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  1. take5


    My wife and daughter both did mine on Sunday. wife first, then daughter fancied a go. Then wife went back to try to tidy up daughters version. luckily I won’t be seen out for a while!!! stylish is probably not a word that comes to mind.
  2. Very sad to read that jazz trumpeter Wallace Roney has died due to Coronavirus. He was only 59.
  3. Sadly, McCoy Tyner passed away today. Very sad to hear this news
  4. Jw67

    Hi ,

    ive just read your old post on the Kondo io. I have a very similar Kondo that I bought second hand from a friend with the silver plate coming off. I to am wondering what course to take. Are you still happy with the David Giffin route? Did you retip later? Thanks in advance. 


    1. take5


      Jonathan, yes, I was very happy with david’s work.

      he told me ( as did others ) that it was common for the silver plate to rub off. Purely cosmetic and nothing to worry about.

      i moved away from Hi Fi as a hobby, and ended up selling all of my kit, including the Io.

      it was a fantastic cartridge. The best I had. It was always a big favourite when others heard it.

      good luck



    2. Jw67


      Thanks for your response, very helpful. I’m going to arrange for him to have a look at it. 

      Maybe you will come back to it. I was into it in my 20’s then drifted away and have come back more than ever. 

      Thanks again. 

  5. I have a MISSION PCM 7000 that I will sell for less than your £100 budget. works great and comes with original remote. pm me if you are still looking and interested. thanks
  6. Geoff, sorry to read that Bert is no longer with you. he was a great character, and you will have loads of lovely memories, I’m sure.
  7. Shit, I clicked in this expecting a nice in depth chat about the merits of Selmer saxophones.....I’m an expert! Instead, it’s about speakers. What’s the point of a Hi Fi forum if its going to be about Hi Fi.
  8. Sorry, that has already gone,and now safely in the hands of its new owner.
  9. What about the cavemen who pre dated god?
  10. Whilst looking for stuff last night, I found more stuff. So these are also added to the sale list. Box and internal packaging for Linn LK85 amp. £15 Box and internal packaging for REGA PLANER 3 turntable. £15 Box for LINN LK280. There are two pieces of polystyrene internal Linn packaging , but they are not for this box. Look same size a packaging for LK85 above. £10 Base board for LP12. Old style. probably came with the rubber feet mentioned in first post. DENON DVD 1930. I used it with cd’s. With original remote. Same as this one from emporium, who have it for sale at £100. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/denon-dvd1930-dvd-universal-player/282641351672?hash=item41cebcc3f8:g:QLgAAOSw0bJZsB1x Mine for £20. Collection only
  11. I just sat down and listed stuff, coming up with prices with no research. After about 10 offers to buy the mission CD player, I had a look around and it seems to be worth more than £15 for one which works perfectly, and has the original remote. So, for the moment, it is withdrawn from sale. Sorry !!!!
  12. Fantastic. Thanks very much. thats exactly what I have.