on when I was a kid but there was no real quality playback equipment at home since my father was only interested in tv. In the lower sixth I went to a boarding school and first heard the difference between a Dansette and a cheap separates system. At 19 I started building (very slowly) a system first with headphones and a JVC cassette deck, then a year later a JVC amp and some borrowed speakers... My first real taste of quality at home was a pair of Mordaunt Short Pageant 2s which I kept for well over a decade.. and things have been out of hand ever since
  6. I did this in the late 90s and have never regretted it. When my aged and well used RCM gives up the ghost (after more than a decade of frequent use) I will just get another one.
  7. Heard 3.8s at my dealer friend's quite often and they sounded really good loud! He often used ATM 3 valve monoblocks to drive them.
  8. Do quite a bit of listening over an extended period of time (I have stopped box swapping on a major scale, I now buy to keep and use long term). Save my Euros. Decide what I want, think about it another couple of months, wait for it to come around ex-dem... and often forget (or can't be bothered) to sell on the stuff that has been replaced or just give it to a friend or sometimes a stranger met on a hi-fi forum :-)
  9. My pre, power and phono stage all contribute heat whether I want it or not so non need for a stove or fire :-) But to even the score I occasionally burn some incense...
  10. I recently heard the four box 90,000€ set up - very impressive and very hi-fi despite being used with either Airtight ATM3s or Aesthetix amps. Personally I prefer the much cheaper Aesthetix Pandora Signature (still out of my reach, sniff)
  11. uncl_nigel

    Amp troubles

    Don't know the product but maybe it has an automatic mute function you disabled on first install and have since forgotten about - I have had this happen with my phono stage - very embarrassing when you contact the after sales service :-)
  12. Nice TT, mine has got a Technoarm a and a Grado Gold on it
  13. Our Pioneer DV525 still works after all these years and despite being used in chalk dust filled classrooms for a couple of years...