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  1. Maybe this will help some more (or maybe not )
  2. Sorry to be tardy, busy day yesterday. Anyway here's another bit
  3. IMHO it's not about being obscure, in many ways it's more satisfying to grab an insignificant detail from a well known album cover and watch people go when it's revealed Also you picked a band I've seen several times as support, and like a lot. I have to admit they lost a lot when Chris Adams left though.
  4. I do, both on LP and CD (the CD version being different) String Driven Thing - The Machine that Cried
  5. I would try this, but free or not I'm not taking apart my NAS
  6. Not the album cover I immediately thought of, clouds are slightly different
  7. (cough) Brothers in Arms (cough)
  8. I reckon most of us regulars to Lurch's bake-offs would love to hear the latest iteration of the BB.
  9. I've listened at length to mayebaza's Big Bottle and it's really a very good phono stage before you consider the modest price. To be fair though, that one has been a bit fettled.
  10. Voyage 34 actually samples from A Plague of Lighthouse Keepers.
  11. Another bit, this band has at times had strong connections to the previous band.
  12. Strawbs - Bursting at the Seams LP