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  1. Bump before 'Bay next weekend. Classic british 70s cylindrical loveliness .
  2. Ian


    Hi Johan, welcome to the 'wam, Croft users always welcome
  3. Got that Michell up and running yet ?
  4. A bump before the 'Bay
  5. I meant to add a couple of things, if anyone is curious about these and fancies a genuine no obligation listen (and a brew), you're welcome. Also the photos of the tops seem to show a different sheen to the wood, please be assured they both match.
  6. This lovely pair of JR149s have been beautifully refurbished. The wooden top and base on both speakers have been replaced with solid oak, the crossovers updated using the bespoke Falcon Acoustics crossover set and new foam covers fitted. The bass drivers are not original, having been replaced with Monacor SPH-135TC’s from Wilmslow Audio. They look and sound stunning, the woodwork in particular having a beautiful finish. £325 collected - I'm 8 miles east of Nottingham city centre.
  7. Sounding like a character from Goodfellas there CM, like it
  8. Ian


    It's the chopping and changing of the 'under the bed/in the wardrobe' stock that I love about this daft hobby.
  9. Ian


    Oh no, I've slipped into my most predictable 'you really don't need anything more than Quad' coma . So happy to have one of these again. JR149s at the end of it.
  10. Ian


    Well Leon, this sort of stuck around in my head for 5 months and I finally bought one today, Amplabs serviced and very tidy indeed. If I'm honest I only bought it for a play, and that's the joy with this gear, buy wisely and it costs you not a thing for your audio joy , Frankly I recall yours just looking so cool under the 34 !!
  11. Pair if Quad headphones and Harbeth ex. dem. P3ESRs. The chaps answer emails quickly, do a nice deal and deliver when they say they will. Spoken to them too, nice people. Thumbs up emoji here !
  12. I had a pair of these a while ago and let them go which was a foolish thing to do. Some appeared on PF last week, refurbed and looking very smart so I picked them up. Now, I only used the previous ones with a Quad 303 (Croft pre) and these have been playing with the Croft 7. They really do kick, very punchy indeed and I don't know whether this is due to the Croft being used or the fact that these have the Monacor (non original of course) drivers. Obviously I'll pop the Quad in to see what happens. In the meantime am considering replacing the Monacors with either original drivers or the Falcon replacements, and frankly can't make my mind up. At the moment the Falcon new but not quite original is tipping the balance over original but 40 years old. Any views here to help with my indecision please ?
  13. Why the love for stand mount speakers ? Because Harbeth P3ESR are stand mount speakers Sorry
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