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  1. The TEAC T-H380DNT dab internet tuner. A nice sounding unit but not the most user friendly. As there are no preset buttons only a rotary knob your selected stations have to be remembered, thus making more sense to use the manual tuning every time you need to change channel.
  2. I picked up a NOS stage 1 a few years ago now. I bought it with the knowledge that the CD draw was very noisy in operation so I was able to pick it up at silly money. I went to work with some silicon grease around the runners of the draw and have had no problems at all since then. A lovely player although a bit 'quirky' in it's operating system.
  3. I've used the Teac tuner pictured earlier in this thread for about a year now. Very good FM and DAB with the added benefit of internet connection.
  4. Solid State here, always wanted to play with tubes but never had the space / money.
  5. Musical Fidelity (A100 amp) Linn LP12 Goldring 1042 Cart Castle speakers (Severn II) Epos speakers DPA Littlebit DAC LFD Spirolink interconnect NAD 310 amp (British by design at least) CRD Orpheus amp
  6. Once again I give you http://electronluv.com Oh also my own CR Developments amp, which could give Alchemist a run for it's money!
  7. I've used UHU glue to some success, Just don't go overboard with it
  8. Technics SU something or other ( can't remember much about this one Project model 7 ( blew up!) Musical Fidelity A100 ( excellent piece of kit ) Pioneer A400 ( not sure what all the fuss was about) NAD 310 ( still have this, surprisingly good for a 20 watter ) A brace of recievers by Technics and Pioneer ( both forgettable ) CRD Orpheus my present amp ( luvverly!)
  9. I'm using a Shure M75ed which came with a spare original stylus in an unopened package, from the mid seventies I think. Nice sound.
  10. Amp and speaker about 4 years, after the the ' Great party disaster of '08 ' when the Castle Severns went tits up at my Daughter's birthday gig, which proved too much for the speakers. Turntable aprox 8 years, CD 2 years, phono stage, crimbo '10.
  11. Or the Wam Symphony Orchestra! Although that does sound a bit George Michael
  12. Played the clarinet at college. Grade 8. I was a member of several small light orchestras and one semipro orchestra playing mainly classical pieces. Wanted to take it further but circumstances were against it. Still play now and again, just for the fun of it.
  13. MY 20 year old daughter came with me to the Tuesday performance along with friends who had come up from Devon. Worth every penny , even with the rip off prices for ' refreshments'. A night to remember! Great pictures Stormy!
  14. LP12 with Origin Live motor Denon DL110
  15. I'm replacing my old MF XLP for a Creek OBH 15. The misssus is sticking it in me sock for Crimbo!
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