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  1. Good call, made me smile. I am however helping out with record sales at the moment . Now I'm not saying it's sensible, but it makes me happy !
  2. Now that's a quality response !
  3. Nothing wrong with consumer choice for the consumer with poor taste (sorry to anyone who likes the, erm, pastel aesthetic !) Edit - Actually you know, on 2nd and 3rd glance I can see the appeal. I recall reading the Quad 33 took some stick from traditionalists when it first appeared. Anyway, the marketing strategy clearly aligns with a Pink Floyd track....................
  4. Hi Fi Corner have been selling 'Graded' on eBay at £1500 - if of interest may be worth contacting them. Otherwise, good luck
  5. Ian

    Harbeth XD range

    I think most intelligent folk here will judge the speaker on it's performance/ appeal and disregard the chatter. Same with all brands and boxes I'd have thought.
  6. Ian

    Harbeth XD range

    My view was that the term XD didn't really align with the heritage of the brand. However, it's not my business, both in terms of expressing my two pennorth and literally.
  7. Ian

    Harbeth XD range

    I've never really understood this statement either but I still love his speakers 😁. I dug a bit deeper by reading the HUG forum but nodded off !
  8. Ian

    Harbeth XD range

    My personal to experience of the P3esr vs. the Anniversary edition reflects this (b). The latter were beguiling in terms of transparency and openness, but I preferred the vanilla version. Not night and day mind. And a different speaker though I've read there's little difference in sound, though of course have no experience of this. Anyway, I'll always chip in on a Harbeth thread 😉
  9. Ian

    Record Sale V2

    Thanks each, just the 4 left and then this is it for re-issues. I'll be doing a much longer list of stuff earlier next week and will do so at what I believe to be attractive prices. Some may not be that desirable but you lot have varied tastes . Cheers. You'll just have to wait patiently for Saturday Nigh Fever !
  10. Ian

    Record Sale V2

    And you have a reply
  11. Ian

    Record Sale V2

    Cheers chap, responded.
  12. These are current releases or re-issues and all NM/NM. Postage: 1 x LP = £3 2 x LP = 3.5 3 x LP = £4.50 4 x LP = £5 5 x LP = £6 The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds (Capitol/180g) £12 Cream - Disraeli Gears (RSO/180g) £13 Neil Young - Zuma (Warner/inner) - £10 Please note: I won't be posting anything until Saturday
  13. Sorry, no, but the bundle will cover most bases
  14. Ok, I have guilt !
  15. All replied to, Spider and Merlin yours should be our this week when my (100 !) mailers arrive, Bertiebee and Robbie yours go out tomorrow. I'll be listing the rest in larger batches soon as I can. No one for the Abba bundle then ? Miserable lot 😂. Actually I'll be playing these tonight !