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  1. Tbh I'm unsure, I thought he did the 24P ? Could easily be wrong here.
  2. I did wonder about this and your comment is really interesting. Perhaps he doesn't want people saying things like they preferred the P3 regular over the Annie's as I did ! I qualified my statement though. Anyway, very interesting.
  3. Plugged in the system yesterday and I have to say with the Croft 7 Monos it's a wonderful thing. The surprise element is that I expected it to be on the warm side but things are definitely placed firmly into the territory of natural and transparent. I only played for an hour or so but whilst it loves acoustic and female vocals it's also very capable of rocking out (as much as shoebox Harbs permit anyway, which is enough for me). It replaced a Croft 25R so I had to keep looking for the second volume knob, all very confusing . The bass isn't as tight as the Croft, but it's there ! Which brings me to the issue of liking everything. In years of trying all sorts of gear I don't think I've disliked one single box. Quad 33, limitations perhaps but wonderful at what it does, 34, definitely 'velvet glove' but gorgeous. Low cost speakers (current production and vintage) - Wharfedale, Castle, Rogers, Celestion, not as 'good' as my keepers but all a delight. A very low cost 10 year old Cambridge CD player whilst my CD-P2 was in dock for repair, well, lest just say 'surprising'. All Quad power amps (303, 306, 405, 99, 909, IIs) - different to varying degrees but just great. Perhaps I'm just easily pleased ! Anyway, I'll stick the 303 in with the QC24 next week and see if things get cuddly . Sorry, bit of a ramble there !
  4. Hi PP, Regular presumably (ie. not XD) ? Interested to hear what you think of course
  5. I really would like to try the II-40, if only to have amps the same size as speakers ! Though £2k is well above the 'playing around' budget regrettably. This is pretty much the reason I wanted to try one in my current system, the sweet and warm thing. Maybe I'll tire of it, who knows ? I appreciate what you say about build, but it's a good looking thing to my eye.
  6. At BIN or Offer. Stone cold bargain if you're after a pair.
  7. Absolutely, I'd be very happy to buy from this chap, nothing at all to suggest this is in any way a risk.
  8. You're correct of course though I meant to add that they've sold at this price with 1 bid. My omission though.
  9. Can't help but be curious about this, for example, a Quad II Classic Integrated, boxed, new @ £2230..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/QUAD-II-CLASSIC-INTEGRATED-AMP-30-30w-WITH-PHONO-NEW-BOXED/184390402561?hash=item2aee864201:g:bAQAAOSwRLZUFdc9 .....these retails @ £3500 so we're looking at just under 2/3 retail. This has got to be good news for the consumer but must significantly reduce bricks and mortar retail trade. Obviously dealers also use Ebay though I've not noticed this degree of discount on other brands. Interesting I thought !
  10. Hello There, Not posted for little while, embracing the freedoms of the moment . Hope all are keeping well ! I wondered if anyone has had experience of the Quad QC-24 and if so, what power amps may have been used with it (Quad or other), either with success or less favourable results. I shall soon be trying one with a 303 and Croft 7, frankly flying blind ! Cheers.
  11. Hi BP, Hope all is well ! Is this sold ? Cheers, Ian.
  12. I was considering this for my P3ESRs on looks alone..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Art-Audio-Quintet-Triode-Valve-Power-Amplifier/274350914561?hash=item3fe096bc01:g:uJQAAOSw5BVeqTSC .....and it would save you £4k !
  13. Wise choice and erring to the side of Quad tart 😉. Wonderful amps, good look with your search Richard. And welcome to the wam bud.
  14. I was wondering if someone would quote this, it's so simple and so profoundly right. And as true now as always. Nice work !