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  1. Probably right. It's been quite some time since I listened to it.
  2. The first three albums are pretty good. The rest, not so much.
  3. I missed that thread the first time around. Although the details are no longer available from the link, that chap is almost certainly the guy that sold me the Uno Nanos. He was in the process of moving in 2010 around the Malvern area and had some green Trios and a full TW/Tron setup as well. I mean, how many can there be?
  4. Can recommend Squeezebox.
  5. Probably got the most enquiries about this: Iron & Wine - Kiss Each Other Clean Cleared the room with five minutes of Magnolia Electric Company. Bloody heathens.
  6. Wales is a great place to break down, so it's an all round win.
  7. A lot of these HiFi show chestnuts are decent enough music, but over saturation kills them and they become somewhat hackneyed. London Grammar is this year's example.
  8. We played Telegraph Road for someone. I actually enjoyed all 57 minutes of it.
  9. I'd have been arrested if they saw my TT.
  10. Yep, you are correct. https://www.gov.uk/duty-free-goods/arrivals-from-eu-countries
  11. I nearly bumped right into the fella with the yellow camo trousers on the stairs a couple of times but fortunately didn't, probably because of the yellow camo trousers.
  12. Just sent my Allnic phono stage off to him today!
  13. So many thank yous to do: Anthony - great organisation and the innovations of the marquee and P&R were fantastic. All the volunteers that do the front table. JVS for letting me share Simpson room. Myrman for the generous loan of his Modwright power amp. That was just the ticket to get the system sounding up to scratch. Guy - for organising the pub. Gregg for the intravenous brownies again! Kept me going on Sunday. Dom, mickyricky and Stu touch of cloth for their help up the stairs with Jim's ridiculously heavy speakers. Rudy for the Sunday tipples. Nice. All the visitors who came and listened over the two days. Hope you had fun.
  14. Internet radio support is scheduled for the next release. Probably 3-4 weeks away.
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