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  1. String Driven Thing - String Driven Thing LP, first pressing
  2. I would definitely consider the Hegel range of integrated amps, although they don't have a phono stage built in.
  3. Electric Light Orchestra - On the Third Day LP, US pressing The US pressing has Showdown added to side one . I don't know why I don't play this more often.
  4. Now there's some 70s bush ... in the background
  5. I'm not a big McCartney solo fan, but I've always had a soft spot for Ram, although it is admittedly quite uneven.
  6. Paul & Linda McCartney - Ram LP, bar coded release which sounds a bit weird to these ears, like it's had some processing applied to make the sound more 'spacious' Wish I had a first pressing to compare.
  7. As Jack said, I've now been round with the same three records used prior to the move. The new room is considerably larger than the old one, and without the need to sit in or at the threshold of the doorway to the kitchen. In fact the chairs were positioned a reasonable distance from the back wall, which IMO is a very good thing. One thing that was immediately apparent was that the image was heavily biased towards the right channel. Neither of us are quite sure why that might be, but the crossover allows to even things up, which we did. There is still a slight imbalance in terms of how far the image reaches beyond the confines of the speakers, with the left hand channel not really throwing an image to the left, whilst the right hand channel does. Quite minor though, and probably due to the fireplace on the left hand wall. Imaging was good, but not as pinpoint as it had been in the previous room. On the other hand the image was much more out into the room and less constrained to the plane of the speakers. This gives a much more open feel to the sound, which I enjoyed. I suspect that the crossover might need a touch of minor tweaking, as it felt to me like the position of, for example, the singer would be dependent to a degree on what note he was singing. I definitely feel the system greatly appreciates the bigger room. Room to breathe is a thing.
  8. Rammstein - Rammstein Double 45rpm LP on 180gm vinyl.
  9. This album is actually called See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang Yeah, City All Over! Go Ape Crazy!