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  1. A few weeks back I got all my gear out and cleaned it all and spent an idle half hour looking at Leica's. I've an XT2 and XT3 plus 6 lenses as well as my trusty Nikon D7000 plus 4 lenses and a Fuji X100. I had a real think, trying to identify which I would be prepared to do without. I'd let the XT2 go and maybe the XF 18-135. XT3 - nah I'd have to keep, XF35 1.4 - no chance, XF 10-24 -no chance, XF50 F2 - nope, XF55-200 - nope, 18-55 - nope. Fuji X100 - nope. So XT2 plus 18-135 can go, not going to get me anywhere near an M + lens so I'll just have to keep on saving but like you Richard, one of these days ...
  2. Souter Lighthouse Mono by Les, on Flickr Another of Souter Lighthouse from a socially distanced camera club 'meet' last monday night. Fuji XT3 with XF10-24mm
  3. I have a couple of Play1, a couple of Sonos One and a Play 3. Just buy a Play1 or Sonos One - honestly the Play3 isn’t a big improvement, I’m not sure it’s even an improvement to be honest. Actually I am, it’s not.
  4. This is decent This is from a while ago but very good
  5. Souter Lighthouse, Whitburn by Les, on Flickr Fuji XT3 with XF 10-24
  6. Love that album, much better than any of their subsequent releases IMHO
  7. There is someone near me who has one and he’s a handful I gather, Gryff looks a real character 👍
  8. Is that a new pet Colin ? What a gorgeous dog !
  9. Nils Lofgren - I Came To Dance (1977 vinyl)
  10. Tom Baxter - The Uncarved Block
  11. Tom Baxter - The Other Side of Blue
  12. First Aid Kit - The Lion’s Roar
  13. Amazing looking piece of kit 🤩
  14. Speeding ... by Les, on Flickr As far as photography is concerned I've found lockdown a struggle but starting to reconnect with photography friends and do some socially distanced 'togging'. Fuji XT3 with XF10-24
  15. Pretty good that, made me chuckle too 👍
  16. The walk from there south round the bay to Dunstanburgh is spectacular and one of my very favourites, especially at low tide.
  17. I had the 73, 92 and the 36 which I still have though it’s in my system and wired up it’s not played regularly. It’s one of those pieces kit that has outlived all the replacements I’ve bought and I’ll never get rid of it. Big fan of the FMJ range, should never got rid of the A32 amplifier which was another big favourite.
  18. Riverside - Love, Fear And The Time Machine
  19. Bruce Soord - All This Will Be Yours