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  1. Hi, I'm looking for an excellent condition black Leema Pyxis preamp complete with all accessories and original packaging.Also looking for a black Hydra II in the same condition. Thanks.
  2. Up for sale are my Revel F208 speakers. They are in absolutely immaculate condition. The piano gloss black is pretty much unmarked (no swirls from polishing). They also make a brilliant sound! They are about 18 months old. They come in their original packaging and boxes with their manuals. There are no bungs but I will include a couple of foam bungs that I made for them - although I can guarantee that you won't need them as the bass is so controlled on these speakers. With the forward firing bass ports and the bass and treble adjusters on the back panel of the speakers these were the only speakers I've had in my smallish listening room that produced absolutely zero bass boom or overhang. Pretty good for speakers that have two 8 inch bass speakers in each cabinet! There are many glowing reviews of these speakers online. Here are just three:- https://www.stereophile.com/content/revel-performa3-f208-loudspeaker https://hometheaterreview.com/revel-performa3-f208-floorstanding-speaker-reviewed/ https://hometheaterreview.com/revel-performa3-f208-floorstanding-speaker-reviewed/ RRP of the speakers is £5400. I'm looking for £2550 plus £75 shipping within the UK. I will ship the speakers but you are most welcome to come and pick them up. I'm just south of Maidstone in Kent. Photos:-
  3. No longer for sale. No need for description on what these are. They are VERY rare. Both Mono's were recently checked over by Tony Brady at Exposure and were found to be in A1 working condition. As well as being checked over, the power switches on each amp were renewed. I have paper work from Exposure to show this. The physical condition of both power amps is very good. The fronts are excellent with not a mark. The tops are also good with just a very few age related marks on them - no scratches or dents as can be seen on the photos. No original packaging but will be very safely boxed for transportation. I will be looking at £ firm for them. Shipping would be around the £50 mark. Pick up would be fine. I'm just south of Maidstone in Kent. I also have an Exposure XXI preamp for sale that I will be advertising shortly. Here are some photo's:-