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  1. I contacted Martin Logan directly a year or so back with this very question. I was assured that the speaker inputs into my ESL15A speakers are not tied to any ground. I am currently auditioning Gato PWR222 monos and they are running without issue. Having said that a quick email to Martin Logan detailing the specific amp and speaker model would put the mind at rest.
  2. No I used them without a sub. I could see if you were a fan of church organ music or something with similarly subsonic bass demands then you might want to add one. The advice I got for such a device to be used with the Waves was that it would need to be able to crossover at 50Hz or below to avoid muddying the sound.
  3. You know how it is Phil, I need a bit of space and other projects are bubbling up
  4. Thanks Jake, they are pretty special and look gorgeous to my eye.
  5. Change of direction brings my lovely Soundkaos Wave 40 speakers up for sale. Beautiful looking and sounding speaker. Refinished by Soundkaos in the now standard gloss acrylic finish. At the same time the main 8" drivers were replaced too. These speakers have been barely run since their return from Switzerland. A good few stunning reviews online to get a flavour of what these speakers do. To sum up they are a fast speaker with decent bass for their size and a wonderfully lucid and open midrange. The treble, handled by a RAAL tweeter is sweet and non fatiguing. Exceptional coherence due to the bulk of the audio range being handled by the 8" Enviee drivers. They are in super condition as are the external crossovers, also refinished by Soundkaos. Specs as follows :- Bandwidth (-6dB) 50Hz - 35kHz Sensitivity (2.83V/RMS) 93dBin room94dB Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm Recommended power 15 - 100 W Dimensions each W 40 cmD 32 cmH 105 cm Weight each 18 Looking for £5500 ovno, I have the boxes but due to the size and delicate nature of these speaker this is a collection only sale. I am located in NW Surrey. Thanks for looking.
  6. Hi Nick found you :) Interested in the Rockna. Any chance of progressing with something which works for both? Thanks Nigel 

  7. Great meeting you today too, still chatting as darkness fell It would be great to hear how the project turns out too.
  8. Just having a clear out here and came across a project I have that I never got around too and it is just taking up space. It is an Audiomeca Mephisto II.X CD player and PSU. It needs some care and attention. It lights up as in intended and will even play the odd CD but only when it feels in the mood. It definitely needs to be looked at and right now I have neither the time or inclination. Free to anyone who wants to collect it.
  9. Great to see the Primes settled in their new home and looking jolly fine too. Those little devils changed the direction of my whole system. Lovely system you have there 😊
  10. Cyrus 2 Integrated amplifier and PSX. These items have been sitting in a cupboard for a few years. I connected them together and plugged them in and all seems to be working, although I haven't plugged them into speakers. Free to anyone who can pick them up.
  11. Thanks for your kind wishes, we take it one day and visit at time I haven't had a chance to grab a listen to the Animas but I get the feeling there is a family resemblance throughout the line. The Primes certainly have that cohesive "whole" sound and also that immediacy you mentioned. They are pretty easy to set up in room too. It might be a good idea to have a chat with Jack at BD Audio, he is the Tune man and is super approachable and helpful.
  12. I do have some experience of Wilson Benesch speakers and can say the Tunes come from a completely different direction. I was aware of the principles of the Geddes design but have never had the opportunity to actually hear them. I believe that the designer of the Primes uses a First Watt F5, I think that was mentioned in the 6 Moons review of the Primes. Easter is usually a pretty busy time for me, coupled to that my wife is undergoing diagnosis/treatment for a neurological problem. So hospital visits are frequent and often at short notice. In view of that it might be a bit longer before we can arrange a visit. If you don't mind me asking what has drawn you toward the Primes as a possible speaker ?