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  1. When they move on to the section about "steeerio", that bloke is using my Dad's turntable that he had from as long as I can remember till his passing.
  2. The Dave Matthews Band - Crash ripped CD
  3. Il Paese Dei Balocchi - Il Paese Dei Balocchi ripped CD
  4. Garbage - Beautiful Garbage ripped CD
  5. I've used Spider's Velvet Vortex as both Lurch and Non-Smoking man have one. I would like one but workspace (and money) are an issue.
  6. I have one of these, and they're really good for medium to clean records. I think something like the SRM brush is only required for stubborn records (I have a few). The current Project brush is plastic handled with really long bristles. These are too soft to properly scrub the record surface, so now I use it to spread the rinse mixture.
  7. I have popped water into my Project machine in the past, as what's in there dries out. What came out after this rinse was not pleasant
  8. Americans want higher ampage cables due to their lower voltage. Having heard Jessica's Puritan conditioner at several bake-offs now, I can that it's very effective. Puritan say that the best effect is gained by combining their own cables with the conditioner, but then they would say that . I currently have no conditioner but a number of Shunyata cables. Now I love the Shunyatas, but I can't help thinking if they were sold and the money used to buy a conditioner plus Classic leads that I'd be in a better position than I am now. This idea has been boosted by the review and George's co
  9. I've stopped using the pads as they were shedding bristles into the grooves, not all of which got vacuumed up. I still have them and use them on any particularly dirty records, but I'm thinking of getting the SRM for regular duties.
  10. Blodwyn Pig - Getting to This LP, first pressing
  11. Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Limited numbered edition reissue on 160 gm vinyl with additional 7" single.
  12. Status Quo - Dog of Two Head LP, another duplicate from my mate's donated collection. Jumps on Gerdundula
  13. My Exposure uses the jumper method. Much better than dip switches but it does mean opening up the case to change the load.
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