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  1. Rich, at the risk of being boring new new Audio Technica DD is a peach. Has a built-in MM stage too.
  2. I'd much rather have one than a budget belt drive like a Rega. It's £350 with a built-in phono stage and a lid. Go for it.
  3. Over on HA they're absolutely convinced it all comes from the same master, because one of them knows a production engineer who said so. (Ergo, they all are ) I think the master probably is the same, but I'd be very surprised if there isn't some kind of different post production workflow for vinyl editions. And I think the subject of real dynamic range increase vs subjective DR increase is as much philosophical as anything. If it's artificially fooling the meter because of phase changes, it's doing similar witchcraft to my auditory canals
  4. Yes, I think I mentioned that to Ed the first time I watched the video. It did seem an odd comment.
  5. I think Edd9000 has posted about this before. There's a very long thread about it on Hydrogen Audio too, if you're interested in further information.
  6. There's absolutely no better reason to purchase it than this:
  7. Tannoys aren't especially high efficiency. Using a high power amplifier with VOs would be utterly pointless. It could sound great, but it certainly wouldn't be *because* it had a substantial number of Watts available.
  8. I was sentenced to 100 hours community service. I reckon starting this thread counts for a least a minute.
  9. If you're having severe reading comprehension problems, here's an alternative thread you can air your views in. Don't post what you think is the BEST turntable in here, though. There's an alternative thread for that
  10. If it's anything like other network based streamers, then this makes sense. Data packets sent over Ethernet are buffered on the device, before being decoded into PCM on board. Pulling the Ethernet cable will just empty the device buffer.
  11. browellm

    Pie order thread !
  12. You haven't posted a link, and until you do we can reasonably assume differences at -120dB are well within experimental error. You'd get more effect by moving your head a few cm at the listening position.
  13. The Touch is extremely stable. What complicates things are people's crappy home networks and end users who are just about able to change the channel on their Sky box.
  14. I had a bloke try to convince me that a noise floor difference of -132dB vs -140dB was important the other day.
  15. The Controller is okay, but the Receiver part of the Duet was definitely the red-headed step child of the Squeezebox range. The Wifi antennas are pretty weak and the firmware flaky. The Slimdevices forums were littered posts about the Receiver intermittently dropping connection with LMS in some way or another. The DAC section could best be described as "adequate" and even the old SB3/Classic was a better bet. The SBT is better in every way. In fact the SBT is a ridiculous product really. There are streamers still coming out today which are many times more expensive and don't have the capabilities and flexibility of the SBT (hello Aries Mini). If you've escaped the connectivity issues, count yourself very fortunate.
  16. Yes, that's a fair point. I shouldn't have lumped one in with the other really
  17. This sounds a lot like a problem I had last week with an unresponsive task bar. I couldn't get the start menu to run, even using keyboard shortcuts. Here's a fix: 1. CTRL+ALT+DEL and open Task Manager from the options. 2. Click File, Run New Task 3. Type powershell in the box, and check the admin privileges box 4. Copy and paste the following into the powershell box: [b]Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}[/b] 5. Press Enter, let it do its thing, ignore any red text that comes up. 6. Reboot when finished. - - - Updated - - - System Restore and complete rebuilds should be last resort stuff.
  18. But even in that case, you only truly know if you were there for the performance. Even if you know the venue well you can get half a dozen different effects just by sitting in a different seat.
  19. Except that, apart from a handful of cases of live unamplified performances, nobody has the first idea what's been recorded originally.
  20. Don't forget to add Napster to the list. Massive library at least as big as Spotify. But as suggested, make use of the free trials and choose the best based on library for your preferred genres and UX.