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  1. Very interesting Leon but to be honest I'm still drewling over that Shindo !! Everything else pales by comparison
  2. Spotted these myself, they could be a really interesting bargain. Not a fan of the 'wavy' cabinet edges though. I'm watching them out of idle curiosity.
  3. Indeed, spotted just after I posted ! We're not getting any younger and both my wife and I do seem to have developed Lockdown scattyness !
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Harbeth-NRG4-speakers-excellent-condition/164233543166?hash=item263d14fdfe:g:UqUAAOSw5PBe2ocB Edit: I've just Googled these only to find a nice chap called Ian did the same thread in 2014 !
  5. I regret to say I'm genuinely interested ! You Tube presentation with a whiteboard ?! OT, but I was just listening to the Dentons I just bought recently and a thought occurred - It would be interesting if IAG under the Quad name brought out an LS3/5a derivative at under a grand.
  6. Interesting, have you got the time to post your results ? We need a spreadsheet !
  7. Indeed and I really do understand where you're trying to get here. I suppose I tend to be a bit more simplistic in approach (don't say a thing !), if something has gone up in price (and/or is beyond my pocket it the first place) no matter what the quality and performance, then I'll just not consider buying. Truth is whilst I've messed around with Harbs. for some time now, I've never bought new.
  8. You did recently mention moving away from Croft Leon, and I think I might be able to understand why now !
  9. Have we seem this ? Full thread here........... https://www.harbeth.co.uk/usergroup/threads/xd-xtended-definition.79827/page-3
  10. Hi Lee, Yup, mine went last Sunday, the first of the two that went, one popping up straight after my auction ended at BIN and being snapped up very quickly. Hope you enjoy the 7s, if I had more space I'd definitely be looking the larger models. Whilst the new range is somewhat controversial it's certainly generating some great discounts it seems.
  11. I'd just like to say now we seem to be moving towards easing Lockdown (I think !) that I've really enjoyed it here over the past weeks. I'd drifted away of late because the hobby in terms of changing things eased for ages but it's been great to re-connect. I've had some great responses and PMs to the post I did recently asking about sourcing of some Harbeths I was after, with a great result. Done a review which I've never done before and really enjoyed that. Just really quickly sold some stuff because I wanted some other stuff in a different colour. Exchanged a few PMs with folk I've not chatted with for ages. And there's been some great threads. Some on my favourite subject (yup, Harbeths !) and some with some great photos. Bottom line, I think most of us have been looking for sources of positive connection during this very strange time and we've achieved that in spades and had some laughs. It seems forever ago that the 'Wam show was cancelled and how strange that was at the time. My word what was to follow ! I'll be there next year, that is without doubt. So I raise a glass to the 'Wam, it's members and the poor long suffering mods I did warn you that this was going to be woolly and fluffy !
  12. And I clicked on a like to your post in the hope I can persuade you to stop being so cross ! You do seem self focussing a bit to be honest
  13. To be fair RR, and I'm really enjoying the thread by the way, the bit I'm struggling with is why you think a business should justify a price rise by means of an explanation. I can't square with that bit. Business is capitalism and these two things are what they are.