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  1. I bought this complete EMT950 with a view to getting it fully restored. Sadly I have no room for this, and it will be better off in the hands of someone who will. The main plinth was recently repainted along with the top wood frame re-built. The electrics were effectively all unplugged but I unfortunately lost my notes - NONE OF THE PARTS ARE MISSING I will take £1500 ONO
  2. I have for sale two Goldring Lenco GL75 decks with their respective arms. One has the original plinth, and the other is in a Sony plinth. I bought them with a a view to re-plinthing them. They are in working order. £250 ONO thanks Lohan
  3. The sugden masterclass integrated I am told sounds a bit like the lavardin it. a lot of old amps are under-rated wrongly - but bear in mind: 1. Nos valves 2. Virgin copper - ie not from recycled metal 3. Leaded solder - disagree? The mares/connoisseur can’t be made with present day solder; Krell took about 10 years to match/better amps made in the lead solder generation - hitachi jfets as used in the Vendetta scp2a aren’t made any more never heard the canary - I should seek one out for a listen
  4. I use mine with a lavardin it - very smooth solid state with great load tolerance
  5. That is about the clearest answer one can possibly ask for. Thanks I know it may seem odd, but I don't have a perceivable problem in the way that rats in a mazr don't see a maze from above and outside. In other words I am looking for general gains in my system overall and in my home I have quite a few dirty electrical components on the same circuit so I wanted a dedicated circuit for my hifi which I have heard will give good overall benefits
  6. You ought to sit down and have a glass of water. Just to elaborate I do notnwant somr snake oil claim - it ought to have some measurable benefit
  7. No - my electrician has given me a very fair quote... I don't have a death wish
  8. I am in a slight quandary. I am considering which cable to use for my dedicated mains spur: 1. Standard twin with earth 2. bs 5647 twin and earth armored cable (earth the steel outer) 3, Supra Lorad 2.5 £15m meter 4. Furutech - £50m meter 5. Missing Link - £30m meter 6 Mains Cables R us £19m In all cases of the shielded cables (2-6) I take it one must earth the shield - otherwise it will have no benefit - or am I wrong??? I am going to use two double plugs from missing link - £30.00 a set. Anyone use any of the above? I will pay for audiophile if it gives a genuine audible benefit, but I do like my audio to live in the realms of reality with some logical benefit.
  9. It is fun to fiddle to your hearts content - indeed, it's an aspect of audio that keeps enthusiasts and forums busy - that said I heard the convergence in the GTA room at the recent High End show and was very impressed. If it is a question relating to economy and bang for a buck - this may well be the best bet. I have owned an EAR 834P - I have to say I never even tube rolled. It has a musicality that I reckon is unmatched in certain regards.
  10. I am using my IT with Yamaha NS1000M's - match made in heaven: Infinite Baffle - tight bass Beryllium Tweeter - clean fast highs Beryllium mid - transparent Needs smooth load tolerant amplifier - IT
  11. I have had, knocking around my furtive head, an idea for a turntable for quite some time. I need a stiff metal top plate to fit the motor and bearing to. A simple sheet will flex, hence the need for plate. I intend to create a box type structure with plate back and sides. I have located other parts for my project, and need this as the first part of my grand plan so to speak