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  1. I don't have an 851N but had a similar problem when I first set my Node 2i up on my NAS. I cured it by creating a folder on the drive (Drive E: in your case) called 'Music Library' and moved all the album folders into it. I then pointed the Node to that folder. It's not clear from that picture whether all of the album files are contained within a single folder. Hasn't @DUVET just set up a hard drive with his newly acquired 851N ?
  2. For exactly the same performance he delivered at Newcastle. No doubt someone else will give him another megabucks deal. Wouldn’t surprise me if he ended back up at Newcastle to be honest - the locals are already unhappy with Howe.
  3. And this offering from Elton ain't too bad either
  4. I’ve used Simon for years, he’s a top lad and his staff are equally adept at going the extra mile too. His cash offers and trade in prices are always decent too
  5. Tom Baxter. This and The Uncarved Block are two of my very favourite albums though Skybound and Feather & Stone have much to enjoy too.
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