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  1. I sold my Carver amp in 1652 off the Megastore and still can't find how I delete it. Hope everyones good. : )
  2. My old cables if I'm not mistaken - I could well be. Anyhoo, Highly recommended indeed!
  3. I had one of these. Gobsmacking performance. Really nice cart. In common with most of my carts I should have kept mine... Notably the ART 1, Koetsu Black, Supex, and the Clearaudio reference. Lol.
  4. Robert's a really great guy to deal with that really knows his stuff. I really wish I'd kept those floorstanders you sold me with the textured cones, just amazing. I'd love to know where they are now.
  5. I think the mid coaxial was also used on the Davone Rithm - I really liked those, one of my faves, adding the ribbon tweeters perfect. I think I sold mine for 25% of what they are going for now, trust me to underprice a design classic! Lol.
  6. Cool points awarded regardless. I like them!
  7. Good to be back Phil. Thanks mate.
  8. I certainly did. He was one of the true gents. Not afraid to show emotion and share his thoughts and always with a great wit, and some great stories to match - despite being in very poor health.
  9. I really miss mine, grippy but not harsh, I had to sell a minter due to a chronic case of skintness. I sold it to a really odd bloke who'd overshot my apartment so I had to have a lift around the block to show him the roads to get back on, I was sitting on a bag of plaster in lieu of a front seat and piled high with 2 litre coke bottles in various levels of consumption and a strong smell of damp - whether that was him or the car not quite sure.
  10. I used to have the same pair possibly? if they were from Big Ears Audio. One of my favourite speakers of all time. I'd hired a small van when I bought them and my girlfriend at the time insisted on coming for the ride, they were so tall she had the pointy end right next to her cheek all the way back! Another one of those I wish I'd kept. The guy I got mine off had a load of McIntosh stuff and electrostatics, so knew his stuff.
  11. It's great to know there was someone nearby with the same interests, and sharing some no doubt memorable times, I'll miss that dry sense of humour. Sadly I cannot make the funeral due to work/covid/distance, but have sent some flowers. When he was in better health we'd speak two or three times a week, but recently I noted that of late reduced greatly in recent months, with his run in with COVID and taking care of Mary's interests, and his diabetes - I said call me if you feel up to it. Still I'll miss that phonecall very much, Sunday at 9pm will be quite poignant. I'm sending my very best to y
  12. Thanks guys great to see you all on here. I'm okay apart from the black dog of depression sadly. But if the loss of Anthony has taught me anything it's that comradeship brought us together and brought about a great friendship that lasted many years across the miles, and I think it's high time I rejoined the Wam after a long absence. My biggest regret with Anthony was such an unfortunate ultimately solitary decline, after his getting through COVID and being released with little support/assessment from social services. I never had another chance to meet up again, as Christmas was pretty well can
  13. Dear all Sorry to report Anthony (Mighty Ant) has passed away, after a comparatively short illness by his standards. Anyone that knew Anthony knows he hasn't been in the best of health for years now. He was a great friend of mine and we'd speak a couple of times a week. We met via the Wam over the sale of a Step Up transformer, we nicknamed the hamster coffin! with its wooden box, rounded corners and brass plaque - then stayed in touch for years after the sale by phone, being at other ends of the country. He had a great love of Frank Sinatra and was kind enough to send me material I'd nev
  14. Sorry Gordon this has SOLD. I don't visit as often these days of impoverishment. [emoji4] Sent from my FRD-L09 using Tapatalk
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