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  1. Only ever listened with lid down, and it sounds just fine to me!
  2. I suspect that it's a good job she doesn't know how much it all cost, although to be fair the only things bought new, are the 30+ year old LP12, and the Transporter, plus the Nytech calculator in the would-be 2nd system.
  3. I was lusting after this, but hesitant. You might want to add more pictures on the Epay ad?
  4. They left me behind about 25 years ago, but I still love my LP12
  5. What was the question again?
  6. It does work, but you need to be able to minimise the level of suction, as too much is really not good.
  7. I was there. One of the best gigs I ever saw. R.I.P.
  8. All my issues arrived during my 2 year subscription. I'm using the exchange rate as an excuse not to renew, but really I think I'm just sick of all the measurements, rather than being told what the thing sounds like. Oh, and the preponderance of classical music used for testing.