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  1. I’ve had a Qutest in my system for a couple of years quite happily, the only issue I had was the lack of inputs - only 2 x Coax and 1 Optical. Anyway I’ve had an M-Dac+ about the place for the last week or so which met the additional connection need and to my surprise sound-wise I preferred it to the Chord unit 😀. So it’s staying 👍
  2. These are great, the direct overhead perspective lends itself to great compositions.
  3. Unfortunately we seem miles away from having a good team these days but I'll still be there on Saturday for our first game of the season !
  4. Thanks Richard, much appreciated. Yes, its the Sunderland Aquatic Centre which is adjacent to Sunderland AFC (The Stadium of Light).
  5. And here's one with a bit of colour Bob Stokoe, Manager of Sunderland AFC for their famous 1973 FA Cup win. The statue was erected in his honour outside the The Stadium of Light in 2006. Leica CL with SUPER-VARIO-ELMAR-TL 1:3.5-4.5/11-23 ASPH.
  6. Back out with a camera . Both Leica CL with SUPER-VARIO-ELMAR-TL 1:3.5-4.5/11-23 ASPH.
  7. A great Stairway to Heaven cover 😂
  8. No different to most bands these days I guess. I first saw them supporting Eric Clapton in a charity concert in Sheffield in 93. They did a couple of numbers with Clapton during Eric's encore featuring Joe Cocker on vocals - some night that was.
  9. Seen them twice, I didn't have any doubts at all that they were playing live.
  10. Sumdumgi


    I like and have multiple versions of most Floyd albums. I rarely listen to DSOTM these days as I’ve done it to death but it is a very fine album. Like Richard my favourite Floyd albums are Meddle and The Division Bell with an honourable mention for Wish You We’re Here. The love for The Wall as a favourite always confuses me - Hey You and Comfortably Numb are spectacular tracks but I find most of it pretty ordinary.
  11. A year older than when it was sold last year 🤔 (The post is a sold item from July 2020)
  12. Unfortunately NJC are not taking orders at the moment because of component shortages. They are hoping to be back in production soon - I'm trying to get one of their DACs.
  13. Word of Mouth - Mike + The Mechanics
  14. New Blood (Special Edition) - Peter Gabriel
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