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  1. If anyone can assist with the unidentified valves I'd be grateful - I'm pretty sure they were removed from a Radford 25. The JAN were bought by myself from eBay as NOS and never used as I found some Mullards. £13 delivered the four. Cheers.
  2. In 40+ years if this hobby I've never acquired a posh interconnect before Cheers Ben, look what your done to me !
  3. Cynic . I get what you're saying but don't see it as a calculated ploy, more perhaps as something that isn't coming together as planned. I've bought into the testing procedure, and this and the price is good for me. I warm to the aesthetic too, I think they look good and at least you know what you're getting. 8 EL34s - ouch !
  4. Just wondered if anyone has tried these ? VALVES - Brimar Thermionic Products - Official Site (brimaruk.com) I've just taken a punt on a pair of GZ34. I of course appreciate these are probably Chinese (how many valve manufacturers are there around the globe ?), but NOS GZ34 are getting very pricey, and these look good and more importantly seem to be thoroughly tested, which I think has real value. And £50 a pair delivered, seems a fair price to me.
  5. Thanks for this Warszawa. I wish he was still here.
  6. Now this looks rather splendid......... BBC Four - Zappa
  7. eBay is not short of 'serviced' Leaks. I have no technical knowledge nor skill, but I know a dog's dinner when I see one. Folk seem to want a bargain above a solid quality rebuild. We get what we pay for in all walks of life. I know where I'm happy to place my hard earned
  8. Well regarded and vouched for repairers if Hi Fi are a precious resource. Nice result
  9. A very desirable pair of amps I understand. Never had the opportunity to hear a pair in song. Don't regret, no mortgage and all that !
  10. Nothing wrong with delirious optimism
  11. I very much get your point, and it's well made, but I think it is important to scan the DM comments from time to time just to check on the off chance that all that hate, stupidity and ignorance hasn't miraculously disappeared
  12. Well it genuinely never crossed my mind that a somewhat foolhardy post on my part would lead to such subversive filth. Brilliant !
  13. Anything interesting out there please ? Not looking to spend daft money and in no rush, got some Genelex in another amp I can use. But after something nice looking that sounds good. Cheers.
  14. I have to say I've never been bothered by which sounds best, the results can be on their head anyway, my 303 sounds like a pair of Quad IIs and my Leak 20 sounds like a modern Solid state monster .
  15. I just love owning them, especially old classic British ones. They have a beating heart, sound wonderful and are just a bit away from the norm.
  16. Obviously a daft post on my part, but up early for another yomp ! In sobriety however, still can't wait, if you're going to get a valve amp, get an old one
  17. Ok, so very happy and wanted to share . Did a wonderful 13 miles in Norfolk today and a week to go and when I get back will be taking delivery of a pair of Leak 12s. My biggest hi Fi regret was letting mine go years ago but family and finances was a priority. Now we're later in life and have an opportunity to buy another lovely Pair and simply can't wait. Anyone else have stuff they've regretted and made good ? I have to say that the 'Wam has done it again .
  18. That was me but I got distracted by a pair of 12s !
  19. Thing is with this gear, it sounds stunning, is away from the norm, a joy to own and (perhaps the best bit ) they actually go up in value over time ! If anyone's in the market for a Leak 20, a Classique rebuild is the one to go for.
  20. Just the one and it's gone, sorry.
  21. Really sorry, just bought it on trust.
  22. Anyone tried ? 100% Feedback. EL84 6P14P 6П14П USSR New NOS TUBE same date -several different parties in stock | eBay ....and these aren't the cheapest, you can actually pick up four for around £13, though I suppose taxes apply (Russia and Ukraine)
  23. Jan GE 5751 - Bought by myself from Langrex years ago and never used. Retailing at £55 delivered - £35 to you door.
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