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  1. First listen of new Iron Maiden CD - so far so good.
  2. The GS1000 was the original one no i or e, it is quite different, much more emphasis on soundstage and midrange. I can see some of the new gs3000 in my future though.
  3. Bought them from a company called homeavdirect.com Sept 2019 (can forward redacted receipt if you wish) Basically I bought these as an upgrade to some SR125 which i had at home used them in my home office for a couple of weeks (about 12-15 hours once you take out all the stuff I can't listen to music while doing) at which point I spotted some GS1000s on eBay going for a silly price. The intention was to use the GH2s in my office at work when I am there but then Covid hit and I have been into the office once since and probably won't be there enough in future to justify a full headphone setup there.
  4. Genesis - Selling England By The Pound (SACD)
  5. Still available here's some photos - these have the new red driver in them which you can just about see in these low res images.
  6. I had a Sony SCD555ES which was very good for SACD but not that great for normal CD. I am very happy with my Esoteric X01, built like a tank and sounds fantastic. Of course there is also DCS which use the Esoteric transport. Depends on budget of course.
  7. Its Prog Friday - starting off with the Who.
  8. Fleetwood Mac the Dance - superb live recording
  9. A bit of Floor Jansen in the morning - nothing like power metal to make you type faster.
  10. Tarja - Shadow Self. Comes with a completely black CD made to look like vinyl, sounds a bit funny at 45rpm though.
  11. A little bit of Genesis - on SACD, gotta love decent remasters.
  12. There seems to be a huge amount of variety, with some "streamers" being essentially transports or even just network bridges. Others are music servers, some have DACs in them some even have amps and are an all in one. Even the hifi review sites comment on the catch all term causing confusion. The only thing that is certain is that the more you pay the less you seem to get in a box (hey thats hifi). As for me I want a solution with a DAC with either a USB A input or built in storage. Everything else is optional extras. I am of the opinion that the DAC will be the thing that influences the sound the most (others may think differently of course) and therefore it has to be better than the Arcam R-dac I currently use for this which was bought unheard off eBay.
  13. Bit of Nightwish live at Wacken
  14. Shoebox would be more convent as I would not need to stack components, but it is not a deal breaker.
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