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  1. Yep, most seem to prefer anything but Communique but its their clear best for me.
  2. "" My favourite DS, absolute masterpeice. I saw a doco last week on Sky with Brian Johnson and Knopfler, what a gifted musician. It was interesting listening to him tell the storys behind many of their best known songs.
  3. What else can you get for under a grand that can perform like these and looks good too
  4. Virtually zero, sound absorption and sound isolation require different approaches.
  5. This is fantastic and overdue. I wonder if the UK will bother mirroring this, regardless, we all benefit from it.
  6. Sorry, I just realised I have let this thread die. I can no longer post images so could somebody get it moving again?
  7. Its good to hear rom happy owners like you Brian. I am close to buying a Giulia Qf, there is nothing else on the market excited me like it. The prejudices against AR are quite silly really, the reality is vastly different in the real world.
  8. Yes thats correct. I haven't disassembled them to check but have looked through the ports and everything looks in good order and they sound it too. The internal drivers have rubber surrounds so these don't suffer from foam rot which is an issue in the previous generation Reference range. The bass design is the same as this image of the Reference 4.
  9. I think these were yours Lawrence and yes, if these were new I doubt there would be much change from 10k. You just need to look at the current offerings from Kef for confirmation, and these lack the cavity bass too. Cheers
  10. I bought these classic 90’s Kef’s last April to keep me sane through lockdown. I always wanted to try a pair of Uni-Q equipped Kefs and I liked these so much that within weeks, I was on the hunt for a pair of Reference 4’s which I was lucky to find through the Wam. So the 3’s have been parked up for most of their time in my ownership and its now time to find them a new home. They are in the most expensive Rosewood veneer finish and feature Kefs boundary compensation device, dating them to the 1997-99 period. The speakers are near immaculate and come with their original boxes, spikes and paperwork making them ideal for someone who wants a nice set to keep for the long term. Because I have the boxes I am happy to ship anywhere within the UK. Shipping is cheap, I bought them from the SE and had them shipped to me in North Wales for £25. They perform flawlessly and sound great, all drivers are mint and working as they should. I think they are a classically sized floorstander for an average living room and with the twin 8” cavity loaded bass, you have excellent performance for a compact speaker. This is Kefs description of the Model Three: Reference Series Model Three (1994-99) Model Three was a four-way floor standing system with a twin coupled cavity bass section using 8 inch (200mm) bass drivers and was the successor to the highly regarded Model 105/3. It was ideally suited to use as a main speaker in medium to large sized rooms in a stereo or multi-channel system. It was updated in 1997 to include a boundary compensation device – switch-able attenuation of the bass output for use in small rooms or for positioning close to the room boundaries. I closely looked over both speakers looking for imperfections and being critical, this is what I found. None of these marks are anything to be concerned about and are invisible unless you go looking closely, rest assured these are as near to mint as you will find for speakers of their age. Speaker 1 – feint ring to veneer on top, probably could be matched in with some furniture polish but not really noticeable. There is a small white mark to the side of the baffle edge but other than that, the veneer is perfect with no dents or scratches. Speaker 2 – 1inch mark to baffle near corner, no scratches or dents to the veneer other than a feint 6inch scratch on the rear of the speaker and a small blemish to the rear corner. The grills are nearly mint with just a couple of minor marks and small tear to the edge of one that can be seen in the photo below. The grim weather combined with a messy room made it hard to get good photos so if you need more or have any questions please PM me. I am asking for £950. Cheers, Simon
  11. These are awesome and a bargain for 3.5k. Properly sorted big cones and horns is where its at. These deserve to sell easily.
  12. More evidence, as if it was needed, that the 90's was the best decade for music.
  13. it amazes me that Bankys identity has been hidden from the public view since the beginning, especially impressive in this digital age. The 3D = Banksy thing has been around for a long time, but never more than a rumour. This MA EP is another example of the effect of this rumour on value: