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  1. I have owned these for about 4 years, they came off eBay and may be destined to return there if there are no takers here.
  2. I have an Esoteric X-01 for CD and SACD duties. An excellent player, lovely smooth sound and lots of detail, not overly moveable however, total weight of the rack now over 100kg.
  3. As per title, I am selling my Chord Indigo analogue interconnect which has until recently sat in-between my X-01 sacd player and my MF KW550 amp. This was Chords flagship interconnect when it came out with an RRP of £900 in 2006 IIRC. Provides a nice smooth sound, not harsh at all, a good all round cable IMHO. The cable is in good condition, with some minor rubbing to the text on the heat shrink but that is it. Pics of actual cable, looking for £350 inc postage. Heres what Chord said at the time: "The Chord Indigo RCA is Chord's most advanced interconnect yet. The
  4. pre-ordered from the Netherlands arrived 3 days before release date - oh goody.
  5. I love this video. https://youtu.be/oFuMKdrzPqU Provides a nice intro to the album with all 11 singers having a role in this song. Who says the rock opera is dead. Also gotta love Arjen for putting HQ streams of several of his albums on YouTube.
  6. Personally I measure all my potential hifi purchases. I do it with with highly sensitive sound receivers attached to my head, in my living room. What someone measured in a different room is meaningless to me as I need to know what it sounds like. What is being measured is not the whole equation and hence rather pointless. IMO.
  7. When I got rid of my SCD555 ES I tried the musical fidelity KW SACD (step down for sacd) but then settled on an Esoteric X-01 which is superb for both CD and SACD. If you can get one of these or an X-03 or similar depending on whether you want multichannel or just stereo you won't be disappointed. The esoteric stuff is even more tank like than the Sony stuff the X-01 weighs 30kg.
  8. Time for a bump, sensible offers considered.
  9. I had this for about 5 years before upgrading to my X-01, a very good CD player. I traded mine in for about £1600 via 2nd hand hifi as could not be bothered with the eBay lottery. Incidentally I sold the chord sig AES cables via eBay to the guy who bought my KW25, he paid about £2k. Sadly MFs obsession with new models every year or so makes the resale price drop like a stone. So if you hold out for a private sale you will get more but it is hassle.
  10. Stereo speakers now sold, centre still available
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