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  1. A pic showing the TAD 703's mounted in place. I will get some better pics once I have peeled off the protective wrapping on the sides and the light is right. (and the room is not a pigsty). The lighting in my room makes it difficult to get pics with good dynamic range.
  2. I am not so sure about that now Lurch. My original intention was to show them but I am not sure I can deal with the handling and moving of them and risking damaging the finish. Having an occassional GTG with a few wammers would probably be better and they will sound their best too.
  3. I have been enthralled all afternoon. They sound beyond any words I can use to describe the experience. Absolutely incredible peice of engineering and to my amazement, they sound even better than the several times I heard the prototypes in Oz! It is going to take me several months to get to grips with them and tweak the Eq/positioning. Once I feel I have honed my ability to assess small changes it will then be time to start introducing some room treatments but it has to be said, the room seems to be invisible. The soundstage width and depth are boundless. John and Paul at Lenard Audi
  4. HI Ben, I dont expect they will be very sensitive to placement. The cabinets are incredibly inert so the backwave is well controlled. The isobark bass exits downwards and horns are controlled dispersion devices by nature. There will be the inevitable experimenting to learn what works best in the room and lots of iterations once I start adding room treatment. Right, I am just off the phone from a chat with the Lenard boys and are about to do final pre flight checks and then its power up time
  5. Thanks Keith. Paul at Lenard and I discussed the aesthetics endlessly, it felt like the one area we both were a bit stumped. However, he has really nailed it in the end, and way exceeded what I was expecting. You cannot tell in the photos but the horn and top cap are both painted a very dark metallic green which adds a real touch of class in person.
  6. I would grab it for £60 while its still around. This release shot to over £100 quickly after release and then dropped back after the label intimated they were going to release more copies of each LP in the series. Their statement was ambibuous though and nothing more has been heard on what they meant.
  7. They do Hoops, the Symphonys have twin 12". Fully active, engineered by an electro-acoustic master, so an entirely different level of performance over passives.
  8. There is no substitute for a high efficiency 15" mid bass even when compared against the Kefs with their 3 x 6.5". The Symphony's are safely into position and ready for some fun tomorrow. I have to fit the TAD super tweeters, thats what you can see in the speaker base. I should have taken another pic after I removed them. The rooms in flux so ignore the clutter, nothing will be unpacked and sorted until I have the speakers in the optimum position first which will involve some time and experimenting.
  9. They're here! After a big day in a hired van with my son, we collected them and the acoustic treatment from a lovely part of Essex called Purfleet yesterday, and then several hours last night breaking into the crates and unpacking, I am feeling pretty dull today. I unwrapped the speakers earlier and moved them into position. Tomorrow I will have a conference call with the boys at Lenard so we can go about final setup and first power up. I am over the moon with the whole experience. The system was exceptionally well packed and the build quality of the Symphonys is first class. My pics are
  10. Thats a pretty good summary Jack. John used Class D amps in my 4-ways. He has run many tests thats prove through listening that the difference in SQ between SS and valve power amps is insignificant in the right application. Last year he spent significant time modifying a pair of his valve amp towers to create a valve/SS tower from the Opal system. He could then switch on the fly from valve to SS, the outcome was that valves brought zero SQ gains and that the massive size, inefficeny, cost and complexity of the valve towers was pointless. You can be sure his opinions are backed by science and e
  11. Thanks for the recommendations and links, that should see me right
  12. I never thought I would start a cable thread on the Wam but here it is. I need some cables for my active speakers arriving next week, 3-4m in length. Not looking to spend much at all, I just want something to get me going since I cannot find my old cables. Are these good value at £60, or is there something else people know of thats worth consideration: https://www.audiovisualonline.co.uk/product/4050/fisual-havana-custom-made-xlr-cable-pair/ If anyone has something suitable they would like to sell please get in touch. Cheers Simon
  13. On the Japanese masters, I would say no. Japanese pressings have always had some kind fo cachet, possibly a spill over from their reputation for LP pressing quality and the early collectible CD's that originated from Japan when the format was in its infancy.
  14. Good thread Wes. I have posted a few times on the Wam of my surprise at members debating expensive upgrades that may only offer slight SQ gains (or even be a sideways move) while not investing time to learn about the way music was produced mastered to help them find the best versions of the music that matters to them. This is where the potential for gains lies that no equipment change can bridge. As bigfool has already posted, the Steve Hoffman forum is the best place for discussions on the miniature of various versions of an album. If it is a popular artist, threads can run for many pag
  15. Active speakers are named as such because they employ active crossovers. Its no more complex than that. Edit - Rab beat me to it.
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