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  1. I've been toying with the idea of a current production LS3/5a derivative for a while now but even used prices are too much of an entry fee for me. Just visited the boy Nagra for an overdue catch up and listen to his Falcons and was reminded just how enticing and enchanting these are. Bottom line is I phoned Falcon and ordered their Q7 there and then having finally made a decision. I'd been pondering these and had emailed Falcon yesterday, with Jerry (almost immediately) responding confirming these were pretty much the LS3/5a but with a bit more bass. Truth is it was now or never as we're going to be seeing some pretty steep increases in the coming months. So if somebody would now buy my Leak I'd be very grateful We also had to smile that you can pick up the phone to order some speakers and the bloke who runs the company takes your order. This has to be a rare thing ! So, between us we'll be able to offer a comparison between these two and the Harbeth P3ESRs. Now if someone has some original Rogers and Stirlings it's a party, albeit a very polite British heritage one !
  2. Hi Richard, Hope you're well. I owned one of these for a while a very long time ago, so please factor that in in my response, plus no idea of value at the price you mention. Caveat over, looked and felt gorgeous in terms of fit n finish. Lovely thing. Sound reminded me a bit of a Leak 20, certainly recall being very happy with the sonics indeed. It certainly isn't something to be avoided, the very opposite if the price is right and the output serves your needs.
  3. Just bid for a make offer pair on eBay but no joy ! Said before, patience is your friend.
  4. It is a bit far I'm afraid but thank you. I appreciate this is a bit of a long shot !
  5. Yes, it matters and good call. I buy mostly British and used. I can't say I'm 'clean' with general purchases though, I have to be honest in saying this. Though I'm certainly not into fashion, it's worn till it's worn through !
  6. Pretty much everything I own or have owned, as mentioned previously, bought used with knowledge of resale value. Best way for me.
  7. I'm based near Nottingham and would bring cake . I've been lucky enough to hear the Falcons in my system and would love to hear the Stirlings. Cheers. Also, what do we reckon a used price would be that you could near enough recoup if you sold on ? Don't really know the market surrounding these.
  8. A new year itch to be scratched . Cheers.
  9. Another reason for staying away from HUG is that it is as dull as ditchwater
  10. As a fan of little boxes, I love it when someone mentions something I've never heard of, as is the case with the Kralk. These look really interesting. Do enjoy obviously I want to hear a pair now !
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