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  1. i think mate youre problem might be that anyone interested in a high end oppo like this might be waiting for the newer uhd version that will have all of the capabilites of youres but also play uhd discs at about 1100 pound, this is a fine machine but in my opinion the premium on it for being the darbee version is unwarranted,i thought rather than enhance in most cases the darbee over processed and spoilt an already very nice picture,i have seen 105 oppos selling for between 5-600 elsewhere, i think top end on youres will be 650.00 mate, i am after a normal 105 and willing to pay about 550.00 so if anyone reading this fancies youre darbee version and wants to sell me theirs to upgrade drop me a line, i wish you all the best with youre sale mate
  2. do you still have the sub for sale

  3. in good condition,no box though just power lead and dac, a bargain at 85.00 delivered
  4. n black,immaculate condition, boxed with all accesories including the nice carry case, rarely used and car repairs force sale,thanks 60.00 selivered
  5. have a 6 foot length of bi wire chord company speaker cable factory terminated into 4 at one end and terminated by myself in 2 at the other,i was useing this on my centre speaker, i believe its called rumour and is the install version, its a very stiff but medium thickness cable,only selling as i needed a much longer length.this could also be split to give you a 6ft stereo pair 20.00 delivered
  6. In black and excellent condition, cant justify keeping it now i have an oppo 105 as well so it has to go,probably a bit better than the oppo but it does not play blu rays, boxed with manual,remote and power lead,475.00 delivered
  7. i have one, 23.00 delivered, if i can find it in my cupboatd - - - Updated - - - its a 1.5m tarantula
  8. rosie pug


    i have a pair of kef q55 speakers in black, both have grilles,not too bad cosmetically, however one seems to suffer from a slight distortion now and again from one of the drivers, not sure if its the cone or the crossover,new cone is 45.00 from kef but didnt bother incase it was the crossover,free to collector in newport gwent
  9. i have a set of cable talk interconnects that you can try, i was useing sonic link,i tried the cable talk and found they seemed to add a bit more bass and take a bit of sparkle off the treble,so i think i will continue with the sonic link, you can try the cable talks for a week or 2 for cost of postage if you like,pm me
  10. I own an oppo 95 bluray player and after buying that I quite happily sold my avi lab series cd player that cost about 1400 new, the oppo was better in my opinion and cost 500 notes cheaper and played blurays,streamed music and video, mp3, etc,etc, so good all in ones do exist now, there called oppos
  11. trying to persuade my mate to sell his oppo 93 and have youres ha ha
  12. i love my oppo 95,best bluray and dvd performance bar none,blew away my 1800 pound denon,and as a cd player was good enough for me to part with my arcam ms 2000 server cd player and that cosrt 2,500
  13. hello, for sale is a samsung 40b7020 led tv, it is in excellent condition,has warranty that is transferrable until 2015, it playsmkv files from a usb or hardrive ansd you can connect it to the internet for various websites, it originally retailed for over 1200 pound and is a stunning picture, the only reason for sale is it broke down about 2 months ago and comets said it was the screen and would take about 6 weeks to repair, so i bought anotheer tv,10 days later comet returned this with a new screen fitted, so it has a new lcd/led panel and still has warranty until 2015, do not confuse this set with the supermarket offerings, collection from newport gwent,or postage at cost,