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  1. Ian


    I'm really sorry, I didn't get this done ! It's on the list as I do love the 34.
  2. Thanks Chaps, These are now definitely gone.
  3. It's looking like I have a buyer for this job lot which is my preferred outcome. Hope you two chaps understand. Cheers, Ian.
  4. Ian


    I just wanted to have a bit of an enthuse . I bought a Croft 25R a few weeks ago and being the fortunate owner of a Croft 7, Quad 303 and 306 and Leak 20 my favourite power amp of this lot of this lot is the 303 (it's an Amplabs serviced one). This outcome did surprise me but there you go. Anyone out there using 303 monos (forget the model designation) ?
  5. I'll add that I've been playing this all week, it's just superb.
  6. Hi Iain, I'll talk to Bigrod and then be in touch with yourself. Cheers.
  7. Hi, These are from a collection known to me and the owner looked after his gear. Most of these are in VG to Ex condition though I'm unable to guarantee all as I've not inspected every single one. A great deal of them are 1st pressings. There's some gems and some less so. Job lot with collection preferred in the first instance. If they don't shift on this basis I'll consider posting but I'm not geared up with packing at the moment. Just to be clear, I've absolutely no problem at all if you're buying these to re-sell individually, be it here, eBay or anywhere else. I'm 8 mile
  8. Tubby Hayes Fontana 11 LP Box set...... Tubby Hayes - The Fontana Jazz Albums (1961-1969) - LPx11 – Rough Trade
  9. Ian

    Pseuds Corner.....

    I do get the need to express, and this is well written, but ultimately it's vacous. But that's ok, a lot of stuff is .
  10. Ian

    Telefunken ECC83

    Si I put the Brimar back and bloody love that too, as I mentioned, bit more rounded, bit less detail. Tube rolling is insane, don't do it .
  11. Ian

    Telefunken ECC83

    Interesting, cheers.
  12. Ian

    Telefunken ECC83

    I'm pretty much finished with Hi-Fi purchases (he said !) though this is one fettle I just had to try. Bought from the Bish of this Parish it has beautiful print, double diamond (works wonders) markings of course was boxed and packaged in a way that required a sharp knife to open (and thank you chap). Noticeable difference - yes, without doubt. I popped it in the linestage of my Croft 25R and imaging, general presentation and subtle detail are something else. This is a special thing indeed. I'm currently getting my head round whether I prefer it to the Brimar I have (which is less on det
  13. Home (vinylattraction.co.uk) This already wonderful little record shop has become a wonderful bigger shop ! I just wanted to give him a shout as I just noticed this whilst I was checking the only shop I'm interested in visiting post lockdown ;-) Oh, and Porters the butchers nearby does the finest of pies !
  14. Hi there, interested depending on where you are in the Midlands. Cheers.
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