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  1. Back from a week on the Isle of Skye. We had the full Skye weather experience from raging storms to brilliant sunshine all in the same day of course . Just starting to look through my images, first real work out with my new camera although the XT3 was still used extensively. Here's the first couple that caught my eye. The Final Touches by Les, on Flickr They were just on the final construction work for the base of this new statue at Sligachan. A magnificent piece of bronze artwork paying tribute to Professor Norman Collie and John Mackenzie. The pair are credited with creating many of the routes across the Cuillins on Skye. It was to be unveiled on saturday after we had left though in some ways I felt an image before it's unveiling told a story that many would never see. Sligachan by Les, on Flickr Probably one of the most regularly taken images on Skye but it's a view that never fails to disappoint. Both Leica CL with VARIO-ELMAR-TL 1:3.5-5.6/18-56 ASPH
  2. Honestly, I don’t know how anyone has the energy to pursue a discussion. I admire your commitment but in the end it’s just utterly, utterly pointless.
  3. I haven’t been there much this year obviously but there is plenty to see all year round. Actually we like Teesdale in winter anyway but you need to be well wrapped up 😀. We’re off to Skye at the end of the week so fingers crossed that we’ve missed the midge and the current rain has blown away !
  4. Loved it, what a project/experience - lots of envy for what he did (except for the wild camping 😂)
  5. I’ve been up there too. Are you in Teesdale at the minute ? I was at Selset on Monday.
  6. Emerson Lake & Palmer - Emerson Lake & Palmer
  7. Fleetwood Mac - 2018 Deluxe Reissue
  8. This. When it’s dark it’s intrusive, when it’s light not so but I suppose this also depends on where the Node is located. The issue is nothing to do with audio quality.
  9. I emailed customer support and asked them and it's been mentioned frequently on the Bluesound Forums - it appears there is no software/firmware fix so I've just gone with the black tape.
  10. I like a couple of albums, Blood on The Tracks, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan and my most played is the 1967 Greatest Hits release. Aside from that he's no go territory for me. I have a friend who has everything he has ever made - and I mean everything, albums, singles, bootlegs, radio broadcasts, the lot. He's been trying to convert me for decades but it'll never happen Now playing - The Pineapple Thief - Versions of The Truth
  11. Guy Garvey (Elbow) is of course married to Diana's daughter Rachael. During lockdown she moved in with them and he mentioned her frequently on radio and on Elbow's FB page. He spoke of her very affectionately and only recently was talking about how strong and vibrant she was. Such a shame.
  12. I agree almost wholeheartedly. I follow the same path, using streaming to look for new music and perhaps out of convenience on my Sonos system where radio or playlists provide background. Where my need differs is the benefit of ripped CDS. With over 2500 I have no space in my listening room to store/display them all and my collection became unwieldy. Now I have them all digitised on a NAS and only keep my vinyl and special edition CDs/SACD/Blurays and Box Sets to hand for playback. The CDs are bought, ripped and stored in cardboard boxes on shelving in my garage. Indexed so I can add to them or retrieve something if I should need it. (It also give me the opportunity of compiling lists and spreadsheets as well as that age old pleasure of simply thumbing through boxes of CDs like I used to do in record shops ). When I shuffle off I want my kids to inherit my 'collection', a lifetime of enjoyment and something that my kids know I treasure, not a bunch of Spotify playlists.