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  1. Nice mix of lines going on Richard 👍
  2. The Chemical Brothers 2019 Glastonbury set on BBC iPlayer
  3. Robert Plant on BBC iPlayer, Glastonbury 2014
  4. As a Sunderland supporter my interest in the PL has understandably waned in recent years 😀 I must say that as we have plunged into mediocrity I have much enjoyed Liverpool’s improvement under Klopp and some of their football in recent years has been a joy to behold. They are very worthy winners indeed, nobody can deny that and they continue to be a club I have much affection for. Notwithstanding the team’s achievements I have an overwhelming pride in seeing Jordan Henderson, a Sunderland lad through and through, captaining such a brilliant team. I don’t see him often now, maybe 2 or 3 times a year, but I have distant family connections and saw his development through the youth set up at SAFC to the first team and was overjoyed for him when he got his big move. I know he found it tough when he first signed but he has developed into a top, top player and off the field he remains a humble, considerate and genuinely nice lad. Well done Liverpool I say, there isn’t any other team in the PL for me ( until Sunderland get back into it anyway 😂)
  5. My sons Mother in Law (in her mid-70's) is taking it daily and it has transformed her life. She has multiple health issues including severe arthritis and osteoporosis. It took her a while to adapt to it as it disrupted her sleep patterns but now she feels so much better. She buys it at Holland & Barratt but discussed it thoroughly with her GP before trying it. Her GP was actually quite supportive but maybe some are not. I also have a friend in his 60's who has Sciatica who is taking it and his mobility has very much improved. I understand that it is not recommended for people taking certain ranges of medication so my advice would be do a bit of research and consult your own GP. Even if he/she is not a believer it's important to ensure there are not any medical issues that would lead to the GP advising against it.
  6. Sumdumgi

    7" Singles

    Fortunately a quick look tells me some of the B sides are on Spotify as part of deluxe releases. I’ve decided I’m going to clean them and get my old Marantz CD recorder out and record them - I will have a look online for some new sleeves (but keep the old ones obviously 😀)
  7. Sumdumgi

    7" Singles

    I have around 30 which funnily enough I just came across in my garage this morning ! Most of them are from the period 69-72 They look in a right state but tomorrows job will be trying to assemble a Spotify playlist for them, couldn't be bothered to clean & play. I'll be keeping them for nostalgia purposes. No way I could get rid.
  8. I have an advantage to some on here in that I had an ND5XS for 3 years. I used it with my Pathos with a variety of interconnects, from the very cheap (included in a Sonos Connect Box) to some of the more esoteric named and high priced ICs from Chord, Atlas and yes even our friend Russ Andrews. I eventually settled on the Chord Clearway IC with speaker cables from the same range. Frankly I couldn't really find much difference at all between any of them never mind the night and day differences that spending several hundred pounds really should offer. If you are intent on a change get a pair from someone who will offer them on a trial basis like Futureshop who do a 60 day return to enable you to fully assess any differences you may perceive.
  9. This is nice - very London Grammar.
  10. The Pineapple Thief - Dissolution
  11. Funnily enough I've just been listening to Daft Punks Random Access Memory which is beautifully mastered and some really deep bass and my figures came nip and tuck around those you measured. I dread to think what 93db would be in my room