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  1. He sounded really nice. Immediately on my call friday, he told me his wife was currently 'trying to feed me a large number of fish fingers'. Ketchup was mentioned too. I was thinking afterwards if he was surreptitiously asking me to phone 999, his wife possibly midships attempting to murder him. I haven't heard anything since. Sounds very fishy to me ( clever fish pun). Abbot.
  2. Hi chaps. Just to update you, I called falcon lovely chap Jerry who said he knew the es14 designer ( he mentioned a different name to r.marshall) & would get the es14 tweeter info. Then go from there. But alas ive had no word back from him, & chasing my enquiry up gently, his wife explained he was hugely busy. Lucky him, Im not. So the idea rather on hold, & i dont wish to ask anymore of mr. Broomfield until he chooses to offer a bit of help when he can spare it. So whether i just go buy some of these seas studio 100 types, or the ones eddieB suggested at falcon ( same type as studio 100 i cant quite recall now ).. im not sure. But the idea is still there to change these. If it works out well, i could prolly sell my es14 tweet pair on ebay.. so quite an enticing upgrade for maybe £50 at the end if the day. thanks Abbot.
  3. Thanks for the replies chaps. Im going to call Falcon as eddieB suggested to, & see what they say. Im a little reticent of the idea of plonking in the seas Ho519 now after reading the recent proac studio 100 replies. The one thing I dont want to do is c*ck up the balance of my fine es14's, or bodge them up in some way making their value fall. If the tweeter 4 x screw mount holes match then the idea is still feasable.. but if not, it might not be such a good idea to put in new tweeters really, it will be ruining their value drilling new holes in the existing mdf baffle. Thanks, Abbot.
  4. Hi eddieB. Yes but he'll just sell me what he wants wont he/ rather than what I want? I'll definitely phone him though & guage what he says. Thanks for that.
  5. I do understand some-of this thanks FatM. Waveguide being the way its set into the baffle, with this 27TDF one set a bit further in with its mini horny whatnot business. So will go for the seas H0519 one. I do have to consider the baffle as you mention. My idea was, to remove the round seas placcy front ( carefully.. i think there is usually a gasket behind/ so leaving this, then the voice coil section)... then mount it onto the epos mdf baffle. If the 4 holes ( m4 or m5 i think) then tally... that's a winner, lucky. But if not Ive got a bit of a headache to redrill holes pinpoint perfectly so its centred. I could, in theory enlarge the 30mm hole, then roundover-bit shape its top for a mini horny whatnot.. but a tricky job, & assume you'll suggest no judt keep it as is. Thanks, Ab.
  6. Ok good advice eddieB. If Ive heard the proac 125 one, & if you say it is the falcon one you kindly showed me (H0519 25TFFC) then best go for this. I notice it says " made for falcon", so assume the proac one then "made for proac".. but would theses differences be negligeable? Maybe a few extra turns of the voicecoil or summink.. can't think how else they could change one to another. Thanks, Abbot.
  7. Ok FatM that's a plan. Grateful again for the idea/ offer. @eddiebabie would these "seas prestige 1" 6ohm textile" be a similar possible choice to the H0519 25TFFC you suggested ? https://www.soundimports.eu/en/seas-27tdfc.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiA4b2MBhD2ARIsAIrcB-SObb11bYG_2BsDvJyLnEnGBjTAQGLt0Vbmfha-oB-uwbLoeDohJhkaAlQMEALw_wcB Cost exactly the same as falcon ones.. & some similar numbers, ie 1", db & ohms. They look like 'slightly horn' jobbies? Thanks, Abbot.
  8. Yup that's fine I can do that, shove the single cap on too I presume.
  9. Yup those look great speakers. @Fatmarley ok thanks for your info with the graph: so if you think a decent idea, & happy for me to bring to yours.. roughly xmas'ish time? Thanks, Abbot
  10. Hi tuga, alas I'm sorry I have tried my best, but everything here remains meaningless. I have seen lower graphs like this before & tried to glean anything from one.. but can't; I can obviously see two different 'shapes' between the 3 upper diagrams, but for what purpose/ reason mentioned I just don't have any idea. But I can understand dildos though. Thanks for trying to teach me! Abbot.
  11. I must admit Im rather lost. all the way from the intricate graph things...... up to/ then back on board with the dildo. I know what one of those is. FatM could you just tell me, is the idea of buying two seas tweeters like eddieB suggested https://www.falconacoustics.co.uk/seas-h519-25tffc-3628.html ..a decent idea? I mean with the idea of coming to yours, perhaps pop over either side of xmas-? ( when im visiting broadway ) with both spkrs & these two tweets?
  12. What's basically the deal with horn tweeters? Are they me mechanically different to usual monkeys? Or is it simply they are inset, with a curved 'sink hole' thingamajig? Is it maybe simply to do with dispersion I wonder. Thanks, Abbot
  13. No I mean naim don't put naim on other mfr's drivers. Yes they use scanspeaks, I know this, but I wasnt commenting purely on spender using seas drivers.. just rebadging them as spender. Anyway, once I put my new tweets in, I might be persuaded then to spray "Abbot / FatM" on them, as we will have created a new incredibly unique spkr. I'm toying with the idea, have my stencil set somewhere. Thanks. Ab
  14. Hi tuga, i understand why they did it, but i find it lazy. Nice proac badge eon he grill, so another on the veneer easy. If you put it on the driver, which isnt made by you, i think its slightly disingenuous. Now that, as a customer, (i mean im not cos they were usedso effectively ihave no say whatsoever on this!) would irritate me. And if id just spent £2k i dontwant to be reminded, by a word too close to 'spender', by a quickly stamped name on a tweeter if i open one up & find a different mfr nameon the back, with number on it i look up costing £27.50 on ebay. Naim wouldn't do that, even if their speakers are generally peculiarly bad compared to all their other products.
  15. Hi good points allround. My olive 140 is so good, that Ive never once considered upgrading it since I bought it for £245 20 years ago. Occasionally i think 250.. but the cost to do so is prohibitive, & worry I might lose something. What I might do is consider some similar size stand mounters, or bit bigger ideally, as the bass is ample from my 14's ( & i dont think they were known as having particularly strong/ fab bass ) i think my stone cottage biggish room helps. But they'd need to be corkers, like ATC or summink wouldn't they to pip my es14's? I think it might be cos i like a bit of volume ( 1 to 2 am on the 32.5 vol knob is my default setting for a session) & the tweeters are possibly v. slightly distorting, there's a gritty sheen you see like when you need a new stylus ( same on my roksan caspian cdp, so stylus not the culprit). That's why I was thinking ferrofluid fkd off msybe? But another set i have without voicecoils, & the fluid sitting happily still in.. so unlikely. Both tweets same so its unlikely one has a coil v.slightly loose. It's just their achilles heel it seems, in my opinion. Still bloody marvellous. But those proAc 125 tweeters, were like stepping into a clearer/ far better room.
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